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Found 19 results

  1. I have the NetDuma R2 and a Hitron Coda-4582 modem/router combo from my ISP (Vyve Broadband). Short version, I can't put the Hitron in Bridge Mode or IP Passthrough without causing insane ping spikes and packet loss across the whole network, not even the NetDuma can control it. It's a problem before my home network that should be resolved within the next few month BUT in the meantime here's what I have to work with.... Hitron -WiFi disabled -Firewall disabled -DHCP Static IP set for R2 -UPnP is On -Cat6 plugged into R2 WAN Port R2 -UPnP and DHCP are ON -R2 WAN IP in Hitron Modem's DMZ -WAN Network set to DHCP -R2 is only device plugged into Hitron modem Essentially I'm still getting double NAT etc. blah blah blah same old sob story. Question is, should I disable DHCP, UPnP, "SIP ALG" on the Hitron Modem? Or should I setup the R2 as an AP, plug the Cat6 into one of the LAN ports and disable these settings on the R2? All the digging I've done just returns vague suggestions and theories, and this is a bit outside of my knowledge in Networking. Goes without saying, the goal here is to get rid of double NAT and then obviously to achieve the best performance, lowest latency possible with what I have to work with until the ISP fixes the Upstream issues
  2. Hey everyone , My ps4 pro has not had a issue ever connecting Ethernet with my xr500, over the last year, but finally about a month or 2 ago I unplugged my Ethernet from my ps4 and plugged it into my other one to update it faster, then tried plugging it back into mine and now it will always say"connect lan cable "😡🤬😡 I did at some point uncheck the Dhcp box in the LAN SETUP, and I assume this had something to do with it , but I reset my router like said below, and I've wasted days worth of time trying to figure it out .,. ❌i have switched out the cords, restarted , reset everything , literally everything possible. Then I found out online it has something to do with the dhcp lease expiring or something where it's not picking up the cable is connected , or the IP address I had reserved for it initially somehow got lost and now it isn't finding my Ethernet anymore which is properly hooked up as it should be ... ✔️ It's a very sad time playing without an Ethernet cord is so bad and I need it back !.. please can somehow someone give me ANY information to fix this ... I'd appreciate it so much!! I don't know much about this at all and I feel lost.. whatever you can do will help . 😭❤️ Thank you !
  3. Id like to be able to set my device dns address via dhcp rather than having the router get queried. example https://emulator.tp-link.com/C9v5_eu_webpages_new/index.html Advanced>network>internet Advanced>dhcp server if I could set it per device, I can use pihole to monitor my network better
  4. Looking for help!!! At wits end. Here's my configuration: Arris S33 Docsis 3.1 to Cat6a to Netduma R2 Blue internet port on router. Have bypassed internet detect after issue not connecting to internet and tried turning DHCP on/off, turned off IPV6 for LAN/WAN. Currently on firmware 3.0.205. My XR500 can detect connection, why can't the R2. I had to go back to Xfinity cable after trying to use the R2 with Centurylink fiber and not being able to use VLAN tagging due to router not allowing it in it's current configuration and reading threads from a year ago of priority and in the next firmware update. Would love to use the router I bought for the features it provides. Please provide direction on how to connect with Xfinity cable in the Pacific Northwest.
  5. this occurs at random. the longest time this hasn't happened is 5-6 days this is with firmware XR1000-V1.0.0.54_1.0.40 I'm still using firmware Netduma Fraser provided me 1 or 2 devices would be connected to the router but wouldn't configure properly, example IPV4 on a iPad would be set to DHCP and the settings would be IP Address: Subnet Mask: router: comes up blank one or 2 of the game consoles had this happen too. should be IP Address: Subnet Mask: Router: DNS: while this happened I tried to manually set the WIFI configuration to what it should be but it wouldn't work still, only a power cycle would remedy this issue. this has happened a couple of times
  6. Hello, My Netduma R2 failed on me twice today killing the internet to the house. After power cycling the router and verifying that the router was not working properly by doing the following plugged directly into the router, no IP address handed out by DHCP plugged directly into the modem, intertner worked. I decided the next course of action would be to restore the factory defaults to the router and start from square one. I held down the reset button for ~30 seconds, waited for about a minute and plugged the ethernet cables back in. The NIC activity lights would blink and then go dark for about 3 seconds and repeat. No ip address were handed out by DHCP. I tried setting the NIC on the desktop to use the 192.168.77.X subnet and set the default gateway as, nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong? Should I hold the button down longer? As of right now I have no way of accessing the console of the router, DHCP isn't working, and everything is pointing to this router being bricked. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Ever since I got my R2 it's had issues pulling a WAN IP from my ISP/Modem. Sometimes after several reboots of both devices it will finally get it. Most of the time the dashboard says WAN disconnected or oddly sometimes it pulls a WAN IP of an internal network, 192.168.100.x. I have no clue where it would pull such an IP from. The modem is just a modem, not a router. Plugging my computer into the modem pulls the external ISP IP without issue with a simple ipconfig /renew. Why is the R2 having so many problems in this area? I'm at a point now where I want to throw this POS away because I've spent over an hour now trying to get back online to no avail.
  8. Allow resolution of local devices by hostnames. Shouldnt be a need for a seperate DNS server.
  9. Just received the R2 and have spent hours trying to connect to the Eir Fibre Network in Ireland. On setup for DHCP it requires Client Identifier ID and Vendor Class ID, I do not have this from my ISP or find them online, can anyone help me with finding these. The R2 is connected to the Huawei Bridge Router which is in turn connected to the ONT box, I have tried several time resetting the R2 and going through the setup with no luck. I can connect to DumaOS but don't see where I can adjust the DHCP settings to connect the router to Internet through the Huawei bridge router supplied by ISP. Please help...
  10. Hi, I have been having major issue here in my netduma R2. This is my current setting. It's my ISP modem+router --> Netduma R1 using PPPOE --> Linksys WRT54GL via DHCP. Thie recent issue I have had with was that my R2 wouldn't give or assign ip to my linksys which I find it strange because it was normal yesterday. So I tried with R1 and it worked!! so I'm sure issue must be from R2. So any idea how to fix this?
  11. Im going to copy paste some bits from email exchange to provide context At this point i was going to return it but i was informed that a firmware update was coing soon that woud drastically fix many issues as well as the worst wifi coverage i have ever seen. Literally. A china brand wall plug wifi repeater from twice the distance away, round the corner of a brick chimney was coming up with an available wifi connection more then the r2 After greatly anticipating the arrival of this router with hopes that it improve the wifi throughout the home was greatly disappointing. I am in Australia, using optus as the ISP. The provided modem/router provided by them I is not the greatest wifi signal. The netduma r2 is severely worse. The room that contains my xbox, PlayStation, nvidia shield, and computer manage to get a choppy 28mbps to 54mbps connection.This room is directly down a hallway, merely 5 meters away. I cannot believe it. If there is some sort of setting to change please do let me know, I have tried using different channels already. I provided screenshots of speed analysis and wifi coverage strength test conducted, so no need to post them on here you guys have them already. So after a brief email exchange I said for the time being then ill just go get a cheap wifi mesh system to use to have the r2 sdo its thing and let the mesh do the wifi. So I got a cheap mesh system by mercusys halo s12. After racking my brain why my xbox would keep showing strict nat, double nat detected it took me a while to realise that the mesh system was providing a dhcp aswell. This cheap ass system does not have a wireless ap mode. I had tried to turn the dhcp off in it, but then it just stopped working and was showing no internet wifi connection. I had assigned static ips, tried a dmz nothing would work. So my bandaid solution was ' use an old tp link 2.4ghz router as a wireless ap and connect my consoles by lan cable from it. as it is copying the mac address from the r2 i dont end up with a double nat. for wifi, where the nat isnt stopping me from just surfing the net the mesh is being used. Today i sent another email asking for remote assistance and was instructed to post here...even though all relevant information was in the email thread. Excerpt from latest emails for context Can I please get some remote support. If possible asap, I think it may still be work day where you guys are? I have been getting absolutely terrible experience from this product. The net keeps dropping out, my ping has increased tremendously. My games have become completely choppy and players glitching out everywhere. I need this asap today as tomorrow I have a qtr final e sports competition for the Logitech McLaren g challenge and how it is now, it's terrible. I had purchased a wifi mesh but this posed its own problems as this cheap one can't just act as a wireless Ap and wants to assign dhcp. If I disable dhcp on the netduma, I loose internet connectivity aswell as lan and had to totally reboot. It has been an extremely frustrating experience so far, which has cost me upwards of $350 at this point and frustration, late nights and headaches Following on I'll do that, but I was hoping for some immediate remote assist as this esports race is in less than 24 hours... Any novice and and somewhat advance level of compentcy trouble shooting I have tried. The reason I thought to turn off dhcp is that the mesh system I have works in a router + 2 satellite configuration. Turning dhcp on that (with the lan cable from the r2 plugged into the mesh router acts as the wan connection but it's either double Nat and somewhat works, or turn dhcp off on the mesh and that stops working. Which I had to purchase because the r2 wifi range and speed is so extremely poor, that an old china wifi wall plug repeater shows a strong connection from twice the distance away.. I have produced a high end graphical representation of the home network in a picture for you guys. It is done in the one and only, paint.
  12. OK. This has happen twice now in 3 months... Yesterday my XR500 stopped handing out ipv4 addresses. I was still getting ipv6 addresses, but I don't know if they were from the XR500 or being passed though the XR500. (The XR500 is in the DMZ of a ARRIS NVG589 Residential Gateway.) While this issue was occurring, my devices appeared to be connected to the network, but were unable to connect to the internet. This time it affected handsets, laptops, and a TV set (built-in Hulu and Netflix apps were failing). I went into settings on some of the affected devices and saw that they were only assigned a ipv6 address and not a ipv4 address. They XR500 DHCP is supposed to assign addresses in the - range. When I notice this is happening, a simple reboot of the XR500 fixes the issue. What can I do to help troubleshoot this when it happens again? I did not notice anything in the logs. I would like to be able to capture and provide feedback if it happens again.
  13. After battling the dreaded DHCP lease issue (all my devices would periodically lose internet connection until the router was rebooted) I finally disabled the DHCP server on the router and set every device in my home with static settings (big pain in the rear). I see mention of DumaOS 3 bios beta possibly fixing this. I have signed up for the beta but after 3 weeks have not received any word. Now I am having an issue where Wifi devices are unable to connect. Just out of the blue the wifi status shows as connected, no internet. When trying to disable and re-enable wifi on the device to reconnect, it shows a message that says checking network requirements and then a message that says unable to connect to network. This is happening with multiple devices, too. Any idea why this new issue is occuring? Any idea when I can try the new Beta firmware? As it stands now, if these problems persist I will be looking to return this XR450. It has given me more trouble than any other router I have ever used. I am an IT professional that has been working in this field for over 20 years, so that is saying a lot.
  14. Hi, I recently purchased and setup a XR700 router, which replaced a my previous setup up routers (one serving as the DHCP server while the other was set as a bridge). I intended to use only the XR700 router to handle all my networking needs, which includes about 50 or so devices consisting of computers, Plex server, Roku devices and host of smart bulbs, switches and thermostats. Out of the box, I thought I could merely assign the existing network SSID to the XR700 and all of my Wi-Fi devices would automatically connect to newly setup router. However, a few of my Wi-Fi devices did while many were unable to connect. Similar to the issues raised in the posts I linked below, many of devices were not able to obtain DCHP IP addresses from the router or were not able to establish any connection. I should also add that out of the box, I accepted the prompt to update the firmware to Although I have been able to recycle my SSID with previous router upgrades, I concluded that the XR700 was simply not willing to play ball. Before changing the SSID, I did attempt to assign a static IP address to my MacBook Pro -- I did so on the computer itself. Doing so did enable me to fully connect to the router and internet via Wi-Fi. I was willing to put in the painstaking work of manually assigning IP addresses to all of the devices that would not connect, but several of the smart bulbs and switches do not have that capability within their own settings. Even when I attempted to reserve IP addresses with MAC addresses on the XR700 router, the Wi-Fi devices were still unable to connect to the XR700 router and/or the internet. So, I reset to the router to factory defaults via the router login page (used the erase feature), and then I started from scratch and chose a different SSID name (I realize I could have done so without resetting everything, but I thought it would be best to do it that way). With the new SSID, I went through the painstaking efforts of manually accessing 50 or so Wi-Fi devices, choosing the new SSID name and entering the Wi-Fi password. All went well! All devices were able to connect to the new SSID name for the XR700 and had internet access. Although hours of work, the results were terrific. I was all set to enjoy the new setup, but decided to tidy up location of the router with some cord management. So, I powered down the XR700 momentarily, repositioned things, tied down cables and then powered XR700 back on. To my dismay, many of my Wi-Fi devices were again not able to connect to the XR700 router using the new SSID. Even my MacBook Pro reverted back to the image from George's post in December 2018 where "Wi-Fi has the self-assigned IP address .. and will not be able to connect to the internet." All of the work I completed was for naught as I was once again back in the same position I was before I changed the SSID on the XR700 router. Still, crazy me, I decided to change the SSID again, and also manually join the 50 or so devices back to the new network name for the XR700 router. This time, I was able to do it in about an hour because of the practice. All of the Wi-Fi devices are again connected to the XR700 router and are appearing as online with valid IP addresses in the device manager of the router login. Great! However, I now need to complete some modifications to the port settings. I am so fearful to make any changes, as I believe that my Wi-Fi devices will again drop off the network at the moment I hit apply to the settings changes. I scanned through several postings in the forums and saw several iterations of the issues I am experiencing. I linked some below. In all of the postings, I did not see any resolutions. There were recommendations to reset, manually assign IP addresses, revert to earlier firmware versions and more; but no true identification of the cause of the problem or a solution. Before I return this $400 router back to the store, did I miss something -- is there a prescribed fix for this issue? It should also be noted that I have 5 devices connected to the XR700 via the Ethernet ports, and all do not have any problem with acquiring an IP address from the router and gaining internet access; hence my uninterrupted ability to continue to make changes to the router login page. So, the issue is clearly a Wi-Fi problem only! Thanks.
  15. Hi All, Was wandering if there will ever be a software update to include dhcp option 60 & 61. I use Sky fibre unlimited, brought the xr500 and two different modems (Netgear DM200 & Draytek Vigor 130), neither will work due to the lacking of being able to send option 60 & 61 from the router. Now I am buggered, I dont wan’t to add more layers of devices to get this working. Thanks
  16. I tried to log into the router and noticed it was slow to open the page. I noticed that one CPU usage was pegged at 100%. Not both CPU's, they would alternate to 100% but both still very high. Normally the CPU's utilisation is low. I then checked the logs and it showed a lot of DHCP events happening quite fast. This is not normal. I checked the device MAC addresses and they happen with computers, iPhones, iPads etc, so I don't think it's the clients. Please see attached pictures. When the router gets into this state, I have to reboot it.
  17. Hi everyone, I found a bug on the DHCP lease setting that invalid the process of setting registration. I don't know if everybody got this error but on chome i couldn't not validate the form and i was getting the error: "You have duplicate host numbers, please change". I got this error because all my filed was empty (i've never configured it before) and i tried to update more than 1 change. This issues seams to be cause of the javascript function named validate who check if the form contains duplicated values and interrupt the submit with this error if it does. But the way the function get the Fields's values seems to be the wrong method: var value = $(selector).attr("value"); Here it try to get the value from the "value" attribut that's set when the form is generate. But when you didn't configure DHCP before the value is just empty and even if the field get fill the value attribute didn't change. So if you try to update 2 field the too "value" attributes contain an empty string "" so the validate function return false end block the form's submit. The correct way is to use the getter .val(). So if you want to configure DHCP for the first time just do your changes one by one. OR open your browser html inspector, find the validate() function and copie it, replace the line 12: var value = $(selector).attr("value"); by var value = $(selector).val(); Past it in you javascript console and your done.
  18. Hi there, last night whilst setting up port forwarding for my raspberry pi I accidentally (I was very tired) set up the same static IP twice on my PI on two different interfaces. I had setup the wifi interface first whilst I was testing ssh/ssl/vnc connections, all worked good however I wanted to have this permanently on a wire closer to the router. I then plugged it in to the router and then instead of giving the lan interface it's own IP I accidentally used the same one as the wifi, it allowed me to do this and then all hell broke loose. I'm not quite sure exactly what happened but DHCP seemed to not work properly and was giving out some wild IP addresses on different subnets and I couldn't connect to the router without manually setting up IP on clients, I could no longer connect to the internet via the duma also. I deleted the new static IP but the previous one setup seemed to remain hidden. This was the point I just reset the duma to factory and all was good again, however now I have a tonne of nameless devices on my network and have to setup all my settings and port forwarding again. So - is there a way to save a configured netduma router incase of pain when IP. ( I'll show myself the door for that.... ) p.s. I know the duma doesn't let you choose the same IP twice when reserving IP's but for some reason it works on the same client once you change interface which really messed it up for me. Edit: Not sure where I should have posted this if here was the right place. For reference my setup is: ZyXxel VMG8924 (modem/router - in bridge mode with adsl grouped to lan1 so lan4 can go back to modem to access on lan from Netduma on current firmware Coredy AC1200 wifi repeater (2.4 and 5ghz wifi running off this) There are about 30 devices in my house, not all on at the same time.
  19. Hiya. Just had an email from draytek about critical update for firmware, so i downloaded and installed it. While I had my pc hooked up to the modem I had a bit of a nosey and saw dhcp enable/disable option.........from day 1 it has never been touched and it looks like the dhcp default was enabled........... I know a little of dhcp so I figured that the main network device controls dhcp, not the modem, so I have disabled the dhcp in my modem and enabled it on my netduma..........everything is working ok as far as I can tell, just wanted to confirm and double check I have done the correct thing as If I have to fart about with my modem I may fall under the dlam restriction. BD
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