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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I just can't seem to figure out exactly what i'm doing incorrectly in regards to my geofilter on apex legends. My setup: XboxSeriesX->XR1000->CM1000v2 From my PC I'm also hardwired and so you can assume a similar chain. I'm using my hardwired PC with Chrome when i make changes in my router. I've specifically enabled everything in site settings (on chrome) for the router login page. I noticed when i first purchased the geofilter and ran Apex Legends (on my xbox series x) that a the start screen when i would open the "DATA CENTER'S" it would show a -1 Ping to any of the servers I had blocked. I haven't seen that again since. My geofilter map looks kinda lifeless i'm not observing a connection to the server that i'm connected to via the "Auto Ping host" setting. Ping Assist is set to "0" I'm using polygon mode. In device manager my XSX is labled as a "GAMES CONSOLE" under TYPE. I have my IP address reserved for my XSX on DumaOs. I also have my PC address reserved as well.(Not sure if that info is relevant) I have tried the factory reset and guide plenty of times idk what else to try. Thanks in advance! One more thing my router is a XR1000(WAVEBROADBAND) Firmware Version DumaOS Version 3.0.213
  2. Last night I had the Geo Filter running on my PC while I was playing Apex Legends on my Xbox One and I noticed something. A little background first. I'm a novice when it comes to networking and I just bought the XR570 because of the reviews and DumaOS. I live in Ohio and I was trying to set my geo filter to around 500 miles so that it would reach the closet servers from the central and east server lists while only allowing close players to me in an attempt to minimize lag. So Texas was not inside my geo filter. I was continually having disconnections from the lobby and "attempting to reconnect" issues that would not resolve unless I changed the geo filter to include Texas (around 1000 miles). I have also gone through and followed the apex settings guide that you guys put out. What I noticed (when I included Texas) was that when I was in a game, the geo filter would show that I was connected to a server in Virginia and then after the match when I would go back to the lobby, it would connect to a (person icon) in Texas. I dont know much about what is going on but it seemed to me that for some reason the game would force me to connect to the server in Texas to go back to the lobby and then connect to the closer server for the match. So I'm concluding that when I would lower the miles so that the filter would exclude Texas it wouldn't be able to connect to the lobby server since it was outside of the filter range and it was a person icon. My questions are these: Why does it think that the server in Texas is a user to be excluded from the filter instead of a server? Could I "pretend" that the location of my router is in a different state so that the Texas server is still inside the geo filter but the filter can be smaller to limit the range of players that can connect to me or will this cause more issues than it will solve? Is there a better fix for this that what I have tried/thought of? Thanks, Bean's Shadow
  3. I enjoy this game but I'm about at my wits end for dealing with the connection issues. I don't know what to do. For reference on CoD Blackout I ping avg 15 ms consistently in every lobby buttery smooth and have done so for months upon months. My connection is extremely stable high speed FTTP fiber connection. However, more than half the games I try to play on Apex Legends experience absurd lag/rubber banding/high pings and it's extremely inconsistent. For example I watch the ping and some games I'll run 400+ ms for a couple mins then slowly drop down into the 50-60s, then spike back up etc. Every once in a while I'll get a nice low 30ms ish consistent ping and the game feels great but I'll go some entire 2-3 hour sessions where every game has horrible lag. I've done the trick to change data centers to other acceptable ping ones based on their in game selection w/o much luck. I live in Indiana and was wondering if anyone has identified any good data centers I can try to connect too that seem consistent or have any other suggestions. Best Regards,
  4. I have barely started playing apex legends on ps4 and it is lagging all over the place. Do you guys recommend anything in the settings for this to get ironed out?
  5. Here is a video showing the best weapons in each class for Apex Legends. Not my kinda game but I know it floats a lot of peoples boats!!!!
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