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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I have been tweaking my setting for about 6 months dedicatedly for call of duty series with 2 isp and tons of different metohds. I had been struggling with ‘shoot first die first’ until I have found my solution to eliminate that. please be noted that this method is not going to be like ‘game changer’ or anything. I would say it could help you about 40% of times. If you get shot at the back, you would still die, as well if your aim sucks, you would die. the benefit I have found out was that I have been no longer in ‘instant death’ situations unless enemy pre-fire from corner first. I hope this helps and please do not judge me if my method doesn’t improve. Let’s start with some basic information my location: Thailand connecting to Singapore servers. Southeast Asia region server ping: Singapore - 35ms Japan - 110ms Australia server - 130 to 190ms Arab server - 170 to 190ms Europe server - 210 to 240 American server - 220 to 300 (depends on location in US) My ISP: 3BB and Ais E-Sport package My internet speed: 200/200 My hardware: PS4 Pro with DNS: Asus router with DDWRT firmware Netduma R1 My setup method: this is the most important part that improve the game for me. I would say many people didn’t have this method and most ppl focusing on tweaking what inside netduma r1 and turned out it was meaningless no matter how much you tweak your netduma r1 here is the most important thing —> double qos and double upnp. Yes you hear it right. Let me explain how to do that below my setup method (cont.): Asus router DMZ with Netduma r1. Don’t bridge it because you won’t be able to do ‘double qos’ and ‘double upnp’ now Let’s talk about your main router. Most of your main router should have basic functions to turn on/off upnp and qos. You have to go through your main router and turn both on. That’s it and you are done now let’s talk about netduma r1 setting. Geo filter: put radius around my country. Cover only Singapore server. Use strict mode QoS Speed input: put your total Bandwidth only around 85% of your ISP package speed. For instance, my package is 200/200. I put only 170/170 Bandwidth percentage. Tick ‘Always’ I put around 2% both DL and UL. That makes total 3.4mb out of 170mb. So your total connection is throttled. Sidenote, please do this after you connect to lobby of Cod Mw game(after fetching profile done) Bandwidth allocation(the flower graph): prioritize 80% to your Playstation, both Download and Upload with share excess OFF Traffic Prioritization: disable it. You don't need it. Make sure nothing is check in the box. I have seen many people talking about port things here. I tried it many times even with caddy software. It is useless for me. Netduma Upnp: make sure it is on thats it you are done. Please post result here I would want to know as well if it worked for you guys
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