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Found 12 results

  1. since last night i have this issue, and only and only with modern warfare 2 and warzone 2 servers. rest of the games work perfectly.have done reset factory, upgrade the OS firmware. have set my home to the country i live (in my case Greece). any idea?
  2. Dear, I recently bought a R2 and I selected my region here in Brazil thats include the Halo Server. Unfortunately, the DumaOS 3 hardly find this server on my matches. Is there anything that I can do to improve this? Regards, Rodrigo.
  3. Total conjecture here, but was surprised no one seemed to pose the question... *As a caveat, I haven't played Verdansk in months, this is all relative to Rebirth matches on my end. I turned off my Geofilter that usually puts me in the middle of the US (TX and IL servers to achieve balanced ping with friends from the East Coast), and started getting CA lobbies. So basically, half the time my CA lobbies are the "normal" Warzone servers whos IPs end in ".VULTR"/".CHOOPA" or whatever, but I'm also getting some servers that show as dedicated and their IP is a normal numbers only config. Doing a whois search on these other servers they come up registered to Blizzard or sometime "Nolag" which I'm guessing is just another server farm rental provider. My conspiracy theory kicks in with the fact (feeling) that my games on the ".VULTR"/".CHOOPA" servers are the same ol' mixed bag of normal play mixed with a lot of suspect killcams (looking like I'm getting snapped onto with aimbots, seen through walls when no UAV is up and no teammate has died to give away my location, etc). However, whether placebo or not, when on these "newer" servers, I'm not running into much suspect play, and having way better performance (higher K/D, more wins than the "regular" lobbies). So while of course it could just be that my connection to these others servers are better (the ping bar is less spikey than the "old" servers for sure), or the SBMM has less folks to choose from there so I'm in easier lobbies, etc, etc... I'm wondering if any of these servers are testing out the server-side anti-cheat early with Warzone (or at least Rebirth) and filtering out folks with suspicious stats? Anyone else seen this behavior, or have there always been these non ".VULTR"/".CHOOPA" dedicated servers in CA, I've just missed it being geofiltered for so long? Not sure if these servers are elsewhere, but the Blizzard registered ones are all around the Bay Area if anyone wants to test it out.
  4. Hello, i just got my R2 just to make my fifa experience better but when I went to the geofilter section I only see 2 fifa servers named as Europe 1 and Europe 2. Dutch and spanish servers. Im 100% certain there are more servers like in UK, Germany and Italy. Why Iam not able to find those servers? Thanks.
  5. In this video I expose the huge problem Netduma has with server locations. They wont update it on a regular basis, making it so we can't find games consistently. Keep in mind we PAID A LOT OF MONEY for this "PREMIUM" routers. The servers are stacked on top of each other, taking out the whole point of geo fencing servers. This not only happens in Warzone it also happens in Fortnite and god knows which other games. WE NEED CONSTANT SUPPORT BECAUSE THE ROUTERS ARE SUPER EXPENSIVE AND THIS PROBLEM BEEN HERE SINCE FOREVEVER. When you check the IP adresses in the Geo Filter the location don't make sense, And the closest servers get blocked because of this problem. YOU NEED TO HAVE SOMEONE ON A PAYROLL THAT CAN BE ON TOP OF THIS ISSUE. And I forgot to mention in the video that the Sync Cloud option crashes the whole router. Imagine paying 800 bucks for a router that wont work unless you do a super deep research just to find out that someone at Netduma wont update netduma.mp4 server locations. Trying to find aliens is easier to do than making the router work as intended. I love you guys but things are getting outta hand
  6. I’ve put my filter on for the Texas server which I know is online since I used the ping heat map and also flushed cloud. For whatever reason as of recent I can’t find a match and I have reset my console and game multiple times as I was changing around the settings. My settings are below.
  7. We should have the choice to connect to the servers we want. I think if the servers that are available to connect to could be lit up a different color and we could click and connect to the server we choose or If we don't click on a server before it connects like it is set to do currently it should just connect like duma has it set to do now. Players in your lobby should be lit from a scale of red to green on how good or poor their connection is. This way we can block players with bad signal. As it is now it's very hard to tell who is who to block them. Also labeling states would be cool.
  8. Weird behavior of the Geo-Filter in South America. Hi, I’m from Buenos Aires Argentina, had been playing Apex since Launch. The game has improved very little too, and the game's connection is very irregular. I will try to explain here with screenshots in these easy 5 steps what is happening in every game I had. 1. In the title screen… the Geo-Filter show this. I can see all the servers’ location, including my nearest server in Sao Paulo. 2. Then, when I connect and enter the lobby if I have the Geo-Filter in Spectating mode, the Sao Paulo server is gone and I´m connected to a server in the US or Europe, always. And even, if I turn the Geo-Filter and select Strict mode, it will connect me to those regions. 3. Now with the Apex Legends Lag Fix Guide, I turn the Geo-filter and try to DENY some servers in the US and Europe, so in this situation, I can´t connect to the Lobby at all. 4. So, to play I need to turn off the Geo-Filter. So in the lobby, the Geo-Filter show me that I´m connected to the US, in this case, Texas with 165 ms Ping, 5. but when I enter the map or the Legends selection, the connection change to a 37 ms Ping and I´m connected to a Brasilian Host, which is not a Server but a Peer… That´s all. And for me, it´s weird. I hope this information can help me and others in the same situation. Regardless of this inconvenient I still have fun and very nice games, but if I can improve my hit detection and the lag it will be the best. FYI, I have set up my QoS, and my buffer bloat is +A, so it´s not a problem. Thanks all for reading… I hope this help. See ya!! Alvaro
  9. Just curious how a P2P works. I play exclusively BO4 and when my dedi is at 25 ping I melt yet when i get bumped to a P2P at 25 ping and same distance my gameplay stinks. Not a techno guy so a basic answer for dummies would be fine.
  10. Today I purchased the new Netduma Nighthawk router and wanted to try playing some fifa matches on the World Cup update. Whenever I look for a match, the host shows up as a peer connection instead of a dedicated server. Now I know that the WC update has dedicated servers from EA, but I seem to have issues connecting when my geo filter is on an within 1,000 miles from me( I am on the East Coast). The “server” is in California for the matches but even when I allow it, it still does not let me connect. I have looked through different Fifa forums created on this site but cannot seem to find any in depth information on how the geo filter works with FUT champs/ WC. Any help or direction to a forum would be much appreciated.
  11. Hey Netduma comunnity! I´ve been playing COD since the launch of the first one, all the this time has been a constant learning about connection, lag, lag comp, servers, netcode... some times It look´s for me more like a engineer than a gamer. Now it´s time to ww2, I´m now 170´s master prestige, so I´m so frustrated, why?, it´s simple, yesterday after some hit markers and 1 kd and lower ratio matches (my average in this game it´s fine 1.79) I decided to go to IW, I love that game (improved a lot since launch). The experience was flowles, every single match was a nuke chance, reached some high killstreaks almost 70% of the matches... etc. I´ve been improving my connection this last days, I´ve bought a XR500 Nighthawk, fiber optic, connected straight to the ONT-XR500 (no ISP router), I´ve changed old thernet cables (now CAT 7), and some config´s than let me play at 4ms to Madrid (Spain) activision dedi server. So, what´s happening to WW2 if I really noticed my high broadband quality in one COD and it´s not happening in the las one WW2 COD. I think that weapon balance is broken (did you see the shotgun with insendiary shells?, they kill you in one shot from 100 mtrs!, so the killstreak is more difficult to reach) , there´s a netcode issue that randomly make me shoot first and die first. What do you think about it?. am I the only one? Have a nice day
  12. This post is in reference to an archived Battlefield 1 settings thread in this forum. I would first like to ask was anything found out about the ping host feature not working correctly? Because it does not work for me either. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/18827-any-battlefield-1-settings-for-host-ping/ Next, I would like to to say that while connecting to battlefield, connecting to a us east server I noticed on host filtering page showed me connected to a server in California. Now, I found some IP address for battlefield servers on a battlefield forum US EAST:, US WEST:, & EUROPE: I have pingplotted both the US SERVERS and obtained a funny result. The US East route via ping plotter took me from my router (Chicago) through Texas, then trough Tennessee then terminating at DICE's US EAST server with avg 48 m/s. Whenever you Whois the US EAST server you get a Redwood City, California address. I did the same thing with US WEST SERVER and got the same Redwood City address with 75m/s. I can post pictures of the ping plot later if needed along with the Whois. I can also post images of my Host filtering page also. Are the results we are getting due to the fact that the servers are "registered" to DICE LA at that address in California? Any input on this would be great, Thanks
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