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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, Was wandering if there will ever be a software update to include dhcp option 60 & 61. I use Sky fibre unlimited, brought the xr500 and two different modems (Netgear DM200 & Draytek Vigor 130), neither will work due to the lacking of being able to send option 60 & 61 from the router. Now I am buggered, I dont wan’t to add more layers of devices to get this working. Thanks
  2. I tried to log into the router and noticed it was slow to open the page. I noticed that one CPU usage was pegged at 100%. Not both CPU's, they would alternate to 100% but both still very high. Normally the CPU's utilisation is low. I then checked the logs and it showed a lot of DHCP events happening quite fast. This is not normal. I checked the device MAC addresses and they happen with computers, iPhones, iPads etc, so I don't think it's the clients. Please see attached pictures. When the router gets into this state, I have to reboot it.
  3. Hi everyone, I found a bug on the DHCP lease setting that invalid the process of setting registration. I don't know if everybody got this error but on chome i couldn't not validate the form and i was getting the error: "You have duplicate host numbers, please change". I got this error because all my filed was empty (i've never configured it before) and i tried to update more than 1 change. This issues seams to be cause of the javascript function named validate who check if the form contains duplicated values and interrupt the submit with this error if it does. But the way the function get the Fields's values seems to be the wrong method: var value = $(selector).attr("value"); Here it try to get the value from the "value" attribut that's set when the form is generate. But when you didn't configure DHCP before the value is just empty and even if the field get fill the value attribute didn't change. So if you try to update 2 field the too "value" attributes contain an empty string "" so the validate function return false end block the form's submit. The correct way is to use the getter .val(). So if you want to configure DHCP for the first time just do your changes one by one. OR open your browser html inspector, find the validate() function and copie it, replace the line 12: var value = $(selector).attr("value"); by var value = $(selector).val(); Past it in you javascript console and your done.
  4. Hi there, last night whilst setting up port forwarding for my raspberry pi I accidentally (I was very tired) set up the same static IP twice on my PI on two different interfaces. I had setup the wifi interface first whilst I was testing ssh/ssl/vnc connections, all worked good however I wanted to have this permanently on a wire closer to the router. I then plugged it in to the router and then instead of giving the lan interface it's own IP I accidentally used the same one as the wifi, it allowed me to do this and then all hell broke loose. I'm not quite sure exactly what happened but DHCP seemed to not work properly and was giving out some wild IP addresses on different subnets and I couldn't connect to the router without manually setting up IP on clients, I could no longer connect to the internet via the duma also. I deleted the new static IP but the previous one setup seemed to remain hidden. This was the point I just reset the duma to factory and all was good again, however now I have a tonne of nameless devices on my network and have to setup all my settings and port forwarding again. So - is there a way to save a configured netduma router incase of pain when IP. ( I'll show myself the door for that.... ) p.s. I know the duma doesn't let you choose the same IP twice when reserving IP's but for some reason it works on the same client once you change interface which really messed it up for me. Edit: Not sure where I should have posted this if here was the right place. For reference my setup is: ZyXxel VMG8924 (modem/router - in bridge mode with adsl grouped to lan1 so lan4 can go back to modem to access on lan from Netduma on current firmware Coredy AC1200 wifi repeater (2.4 and 5ghz wifi running off this) There are about 30 devices in my house, not all on at the same time.
  5. Hiya. Just had an email from draytek about critical update for firmware, so i downloaded and installed it. While I had my pc hooked up to the modem I had a bit of a nosey and saw dhcp enable/disable option.........from day 1 it has never been touched and it looks like the dhcp default was enabled........... I know a little of dhcp so I figured that the main network device controls dhcp, not the modem, so I have disabled the dhcp in my modem and enabled it on my netduma..........everything is working ok as far as I can tell, just wanted to confirm and double check I have done the correct thing as If I have to fart about with my modem I may fall under the dlam restriction. BD
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