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Found 10 results

  1. I get severe packet loss and it shows up in games. For example I play apex with their net info running and it shows the 60% + packet loss.. It's not just numbers either. It shows up in the game. I have issues with other games as well. Attached is the simplest test. I've seen other posts where people are just told to essentially ignore it. This is creating tangible issues for me.
  2. Hey, I'm trying to find out if I'm experiencing upload UDP packet loss when playing cod. Does anyone know the what packet size, length, datagrams and general bandwidth the PS4/PS5 uses when playing the game ? I've done some testing with IPerf but I'd like to try and mimic the packet size etc to mimic the game traffic. My assumption is that the game uses TCP for ping and game setup but UDP for the in game traffic. I get that packet loss will always occur as it's the nature of networks but to what degree is acceptable to play a game. With TCP the packets are resent, UDP they are general just dropped. My ISP Supplier test says there is nothing wrong with the line but my gaming experience is very poor, even with Geo filtering, anti bufferbloat and traffic prioritisation. I moved from Plusnet 80Mb Down 20Mb to Sky G.fast 150Mb Down 20Mb up a few months ago, however I see the same results on each ISP. This makes me think it's at the hardware level, perhaps the DSLAM, interleaving on/off etc. I wonder if when playing the game the download traffic is prioritised or affecting the upload throughput. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TESTING DETAILS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm using IPerf3 to run UDP diagnostics to a server I've got hosted. For anyone familiar with iperf, I'm running the command. ./iperf3 -c (my server) -p 5400 -u -l 20 TEST 1 below, UDP upload on ISP - You can see a ten second test shows around 20% packet loss TEST 2 below, UDP upload, on hotspot - Same test parameters 0.76% packet loss TEST 3 below, UDP download on ISP - 0% packet loss I believe this the reason a lot of people experience the same issues in game and the ISP's / Openreach do not address it. Pointing your Geo location further away might reduce the perceived effect of packet loss, however playing on a 20ms game with 20% packet loss seems to have big effect. I've even tried inducing an addition ping delay up to from 50 - 100ms through an OpenWRT router but it doesn't improve things. I believe UDP packet loss is the main culprit. There is no packet loss on the download. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TESTS DETAILS BELOW -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- TEST 1 - UPLOAD UDP TEST ON ISP ----------------- [ ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate Jitter Lost/Total Datagrams [ 5] 0.00-1.00 sec 95.7 KBytes 784 Kbits/sec 0.030 ms 1053/5953 (18%) [ 5] 1.00-2.00 sec 102 KBytes 833 Kbits/sec 0.032 ms 1375/6579 (21%) [ 5] 2.00-3.00 sec 101 KBytes 827 Kbits/sec 0.041 ms 1348/6515 (21%) [ 5] 3.00-4.00 sec 101 KBytes 828 Kbits/sec 0.022 ms 1436/6608 (22%) [ 5] 4.00-5.00 sec 101 KBytes 831 Kbits/sec 0.033 ms 1353/6547 (21%) [ 5] 5.00-6.00 sec 101 KBytes 828 Kbits/sec 0.041 ms 1341/6519 (21%) [ 5] 6.00-7.00 sec 98.9 KBytes 811 Kbits/sec 0.043 ms 1483/6549 (23%) [ 5] 7.00-8.00 sec 107 KBytes 879 Kbits/sec 0.016 ms 1099/6594 (17%) [ 5] 8.00-9.00 sec 103 KBytes 847 Kbits/sec 0.027 ms 1263/6557 (19%) [ 5] 9.00-10.00 sec 103 KBytes 841 Kbits/sec 0.032 ms 1267/6521 (19%) [ 5] 10.00-10.01 sec 20.0 Bytes 11.4 Kbits/sec 0.489 ms 18/19 (95%) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [ ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate Jitter Lost/Total Datagrams [ 5] 0.00-10.01 sec 1014 KBytes 830 Kbits/sec 0.489 ms 13036/64961 (20%) receiver ----------------- TEST 2 - UPLOAD TEST ON 4G HOTSPOT THROUGH IPHONE ----------------- [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Total Datagrams [ 4] 0.00-1.00 sec 116 KBytes 948 Kbits/sec 5940 [ 4] 1.00-2.01 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 6579 [ 4] 2.01-3.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 6552 [ 4] 3.00-4.01 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 6567 [ 4] 4.01-5.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 6564 [ 4] 5.00-6.01 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 6552 [ 4] 6.01-7.01 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 6554 [ 4] 7.01-8.01 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 6554 [ 4] 8.01-9.01 sec 127 KBytes 1.04 Mbits/sec 6510 [ 4] 9.01-10.01 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 6552 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Jitter Lost/Total Datagrams [ 4] 0.00-10.01 sec 1.24 MBytes 1.04 Mbits/sec 0.089 ms 492/64824 (0.76%) [ 4] Sent 64824 datagrams ----------------- TEST 3 - Download TEST with the same parameters on ISP ----------------- [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Jitter Lost/Total Datagrams [ 4] 0.00-1.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.246 ms 0/2625 (0%) [ 4] 1.00-2.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.308 ms 0/2621 (0%) [ 4] 2.00-3.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.274 ms 0/2616 (0%) [ 4] 3.00-4.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.237 ms 0/2625 (0%) [ 4] 4.00-5.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.275 ms 0/2624 (0%) [ 4] 5.00-6.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.277 ms 0/2619 (0%) [ 4] 6.00-7.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.282 ms 0/2621 (0%) [ 4] 7.00-8.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.359 ms 0/2622 (0%) [ 4] 8.00-9.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.231 ms 0/2621 (0%) [ 4] 9.00-10.00 sec 128 KBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.273 ms 0/2622 (0%) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Jitter Lost/Total Datagrams [ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec 1.25 MBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 0.209 ms 0/26231 (0%) [ 4] Sent 26231 datagrams
  3. I bought R2 about a month ago, I specially got my internet all changed to a public IP instead of a VLAN which was a lot of work. I have tried everything to fix the mentioned issues in the title. This thing cannot handle my internet and network at all, I have a gigabit connection and it shows 10 mbps on connection benchmark. When I just got it, it was working well, but with time the quality has degraded at a constant rate. This is a pretty expensive router too, this internet and packet loss issue is not to be expected of a product of this price range. I changed back to my R7000 and everything is stable and amazing again but unfortunately I cannot have the QoS and geo-filters on it. I need help, please this is extremely aggravating and I have been on this for a while. I have a dual stack connection (IPv4&IPv6).
  4. I saw a right up on this on here http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-how-to-test-your-internet-ping I ran ping plotter, can anyone explain what I have screenshot, not sure of what am looking at. For an example I'm experiencing packet loss? I can see my average ping thats about what I know. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Could I have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? they are connected together via a Cat 5e cable that was purchased about 3 weeks ago, the modem/router is handling PPPOE and the Netduma is DMZ'd with a static IP.
  6. so my isp is cox and let me tell you their panoramic gateway is horrible every time i hook up the r1 and put the gateway in bridge mode or dmz the r1 the internet speeds drop from 150 mbps download and 10 mbps upload to inconsistent speeds like 70 mbps download and 887 kbps upload resulting in crazy packet loss currently i have the gateway set to its defaults and the r1 behind it but now my ports are not able to open so i cant chat with friends any suggestions? thanks in advanced duma army. Also I do believe that it's worth mentioning if you have a setup similar to mine to check if your gateway or router does the same. First check your internet speeds via the console i the reason i recommend the consoles test is simply because i would see drops in my speed on the console but would sometimes not see that same drop when testing from my laptop. After you run the test via console factory reset the gateway or router to it's defaults i wouldn't do it via the button on the back of the router sometimes the settings wouldn't reset but the router would restart so i recommend factory reset via internet browser. from here you can you can run another test on your console from your gateway or the duma hooked to your gateway i found that i got the same speeds for both which were 176 mbps down and 14mpbs up pretty much every test when i didn't get those speeds it was my advertised speeds. Now i played a lot of fornite but the gaming experience was horrible because i would have packet loss through the whole game and it caused jerking,skipping,and everything in between. since resetting i have not had packet loss one time on fortnite or any other game for that matter and my gaming experience has been awesome for 2 months so i would also recommend you guys to go into fortnite before your reset and turn on your connection meter see what happens before and after the reset(i say factory reset because after using dmz or bridge mode simply turning it off didn't fix the issue and i've tried it numerous of times the only cure was a full factory reset) . initially i was strictly a cod player and i would often look at their connection meter but the meter never detected packet loss but i would be jerking etc so fortnite is a good source to use. this method should be tried even if you don't have a r1 but you have a device in dmz mode or have a setup that calls for bridge mode. let me know your results very interested to see if i could help out the duma army.
  7. Hey all, I'm getting some bad packet loss while gaming on wired and wireless connections. I bought PingPlotter, but I'm not great at reading the graph. I know the vertical red lines are areas of major packet loss, but I'm not sure if this is from the ISP or the router. Plot attached. I reset the router, updated the firmware, cycled the modem and tried a different Cat 6 cable from the Modem to the Router. None of that helped. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. M facing huge ping spikes in rainbow six seige game on ps4 ,My modem is connected in bridge mode to my netgear xr500 , upnp & necessary port forwarding are done on on netgear xr500, now kindly go through the report attached below & tell whats wrong with those packet loss on my router side (its 25%) !!!!, Also whats the reason behind those ping spikes. Any help would be much appreciated, (The reports are generated via pingplotter software). Thnx, 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  9. Did some Ping Plotter tests to find out how bad my Verizon Fios G1100 router's packet loss was and found that it didn't have any. I actually found out that my XR700 had packet loss. I know you shouldn't test over wifi but, I've been having issues with my URC remote control dropping its connection all the time. So I did some troubleshooting to see if I could improve my wifi signal. So I started testing both of my routers through wifi and here are the results. Can someone tell me why I should keep the XR700? I can't see keeping a product that has one problem after the next. I already have plenty of problems and don't need more.
  10. Ran ping plotter and regardless of what cables I use and what IP I've been pinging to I've been seeing constant packet loss at the netduma router with nothing else going on in the background.
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