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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all! I've been having very bad speed issue ever since installing the R2 on March 5th, here's the brief: - I saw the most recent firmware in news, downloaded it and left it for 7 days hoping it'd fix my issues, but it has not. Pictured below is a speed test on the router itself and on fast.com via my computer connected by Ethernet. https://imgur.com/a/g4pM5A0 https://imgur.com/a/moQbRxd ---- "Backstory" I have contacted Liam and Fraser privately about this matter and tried numerous things they have sent me, and none have worked. After approximately 5 days (unsure of when this occurs exactly) my connection drops from 550mbps to 95mbps download, I'm not worried about upload as that's pretty bad for me regardless. I've had this issue since March 5th and tried 3+ different software versions, I don't see anyone complaining about this issue either, which is odd. The only break I get from this issue is when i reboot the router and temporarily i will have my full speeds for what i presume a few days before the 5-day mark or even sooner, i haven't measured the exact time frame. Needless to say, it is always occurring within 5 days of rebooting. - Other things: My modem is in modem mode the Ethernet cable from my modem to R2 router is capable of the speeds and is not damaged or interference occurring The cable from the R2 router to my PC is capable of the speeds of my internet & not damaged Drivers on my PC are fully up-to-date ISP is not limiting my speeds - I am genuinely annoyed at this issue as I have not been given any potential resolve that has 100% worked since the start when I noticed this reoccurring issue on March 5th.
  2. Hello could you provide some support on how to setup IPV6 on my netduma. IPV6 works fine on my Fritzbox but when i connect to my netduma i cant connect to the internet. Details: * My netduma is setup as an exposed host both for IPV4 and IPV6 * My netduma has a static IPV4 * I have enabled "Allow IPv6 prefixes announced by other IPv6 routers in the home network" in my Fritzbox and "Assign DNS server, prefix (IA_PD) and IPv6 address (IA_NA)" I am clearly missing something but i just can't seem to find the correct documentation
  3. Hey all, I created this topic last week (21st) https://forum.netduma.com/topic/39269-geographical-region-not-matching-with-vpn-configuration/ and I have been running into more trouble. Because of the issues stated in the previous topic, I had to fully factory reset both ISP and R2 Routers. So then I wanted to start all over by putting my ISP Router in the bridge-modus to avoid having 2 DHCP releases and only causing more issues. I have done that a few hours earlier today and I am facing issues with getting a stable connection with my R2 router, it keeps disconnecting every 2-3 minutes. So what I have tried: Called my ISP to check if the bridge-mode is working correctly Moved locations (using difference UTP cables and power source) Resetting my R2 by powering it off for 10 min, then reset it after 2 min by holding the reset button for 30 seconds Manually try to set-up connection so that I can access my NetDuma OS, but it keeps disconnecting Latest firmware is installed on the R2. Currently I am stuck with a R2 router that keeps disconnecting from my ISP every 2-3 minutes and I am out of options. Question is, can I keep my ISP in brigde mode to get this resolved? Or do I need to get it back out of bridge modus? Thanks (again) for assisting me.. SPECTRUM
  4. I have no clue but after I turned off my router and modem after 10 minutes I had these 2 connections show up what does this mean? If someone connects to the 2nd one would that slow down my internet speed for the 2nd one? I dont know how to fix this issue. 🤔
  5. Hey everyone or anyone. I am currently unable to connect to my Duma dashboard I’m unsure when it started to happen and why it’s happening. If anyone has any ideas lmk it’s not urgent as I barely use it however would be nice to see what’s going on inside my internet lol thank you
  6. Every time this appears in the logs (a few times an hour everyday always with this ip and port), my entire house gets briefly disconnected from the internet. Is there a way to block this ip address? I have the XR1000
  7. Been Trying to get this working for 2 days now I’ve tried multiple factory resets. Turning off IPv6 and power cycling nothing seems to help. I’ve disabled all R2 features that didn’t help did upstream from old router didn't work. Im currently using a pure modem from Spectrum Model ET2251. Tried downgrading to .0179 that didn’t fix the issue updated back to .205 same issue still. Im sure its not my ISP because I get access to the internet if I plug my PC directly to the modem or my old router. Tried flushing the cloud in dumaos multiple times. Made sure I had the right Mac Address from the router on the settings. I don’t know what else to do.
  8. I setup my new r2 last night got it connected to my bell home hub added it to the dmz then all of a sudden both devices connected via Ethernet went to offline and now I can no longer access DumaOS or anything from the router however the bell modem is showing it is connect help?? Basically I got it setup and managed to access DumaOS ran a couple benchmark tests looked at network monitor and noticed PS5, google wifi both on Ethernet were moved to offline. Tried cycling power on both devices unplugging and plugging in again no success. At which point I power cycled the r2 and ever since I cannot access anything via the R2. I’ve factory reset it also ( if I use my previous set password it says it’s not correct but works with the password under the R2). all lights on the R2 are lit and flashing occasionally ( assuming this means connections are present).
  9. I cannot connect to Warzone on my Xbox Series X with Netduma R2. It tries to connect then eventually times out so I currently cannot even play the game. I have no idea why this is happening since there are no server outages. I can connect to Cold War no problem. I also can connect to Warzone when I plug in my old google router. Anybody have any idea how to fix or test?
  10. Hello, my speeds from my ISP are 500mbps download and my upload is 20mbps. I achieve these speeds when I am hardwired directly into the modem, but when I try to hardwire directly into the router I hardly get over 100mbps download and my upload seems to be right around 16-20mbps consistently. I also experience very poor signal strength and intermittent internet. I have the antennas up, and have a fair to poor connection on the same floor of my house as the router. I have had numerous tech agents from my ISP at my house, and replaced the modem a few times with no success. My ISP has confirmed that there is nothing wrong on their end as when testing their own basic modem I get the exact speeds I should and my connection strength is strong on all 3 floors of my house. My R2 also has the latest firmware update which doesnt seem to help the issue at all as this has been going on for some time. If I do not have this issue resolved soon I will have to ship my router back and move on from the R2.
  11. I'm trying to figure out what settings I need for my setup, I feel like nothing really changes with bullet registration or connection, doesn't matter if I have r2 settings on or off (70/70 geo filter etc) I feel like everyone has better connection than me, I die against every weapon like if it was a sniper, literally feels like I'm getting one shoted with every weapon, dying behind walls etc... really tired of messing with this and buying so many things for everything staying the same, i have bought early adopter r1, xr500 and now r2 and sx10 switch, do i need to mess with port forwarding or dhcp or anything? Please help, I really appreciated.
  12. Using the following config data (and regardless of what I seem to try) dumaOS on an R1 seems to endlessly loop a mullvad connection with a ping-restart, never properly connecting to the VPN: The error message is as follows: Which just endlessly loops. No variations of the config file that I've tried seem to work. I've also tried multiple servers as well to no avail. Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? 😕
  13. Issue: I had been using the XR500 for about a year now with no issues, using both geolocation and QoS successfully, I had been running Last night this all changed with no change of settings or environment that I’m aware of. My connection this morning began dropping randomly, often after only 5 minutes of usage. When the connection drops the Wi-Fi network (both 2.4 and 5GHZ networks) disappear. Both devices that connected via hardline and on Wi-Fi experience this lack of connection. All devices in my home (phones, tablets, laptops, etc) are experiencing this issue. I verified with my ISP (Spectrum) and nothing is wrong on their end. When the network comes back I’ll start using it again, as normal, and anywhere from 2-15 minute later the issue repeats itself, the network disappears and comes back 1-3 minutes later. There is no website, traffic, or device that seems to be consistently causing this issue. What I’ve tried so far: I’ve tried the basics and turned unplugged both my router and modem for 2-3 minutes and plugging them back in. I’ve turned QOS off, DOS and Port Scan , Geolocation off. I disabled port triggering (which I was not using) just in case this was somehow part of the issue. I tried backing up my configuration, returning to factory settings, and then restoring from my backup. I set my system to use Static IP addresses rather than Dynamically from the ISP. I noticed the following events occurring my logs with some regularity. [DumaOS] DHCP new lease allocated., Thursday, March 19, 2020 15:56:37 [DumaOS] DHCP new event., Thursday, March 19, 2020 15:56:37 I tried using the V2.3.2.40-C242a. hotfix firmware. I also tried the original V2.3.2.40 firmware. Last thing I did was upgrade back up to .56 from .40. And for a while the .40 firmware version seemed to fix things, but then 7 days later on March 26th (today) things started back up with no changes to any settings, or new devices. All the same symptoms and issues listed above. I went on to do countless factory resets and firmware changes, jumping around from .40, .40-C242a, and .56. Every configuration will be fine for about 5-10 min and then the issue starts back up. Where I stand with things: Modem: Motorola SURFboard Model: SB6141 (note this modem is mine and not owned by Spectrum, it is from their approved list) XR500 V2.3.2.40 Geo-Filter – off QoS – off Port triggering -off Guest Wifi – off No VPN in use Using Static IP addresses With the new work from home situation resulting from Coronavirus this issue really couldn’t have come at a worse time for me and my wife. It is essential that we have a reliable internet connection. Any assistance you can give would be helpful. If there is a specific log set that could be helpful please let me know.
  14. Hey guys. First off I've been trying to use the search feature about this but the posts I looked at were vague in the answers or went off topic. I've been using the XR500 for around a year now with a 70 down 20 up connection, QoS set to 65% down 70% up. Aside from the usual CoD server issues I've not had much problem until last month. I went online like I normally would and my connection was horrible, it was spiking (1 second in game stutters) every 5-10 seconds but when looking at my ping it was always a steady connection of 25-35 depending on the server. This eventually stopped happening and after a few nights of cursing my ISP I figured out it was everytime the wife was upstairs watching Netflix on the Firestick, thing she has almost always done this since CoD WWII and it never done this before in this game or the previous. I've tried the following: Increasing the xbox prioritisation to 80% and Firestick to 10% - no change Rebooting all devices including the modem - no change I don't really want to go down the route of turning off connection share and have to manually set values for every device in the house if I can help it. The xbox is wired and the Firestick is wireless, the router is setup to use the same SSID on both 2.4G and 5G and as I type this I wonder if splitting it and connecting the firestick to the 2.4 would do anything. Any ideas are welcome, I've included a picture of the network monitor but it's not really that informative.
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