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Found 4 results

  1. I am a week knew with my R2 and i have no idea how to get warzone on my VPN service selector. if anyone can help me with the ports and the best protocol i would very much appreciate it.
  2. Recently received my R2 this is connected to my Virgin Media box (UK) however when turning on my console it tells me that the NAT Type is Moderate and double NAT is detected. Meaning that when i try to party up with players on Warzone it can not let them join. I am running on IPv4 not sure if IPv6 will make much difference. I can search for games but i am not sure it is connecting to the serves that i want on the geofilter. I Have watched many videos on YouTube and still no luck. Has anyone managed to resolve this issue or had something similar? I am new to the Netduma community, and thought that it would be a really simple process such as plug and play but boy I am wrong Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Device: R2 Version: 3.0.205 Title says it all. I live in Kansas and there are plenty of servers around me with decent enough ping (20-40), but over the course of about 20 warzone games or so I still have yet to have a game below 50 ping (best I've gotten was jumping between 50-70) and I am still getting small hitches/stutters every 5 seconds during gameplay. I put the ping assist at 0, and I have my range set to 800. Strict mode is on. Auto-Ping host is on. The only thing connected to the R2 is my PC so It is not congested, and I also have the bandwidth allocation set to gaming at 85. The Geofilter is cool, but the NA servers don't even pop up on it for me (sometimes the one in Europe will show up) and I am always having to use a peer connection. The only difference I've noticed since using the R2 is that it now takes longer to be put into a lobby, and instead of getting a decent ping every 2-3 games I now can't even get a game below 50 (20+ games and counting). Screenshot of connection benchmark is attached. I got a D on speed because its using a 1.0 gbps scale. I pay for 500 gbps so 358 is okay. If I am doing something wrong please let me know. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks 🙂 Edit: My setup is Wall > ISP modem/router combo > R2
  4. Muy buenas, tengo el rx500 de ya un par de días y la maquina es impresionante, me ha bajado el pkng en si, busco partidas en servidores cercanos, latencia de como mucho mucho 54ms más absolutamente no. O sea increíble. Lo que pasa es que tengo ps4 y pc Warzone a los dos, también hago stream y todo eso. La cuestión es que una vez entro y tengo Nat abierta, por ejemplo en la ps4, entro en el pc Nat moderada. O entro en el pc casualmente, Nat abierta, ps4 moderada. No he abierto nada de puertos o sea que es algo que se optimiza solo no lo se. De alli la pregunta como hago que este abierta en el pc y en la ps4, porque si que hay una diferencia en la experiencia de juego? Gracias!
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