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Found 4 results

  1. Is the game War Thunder by Gaijin fully or partially supported by the Geofilter? I have no idea if the game uses dedicated servers, is peer-to-peer, or a combination of both..
  2. Hi guys, how are you doing? I'm just wondering if it's possible that my ISP is having some bad routing or something specifically with the Brasil COD Dedicated Servers. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the only dedicated servers that are located in South America are usually in Sao Paulo, Brasil, for what I understand. I get like 40 / 50 ms ping in every game that has dedicated servers in Brasil (Fortnite, BF4, BF1, BF5 Beta...) and I used to get the same ping on COD but for some reason days ago I started to get like +100 ms ping. I noticed that it depends on the time: around 3 am to 10 am I get the 40 ms ping mark, past that it goes up to 60 ms ping, and later on through out night time it goes up to 100+ ms ping. The weird thing is that this doesn't happen on the other games where I get 40/50 ping constantly all the time through out the day, and my friends that have other ISPs don't get this problem, they constanly get 60 ping all the time which is normal for them. Any help? Thanks.
  3. USA Dedicated Servers List ⚫️ Vermont ⚫️ Seattle, Washington ⚫️ Los Angeles, California ⚫️ San Jose, California ⚫️ Kansas ⚫️ St.Louis, Missouri ⚫️ Chicago, Illinois ⚫️ Dallas, Texas ⚫️ Atlanta, Georgia ⚫️ New Jersey ⚫️ Florida Download Here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ted0es5ay5c3e01/USA+Geo+Home+Location+Dedicated+Servers.rar I personally created these profiles myself. Hopefully you guys can appreciation them. Sorry UK & Other user. I could have did profiles for ya'll, But I don't know the cities or state names in them areas. Hopefully someone else can make them for ya'll. Enjoy!! Twitter: https://twitter.com/velloony Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/velloony Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxZeeKJVi1UKaKRBCCZ0xtw
  4. Hi, this topic is about the knowledge base we could create, if Netduma implemented a new button on the geo filter screen to rate each connection we have (dedi servers or p2p lobbies). So that information of each XR500 could be overturned and crossed resuming the next information: kind of connection: dedi or p2p average ping in this connection distance to the host average jitter Finally rate (%) all the connections from 0 to 5 stars on a summary chart. Before this idea, should have been implemented the update that gave us the real updated host connection on geo filter. As I said it´s an idea. Thanks for the XR500 I´m so happy with the machine.
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