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Found 45 results

  1. Using the following config data (and regardless of what I seem to try) dumaOS on an R1 seems to endlessly loop a mullvad connection with a ping-restart, never properly connecting to the VPN: The error message is as follows: Which just endlessly loops. No variations of the config file that I've tried seem to work. I've also tried multiple servers as well to no avail. Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? 😕
  2. Hi, I just received my XR450 today. Right out of the gate I ran into a problem that I've never had before with my previous "shared connection" VPN setup. I successfully set up my VPN (NordVPN) through the Hybrid VPN feature. I then selected my Xbox One as the only device that goes through the VPN, as I have problems with people DoSing me on COD. I rebooted everything. The external IP on my Xbox did indeed change, but with a little problem. I now have "Double NAT detected" in my network settings and have no idea how to fix it. Keep in mind that this ONLY happens with the VPN on. I've heard that some VPN providers use NAT on their end as well and it can cause this. Is there any solution on my end, or do I need to just get a new VPN provider that doesn't use NAT? I'm open to any advice OR knowledge.
  3. So , I am trying to configure two XR500's in a client to gateway configuration. I have sucessfully configured one XR500 as a gateway and it tested correctly with an adroid phone client , I am able to access the gateway network fine. The first question is how to generate the ovpn file for the client XR500 ? can one of the pre configured files that the router generates be used ? or is it a question of manual editing , if so which lines need amendment ? Second question , once the VPN is setup , can a device on the client router be added to the gateway geofilter as a device ? I'm thinking not , that all devices in the geofolter need to be on the same subnet. I may be thinking too linearly m which is why I'm asking if anyone has thoughts on making this work or has a more elegant solution ?
  4. Hi there, Can you please build an interface to create user defined services with a description? The service must include a name/description , multiple port/ports as well as an option IP address/range/subnet. These user defined services must be usable/selectable for QoS , Hybrid VPN and content filtering. VPN: Both me and the wife have work VPN connections for work and it would be great to set them both up on the router with split tunneling defined by services. Please please also bring in mutliple VPN setups (at least one for work and one for home (like expressVPN, NordVPN) QOS: It would be nice to define an IP based service like your local area Discord server to be able set to a high priority. Contect Filtering: It would be nice to have mutliple content filtering rules each one with its own schedule and also service. It would be nice for parents to block different kids at different times from games/Facebook/Youtube for local IP ranges or devices from the device manager.
  5. I have been trying to get this feature to work ever since I bought my XR 500 and to no avail. I have followed the instructions to a "T" and can't get it to work. I use NordVpn and I am using the advanced setup buy putting my login details and the Nord OpenVPN setup config. Down below I will send the logs and a picture of the dashboard VPN SETUP LOG.txt
  6. I am having issues connecting to games on UNO on PC. I know that issue is with Hybrid VPN due to the fact that I have no issues if I turn it off. Uplay requires the following ports so I have setup the VPN to not apply to those ports: TCP: 80, 443, 13000, 13005, 13200, 14000, 14001, 14008. Doing this has worked perfectly on every other game I play but not with UNO. The setup next to my device in Hybrid VPN looks like this: TCPUDP - Source Port (1:65535) - Destination Port (80:80) TCPUDP - Source Port (1:65535) - Destination Port (443:443) TCP - Source Port (1:65535) - Destination Port (13000:13000) TCP - Source Port (1:65535) - Destination Port (13005:13005) TCP - Source Port (1:65535) - Destination Port (13200:13200) TCP - Source Port (1:65535) - Destination Port (14000:14001) TCP - Source Port (1:65535) - Destination Port (14008:14008) As of right now the only solution I can see is to turn the VPN off when I want to play UNO which I would obviously prefer not to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. No success with trying to set up VPN on my XR500 with CyberGhost VPN service. I just spent about a football games duration of time trying to get it set up with to luck. I have attempted to correctly follow directions from "DumaOS Optimal Settings Guide: Hybrid VPN" Modified on: Wed, 5 Jun, 2019 at 4:41 PM and on with CyberGhost tutorial. I seemed like it was going to be simple....but tech for me never is. Any help would be appreciated. I suppose I will give up on watching a couple blackout NFL games today. Thanks, Barry Log follows: Sun Dec 29 20:21:16 2019 us=756460 disa
  8. I recently made a post (feel free to remove) that made my issue more complicated than I needed. After watch a Twitch streamer Duma partner, triplewreck, the R1 router with the Hybrid VPN feature specifically offered the option to exclude "rtmp" services. The Xr500 does not offer that. However it is exactly what I needed to exclude my stream from the VPN on my router. What would be the equivalent for me to input into the Hybrid VPN for the XR500?
  9. After being DDoS'd for 2 1/2 hours and being unable to reach customer support for my Verizon FioS today I said enough, and I purchased the Netgear xr500. I also have the NordVPN (OpenVPN) set up correctly on it. My plan is to only have on the devices all traffic except for my Livestream software, and my Xbox itself go through my VPN. However, the Add Service to the "Do not apply VPN" feature is very vague and I can find absolutely zero information on Netgears site on how to even reach a Live Chat Rep. I am hoping that on here I am able to figure out the information I need. In the future for an other Exceptions, I would very much like to be able to just add them. It needs the Source and Destination Ports per application.
  10. The openvpn file provided to me by PIA fails, even with and without the username and password. I have attached the log below. log-1550509066984.txt
  11. I have been using this VPN client for a while. Can I use it within the hybrid VPN built in to the xr500?
  12. Hi everyone! I've a subscription with NordVPN and I'm trying to use it with my NetDuma R1 with DumaOS. I'm able to connect to any server, but even in the most near server I get awful speeds and super high ping... My connection without vpn it's 105 download and 20 up, with vpn I get 5 download and 5 up with bad ping. That doesn't allow me to play on my xbox one. I'm still in the 30 days to get a refund, but I would like to solve it and use it. So is there something I'm missing? Am I doing something wrong? I've read somewhere on the internet that people can get better latency with vpn for online gaming. With this experience it looks crazy to me 😛 I hope someone can explain me how people get better performance while playing under a vpn. Thanks for your help!
  13. I am using a VPN(HMA) client. If you connect to a VPN, you can not use voice chat with the PS4. Is there a workaround?
  14. I'm having real trouble with the VPN on my Netduma. I signed up to "hide my ass" to try and make things easier but it's just not working. I'm unable to connect to any server i try, and now the VPN log just keeps filling up with "failed, will try again in 5 seconds: Connection refused" I've tried to disable the VPN but i just get the message "Failed to communicate with router." I've tried rebooting the router, and a hard power reset, and pausing my antivirus software, no joy. This is driving me nuts. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  15. Hi. Does anyone here have the config file for P.I.A. I thought I had mine saved but cannot find it. Cheers in advance!. B.D
  16. Hi guys, As I am waiting for the new update as you promised, I was checking in the "firmware update" section on the router and found V2.3.2.32 available. so i updated into that, after the router download and rebooted, I was excited to see some new features like the VPN. unfortunately, nothing. all the same.... what was that about ?????
  17. I recently bought an XR500 and after following the community for a few weeks, I see that hybrid VPN is still waiting to be greenlit by Netgear. Do you have an ETA on the hybrid VPN feature, or at least a beta version that is planned to be released? If so, how can users partake in a beta (e.g. replying to a forum post)?
  18. experiencing infinity loading when trying to access the VPN tab. v1.03.6h thanks!
  19. Hello, I am having trouble connecting my netduma to the VPN HideMyAss. Seems like I have tried everything. I did follow the guides to the best of my ability. Please look at the screenshots and please advise me what to do Thank You. EB
  20. Hi. I have noticed a bug in the dumaos/netgear firmware. When connecting to P.I.A via their wondows application as there is no current option to use them on the XR500 I have noticed that the router cannot be accessed by the routerlogin.net address only via I cannot work out why this would be and why being connected to a vpn would stop access to routerlogin.net. I have added a sceenshot of the page that appears if I use routerlogin.net B.D
  21. Does NetDuma or DumaOS have an online demo/router emulator user interface like the other router manufacturers, e.g. Asus,TP-Link, D-Link, Mikrotik etc.? I think not many people understand just how different interfaces and feature sets can be while shopping for a router. It also makes it harder to give recommendations because each person's use case is different. With an online demo you can just point! It would show all or most of the features and does not rely on user created content which may not even be available for new devices, precisely when it a device is most anticipated, or may be missing features that a potential customer could want. Also, does NetDuma or XR500 DumaOS support: OpenVPN client (especially with UDP and certificates) WAN failover USB LTE modem? Thanks for your help! If it does not have any of the above, I recommend them as feature requests.
  22. I successfully able to setup the VPN but it is not connecting with the new locations, any fix?
  23. Hello. I have a problem with the vpn on my Netduma. When I add my vpn in the netduma settings my speed drops alot. when I use vpn outside the router the internet speed is fine. Is there any fix to improve the vpn speed when I want vpn on the netduma ? Thanks
  24. Hola a todos vengo a solicitar su ayuda referente a una duda que cargo desde hace bastante tiempo.. Los vpn, se que son muy utiles, pero en ciertos casos se vuelven inservibles (como por ejemplo en gyft.com) ya que te detecta que estas usando un vpn, siempre los he usado mediante extenciones del navegador, ahora.. Tengo como meta registrarme en esa pagina fuera de los estados unidos. haciendo multiples busquedas he encontrado varias extenciones, programas y demas que no me han servido para tal proposito, pero me llamo bastante la atencion la siguiente: https://how-to.watch/es/que-son-vpn-routers/ la cual promociona un servicio al parecer bastante bueno (nunca he comprado nada referente a tecnologia de fabricacion alemana que sea malo LOL) Pero lo que mas me llama la atencion es que es un HARDWARE vpn, en toda mi vida he usado programas, es decir software que ofrecen tal cosa, estos ofrecen hardware.. Por lo que me suena interesante.. La cosa es que, es esto superior al software de alguna manera? alguien ha usado o me indica un buen vpn para poder desbloquear acceso a paginas web como la que mencioné en un principio? La verdad me provoca adquirirlo a ver que tal va, pero si alguien me pudiese guiar un poco sería muchisimo mejor, porque sinceramente nunca he visto diferencia entre las vpn pagas a las gratuitas que te consigues por alli, quizá este por hardware si se vea mucho la diferencia.
  25. I have researched everything in the netduma forums and none of it worked. Please Jesus someone have an answer because I've spent the past 3 hours trying to get this to work. I have hide my ass vpn and I've tried the fast setup numerous times. I've tried to do the advanced set up as well and both yield the same result. "failed to communicate with router". I saw a netduma video where the guy used the same vpn and didn't have any issue, but mine refuses to work.
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