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  1. So me and my friends been playing mw2 across different game types such as matchmaking, warzone 2.0 and DMZ beta. We understand the game needs work on its server side as they are all wonky at the moment. We are in the process of deleting Xbox series X consoles caches to see if it clears up everyone getting hung in game freezing. We all know the game side is messed up but in troubleshooting techniques they say to reboot routers regardless of being DumaOS or stock isp routers. How often do we need to refresh cloud in ping heat map or how often should we reconfigure geo filters? My friends question the point of even using these settings over just running stock isp routers/gateways. It’s obvious something different is running in the background in the server side. Could it be them affecting the connections?
  2. Opinions Needed for this forum, so the new owners can see before the start of pacific season 2. •SEC 1.1-1.4• ●SEC 1.1 NOW UP TO YALL WHICH TOP 3 WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE (IN ORDER) AND OUT OF THOSE TOP 3 INCLUDE WHETHER OR NOT IT SHOULD HAVE A LOW DROP RATE 5 PER MATCH, MEDIUM 15 PER MATCH, AND SUPER DROP RATE 25 PER MATCH. ●SEC 1.2 IF TOP 3 HAVE MONEY AMOUT ADD OR MINUS WHAT YOU THINK AND IF IT HAS TIME ADD OR MINUS THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOU SEE FIT. •DO FIRST BEFORE READING SEC1.3👇• *See Bottom For Detail's* ●SEC1.3 💡1. New Field Upgrade Idea, make it so you have unlimited ammo for 15 or 30 secs. Just so it isnt OP Excludes LMGS, ANY DUEL WIELDING MACHINE PISTOLS AND DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUNS. Drop rate of 15%, or only 10-15 can only spawn on a map 1 time. 💡2. New Field Upgrade Idea, all shop purchases are 75% cheaper. For all teammates for 30-45 seconds. 💡3. New Field Upgrade Idea, fully recover armour instantly. 1 Use. 💡4. New Field Upgrade Idea, Get all perks for 3 minutes instantly 1 time use. 💡5. New Field Upgrade Idea, Buffs sprint speed up to 35% for 80 seconds. 💡6. NEWLY Field Upgrade Idea, Buffs reload up to 35% for 80 seconds. 💡7. New Field Upgrade Idea, instantly revive a downed teammate or self revive 1 time use or instantly revive all teammates instantly 1 time use. 💡8. New Field Upgrade Idea, instantly heal all players health and 2 armour plates/all 3 armour plates. Yall decide 💡9. New Field Upgrade Idea, instantly grants 5k/7.5k cash to all teammates. Yall decide on amount 💡10. New Field Upgrade Idea, Buy back all dead teammates for free or buy back all teammates without having to go to a buystation for 50% the price. Only 5 in a game can be found at any given time. Yall decide. 💡11. (Last)New Field Upgrade Idea, Grants team a class to pick from without hatving to grab from a loadout Drop. Basically pulls up ur class menu and you pick the class you want right than and there it will pull up on all screens after 5 or 10 seconds of the field upgrade being called in also gives u a small notice at the top saying ur teammate or you have called in a loadout make sure your behind cover in 5 or 10 ge. ●SEC 1.4 SEC 1.2 IS OPTIONAL BUT PERFERRED. Please participate In this survey I wanna send this to microsoft, and put these in order, and fix the perk to what the majority wants its important u answer all questions including SEC 1.2 please. But since blizzard no longer owns the company, and Microsoft actually listens to there customers send to streamers as well, post there opinion if you want. SINCE MICROSOFT OWNS THIS GAME ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE FELLAS. #LetsStartMakingOurOwnChanges
  3. Hello, I have a Double/Strict NAT type on my xbox series s. I have read about putting the wan IP into DMZ but my router wont let me add manualy the IP in it because it has some fixed options(Wan connection options on pic2, and DMZ host on pic3). ISP router is speedport plus. I will attach some pics to help you understand. PS. What should I add on the dumaos site on the DMZ section?(pic4)
  4. Hi, We have a home network with three xboxes on it, I have created a rule to restrict my kids access to the internet. However when it is active it is also blocking access for my xbox (although it is not affecting my partner's console) Both affected consoles have different mac addresses, different ip addresses, and are clearly identified in the DumaOS software (DJA0231 20.3.c.0320). One is an older One X and the other is the new Series X Any ideas what is happening here?
  5. Just received a new R2. After setup, I can connect the router wirelessly to my Xbox One, but not hardwired (I've tried different ports and cables). I've tried to set a static IP but it will not save (I input the metric as 2 along with relevant IP addresses). Xbox says I have strict NAT type. UPnP does not recognize the Xbox One. I cannot open ports as I get "RPC error 'ERROR_VALIDATION': Gateway is not LAN reachable." The goal is to simply hardwire an xbox one to the R2 and have an Open NAT. Please help I've spent an inordinate amount of time on this.
  6. This is a question for Fraser or another mod that would have a full explanation. I’ve seen information across multiple posts but I would like a clear cut response with what was done and how to do it. All I have gotten is, allow the server in the middle of the United States. After that can I place my filter in the middle of the ocean and match with anyone there (my other console)? Also, if this works, will it work on the newest firmware? I remember before bungie updated, geo filter would not work on duma os 3.0. id like the whole explanation and walkthrough how to use geo filtering in destiny 2 now that a work around has been identified. thanks!!!!
  7. So got my NetDuma R2 the other day and installed it, had an issue with a Double Nat Type, I'm using the Sky Homehub, which is an absolute shiter, mega locked down, anyways after sorting that issue I was absolutely smashing it in cod all night up until I messed about with the Geo Filter and set it to America to see how my friends ping was but then my Nat Type said Strict, so set it back to the UK and restarted the Xbox but still nothing, restarted both routers and now it's Moderate, I can't get it to Open on WZ yet it says it's Open on Xbox One, I've tried turning Geo Filtering off then waiting a few minutes and loading the game up but still showing Moderate, I'm not proper tech savvy, so any ideas would need to be in simple man's terms? Thanks in advance 👍🏻
  8. Recently received my R2 this is connected to my Virgin Media box (UK) however when turning on my console it tells me that the NAT Type is Moderate and double NAT is detected. Meaning that when i try to party up with players on Warzone it can not let them join. I am running on IPv4 not sure if IPv6 will make much difference. I can search for games but i am not sure it is connecting to the serves that i want on the geofilter. I Have watched many videos on YouTube and still no luck. Has anyone managed to resolve this issue or had something similar? I am new to the Netduma community, and thought that it would be a really simple process such as plug and play but boy I am wrong Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. So I am new to this but I know a lot of people who use the XR500 for Trials of Osiris and Glory Win Trading. Some people just watch the queue steps and pull the team that loads in last out...and others have a way where it automatically does it flawlessly every time. Does anyone know what they use if it is NetDuma and how I can set that up? I just want the teams to get automatically pulled rather than me watch it like a “hawk”
  10. I cannot connect to Warzone on my Xbox Series X with Netduma R2. It tries to connect then eventually times out so I currently cannot even play the game. I have no idea why this is happening since there are no server outages. I can connect to Cold War no problem. I also can connect to Warzone when I plug in my old google router. Anybody have any idea how to fix or test?
  11. Hola , existe algún firmware de netruma r1 en estos momentos que funcione la party de xbox ? Muchas gracias
  12. Hi, I have a nighthawk rx500, it has been for some days that on destiny 2 every time I activate the geofilter, every time I enter a rabbit error lobby (I have kept the router for at least 6 months and until now it had never given me problems) . I would like to point out that even before these errors, after the release of the XR500 V2.3.2.66 they started to have problems with xbox live parties. I wanted to know from any of you if they have the same problem, both with destiny 2 and with xbox live parties (having the geofilter enabled). I play Xbox series X. Thanks
  13. Hi me again (sorry)! So I've just regained access to my xr700, I seem to have solved the 'double nat detected' issue on the Xbox but it's now only registering ipv4 and not ipv6. I've done a lot of searching and can't seem to find a solution that works. I also can't seem to hear any party chat now, which may be a coincidence. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!
  14. hi guys I really don´t know whats happening here. Doesn't matter what optins i change in R1 i always have the same ping in my xbox one on pc apparently is everythink ok. o bought this r1 to beat the lag in call of duty but i got the same ping with the R1 or the ISP router. Im desperate for help.
  15. So after months of hyping up the community about duma 3.0 for nighthawk devices, then boom, R2 announce and release. Now for people that spend $300 add on Netgear devices are now left in the dark and we gonna have to wait until the beta reaches us or another year so to fully release. I personally not going to spend another $150 for a device for just upgrade OS that we all should have gotten for free.
  16. So basically, im using the xr500 which is being fed from my virgin router. its showing my total download bandwidth to be 383mb but when my xbox is downloading a new update or something its maxing out at about 25mb and under the network monitor i'm getting a very low over all usage of bandwidth that peaks about 50mb so why isn't it using all the available bandwidth and only picking up around 50mb over all total usage when theres a possible 383 it could use to make my xbox download quicker sorry im not very techinical so i hope that made sense
  17. Hi, I just received my XR450 today. Right out of the gate I ran into a problem that I've never had before with my previous "shared connection" VPN setup. I successfully set up my VPN (NordVPN) through the Hybrid VPN feature. I then selected my Xbox One as the only device that goes through the VPN, as I have problems with people DoSing me on COD. I rebooted everything. The external IP on my Xbox did indeed change, but with a little problem. I now have "Double NAT detected" in my network settings and have no idea how to fix it. Keep in mind that this ONLY happens with the VPN on. I've heard that some VPN providers use NAT on their end as well and it can cause this. Is there any solution on my end, or do I need to just get a new VPN provider that doesn't use NAT? I'm open to any advice OR knowledge.
  18. Hey all, I’ve encountered quite a doozy of a problem recently. I had all my settings optimized as of late and was FINALLY enjoying a good gameplay experience on FIFA. However, over the weekend I started experiencing insufferable lag and unresponsiveness, worse than ever before. I checked my diagnostics from the Xbox dashboard and was shocked to find that my ping had doubled. Especially troubling was the fact that when wireless, my ping was cut in half, under 60ms. I therefore concluded that something must’ve happened to my Ethernet cord, ordered a new one, and plugged it in today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple. I’ve now found that the newly wired latency is around 100ms and wireless at 60ms (using a brand new cat8 cable for wired). Can anyone please help??? It took months to get my connection dialed in and I’m at a complete loss as to what caused the change. Thank you in Advance 🙏🏼 🙏🏼
  19. Source - https://twitter.com/TheThrillGame
  20. Hi All. For all those of you out there that are experiencing unresponsive XBOX's, there is a world wide server issue causing your xbox to look black and unresponsive, no dashboard also. Your xobox is not broken.
  21. Hi, My Xbox doesn't ever disconnect but my other Xbox in my home always disconnecta randomly whether it is wired or wireless. It also does this to my phone. I have tried everything, it didn't do this until recently. I have factory reset as well.
  22. As right now i can see games like: Uncharted 4 Destiny Destiny 2 Last of us Halo: master chief collection Halo 5 Titanfall 2 These games dont work well with the Geo-filter, they either kick you out of the match or wont even connect to a game, Uncharted 4 has major issues it creates lag.
  23. Hello, I just installed the Nighthawk XR500 router in my home. I have an ISP modem (sky sr102) and nothing except the xr500 is connected to it. All devices in house connect to xr500. My Xbox one X is connected via cable to xr500 and NAT is open as I set my xr500 as a DMZ server in my ISP router and XBOX has static IP. My group filter is not working and the screen shows no hosts on the map when I'm playing games like Destiny or GTA. XBOX device is listed as XBOX in devices. Geo filtering is set to spectate, profile is set to Destiny and yet I don't see any remote hosts or ping detials. The screen just remain blank. I am using Chrome browser also on a Mac so no issues with browser. I have the latest firmware as the router installed it automatically yesterday. Please can you help with the configuration of geo filtering and let me know why it isn't working?
  24. Hi! What are the current recommended settings for Destiny 2 on the Xbox One? The threads I've been able to find via search are all pretty old (2017) and it looked like there were some new things being worked on. I think I'm just using the default settings at the moment and I see a node in UK all the time (I live in Australia). It makes the Ping chart useless because it's always showing the ping to the UK which is high (300ms). Thank you.
  25. Salut à tous, Je vais vous faire part d'un petit ressenti personnel. Je vois assez souvent des messages portant sur WW2 et le fait que malgré des heures et des heures de réglages , beaucoup d'entre vous n'y arrivent tout simplement pas ou sont grandement frustrés par le jeu. J'ai exactement le même ressenti, je joue à des COD depuis longtemps maintenant et c'est un des seuls où j'ai réellement lâché l'affaire pour partir sur d'autres jeux (même pas fortnite d'abord) solo pour chasser du trophée platine. Mais voilà, je me suis acheté une XoneX il y a à peu près 6 mois pour jouer à des jeux valant le coup en 4K , comme KCD et il y avait WW2 offert avec le jeu. Je me suis dit "tiens un cod en 4k ça donne quoi ?" donc j'ai (re) commencé à jouer à WW2 mais sur xbox et c'est le jour et la nuit => ça touche 95% du temps, au sniper c'est un bonheur ; pas de bullshit, pas d'impressions de retard, ultra fluide => j'ai retrouvé du plaisir à jouer à un COD. Hier en fin de journée le XBL était down , donc j'ai réassayé de faire une partie sur PS4 et là, catastrophe => je suis en retard constant, le sniper est inutilisable et même les armes "cheatées" ne font rien. Sachant que mes réglages (R1) sont les mêmes pour la ps4 et la XoneX,que c'est la même connexion (^^), que j'utilise la même manette (j'ai un adaptateur). Je me dis que le jeu n'est pas le seul responsable et que le support (PSN ou XBL) influence le résultat final. Je me rappelle que jusqu'à Advance warfare (compris) j'étais sur Xbox, que de BO3 à WW2 j'étais sur ps4 et que j'ai l'impression de me faire bullshit sévère depuis BO3... Ma question est : y a t'il d'autres membres qui auraient les 2 jeux /consoles pour appuyer mes dires ? Edit : ce message n'est pas sponsorisé par Microsoft , même si j'aurais bien aimé ;-)
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