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Found 6 results

  1. So basically, im using the xr500 which is being fed from my virgin router. its showing my total download bandwidth to be 383mb but when my xbox is downloading a new update or something its maxing out at about 25mb and under the network monitor i'm getting a very low over all usage of bandwidth that peaks about 50mb so why isn't it using all the available bandwidth and only picking up around 50mb over all total usage when theres a possible 383 it could use to make my xbox download quicker sorry im not very techinical so i hope that made sense
  2. Hi, i have two ps4's connected to my router. When downloading update one ps4 downloads faster than the other. Both have the same amount of bandwidth set in qos . One ps4 gets only 5 mb the other gets the remaining bandwidth. Any ideas on how to solve this?
  3. So I'm having bandwidth issues. Before when I was using the Virgin Media router there were no problems what so ever when watching very high bit rate 4K HDR movies but when I switched to the Nighthawk XR700 I get stuttering and buffering, sometimes if I turn off the Qos it stops but not all the time, Quite frankly I am so pissed off about it. Paying £350 and I'm getting less Bandwidth then the cheap ISP router.
  4. One of the big reasons I bought the high end Nighthawk XR700 was its ability to see traffic stats in real time. A lot of times I'll have a LAN party and my connection will become worthless because one of the Xboxes or phones or something decides to hog all the bandwidth. I thought that with this router I could see who the bad apple was and block them, restoring order and peace to the land. Or if not block them, at least QOS would take over and not let any one device crush all traffic. However, I've discovered that the traffic monitor and QOS are only on Internet traffic. I can't see who's saturating the internal network. This has become an issue because right now my 5GHZ wifi network is only eeking out 1-3Mb/sec on speedtest, while my 2.4GHZ network is doing around 30Mb/sec (I have 300Mb down / 10Mb up). My wired network is still getting around 300Mb/sec download. So obviously there's a bad guy (or guys) on my 5GHZ wifi. But since none of the devices on that network are using Internet bandwidth, I can't see what's happening. Is there any way to see internal network stats? Did I misunderstand the router's capabilities? What about third party plugins or R-apps? I hate that I have this $500 rocket ship but can't reliably watch 4K videos in my living room... I'm open to any suggestions y'all might have.
  5. Hi Guys! Happy user of a Net Duma R1 here with the latest update of DumaOS. I've been having issues lately receiving very little of my bandwidth, everything seems to be capped at 40Mbps and 10Mbps? I'm ready and willing to answer any questions to help me resolve this issue. - Currently connected through an ISP Cisco Modem with it's Firewall Settings (Off), NetDuma is in the DMZ, Upnp enabled. - LAN side ports on both my device & modem are 1000 Mbps supportive, and I pay for a service of 1000 mbps DS & 100 mbps US. - On the NetDuma OS I have Anti-Buffer Bloat set to Reactive with 80% Bandwidth allocated. - Using the Bandwidth Allocation QoS feature I have 80% of my bandwidth allocated to my PS4 Pro. - My PS4 Pro is in Prioritized Traffic, UpNp is enabled and my MTU is set to 1438. - Everything is running on a Static IP.
  6. Hi, I recently moved from the east coast where I had a 100mb DL/100mb UL steady connection to Hawaii where I have 300mb DL/ 25mb UL. I'm confused as far as what the best settings are for my bandwith are, so far the only changes I've made were updating my bandwith and switching to a preemptive algorithm and it seems to give me the best results when I run the ping diagnostics (was consistently getting "bad" or "terrible" spikes and jitter) Is there any other setting I should change? Would reactive be a better option? Thanks! Update: To add to my confusion, it seems that disabling my Geo filter is what improves my results drastically and gives me exceptional results consistently for jitter and spikes with no packet loss. So.... preemptive or Reactive???
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