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Found 10 results

  1. Initially, I could not load the geo filtering page because the RAPP just wont load, so I factory reset the router and the problem solved. Now I keep getting this when I stay in the Geo Filtering page. Tried rebooting twice but didn't help. What does it mean? It occur on both Edge and Chrome.
  2. While I'm on mulliplayer match, the allow/deny in Geo Filter dosn't work as shown in this video https://imgur.com/a/lZTofZz
  3. just got the XR1000 and when i was setting it up and making sure all my ports were open across my ps4, ps3, PC for the ps4 call of duty black ops 3 port 3074 is open for PC (manually added ports to have a open NAT for GTA 5 on PC as well and port 6672 is open) call of duty black ops 3 ( uses a different port ) is open for ps3, call of duty black ops 1 & 2 port 3074 is closed and i get NAT Type moderate on my NETDUMA R2 i had no trouble with having more than one console using port 3074, i had alot of problems with the wifi dropping out and the router crashing then rebooting itself so i got my hands on the XR1000 port triggering is Enabled UPnP is Enabled portforwarding rules were set for ( GTA 5 PC, Port opened ) ( PS4 Black ops 3, port opened ) didn't let me manually add UDP 3074 for my ps3 to have open nat on black ops 1 + 2 i've set Nat filtering from secured to OPEN, didn't help with opening port:3074 across all my consoles
  4. Hello, I need some help with my router. I received a replacement from you guys due to my old router having issues (I have topic regarding that). My replacement router is dropping connection at random times for the past week and has dropped twice now. I received the replacement and installed it on the 25th. On the 14th I was disconnected from a meeting for work, I noticed that my connection had dropped and I couldn't remote into the Dashboard so I went downstairs to check on it. The router looks fine but I still didn't have a connection until after unplugging it from the outlet, waiting 10 seconds and then plugging it in. Now today while I was streaming, my connection dropped again which caused my stream to cut off. The router still looks okay, I unplugged from the outlet then replugged and my connection came back. Can you help me diagnose my router and see what's happening? I had already checked my modem and there are no issues as far as what the logs say and my ISP has not reported any outages/maintenance in my area. Sincerely, Mitch
  5. The ping doesn't always show up in the geo filter, it's just showing up randomly. https://imgur.com/a/ZG4A57X
  6. Is there any way to lower those spikes as the picture shows? https://imgur.com/a/St3UA3V
  7. The ping won't show up when I have set the ping assist https://imgur.com/a/HNEq8GR
  8. Hello Netduma support, I'm a call of duty player (warzone/cold war) on PS4 . I have just bought the xr500 and I have an issue with the geofiltering. When my friends join the lobby I'm able to see on the geolfiltering the related icon with the connection details. However, during the matchmaking the icons of other players connected to the lobby did not appears on the geofiltering. In attachment the details of the current geofilter setting. Could you help me? In addition, how can I get the Dumaos 3.0? Thanks in advance for your support and availability. Thanks
  9. Hi all, When can I download the beta? Or is this a closed beta? Thanks!
  10. Once the errors start, more follow. These are a few, I'll add more as time permits. I'm not here to bitch and moan. I really am excited about this router and it's OS. I want it to work and succeed. Thanks, Rob
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