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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I have the Netduma R1 router for about 2 months and i am very satisfied with this router. I created a community on Playstation 4 to promote the Netduma R1. if you are interested you are welcome to join. The name of the community: Netduma kind regards, HWS-Tim
  2. I would love to know why I've never been able to get games or apps, on my PS4 or PS4Pro, to download at more than 10mb per second. When I do a speed test on my PS4 and PS4Pro, I get 135mb down and 6mb up. My actual bandwidth from Comcast is 220mb down and 12mb up. My CC is set to 70% down and 80% up, so I get the speed test results. I've researched online for answers but no one seems to understand why some get good download speeds and others don't. I get that PSN will throttle downloads but I used to be able to download games at 80mb/second on my PS3 back before I had the Netduma. I've tried all kinds of tricks to get higher download speeds like changing my DNS, pausing and restarting the download, and changing my MTU, but nothing works. Has anyone had this problem and figured out a solution that works all the time???
  3. The Instructions on DMZ/Portforwarding did not set me to an OPEN NAT Type... The issues are as follow... with GEO Filter disabled (not even set up yet)... I still continue to receive a Moderate NAT Type on COD Infinite Warfare. I tried Opening Ports instead and that seemed to work. The Port that OPENs ALL and is a BE ALL is 3074. That doesn't inherently fix that NAT type issues however that exist with PSN Chat. If I forego the NetDuma R1 and use the Router (Linksys AC1200+) or any notable Gigabit router for that matter I don't have any of those issues with PSN Chat (PORT ISSUES). Even though I've placed the Netduma on DMZ it's not behaving as if it was on the DMZ... I tried this with the Actiontec MI424WR I as well with the same negative results... It's quite frustrating to think that this "WORLDS" greatest gaming router can't handle two of the most COMMON routers, 1 being the MOST common in American Households today given that it operates Verizon FIOS in Northern America. MY ISP is Verizon FIOS 300/300 and I can't even utilize the full network features because for some reason whether it be firewall/layer/firmware not even bridging fixes the issue... I've concluded that Port Forwarding Opens the ports but DMZ a conventional solution on typical routers connected to modems that works 100% of the times does not work on a router-router configuration... I've exhausted many hours and pages upon pages of support and text... Yet to no avail have found no solution to this... You need a firmware update desperately to append these negative results...
  4. Hi, So I'm Really hoping someone can help me out as I've pretty much tried everything I can think of to solve this. My predicament is this, I went to play on my Ps4 last night to play some multiplayer and i wasn't connected to the PSN so i tried to connect and I kept getting an error, so i go to my internet settings on the ps4 and do a network test and everything is fine apart from under Playstation Network sign-in it says "Failed". My first thought is the Playstation network is down but thats not the case. I go to my PC to log on the Playstation website and i get this... Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://auth.api.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/2.0/signin?"on this server. Reference #18.128b1bb8.1486807342.452f032 So i reset my ISP Router and the Duma and test the connection again with the same results again... My next thought is to try the Playstation App on my phone and see if I can login through that, again i get an error. I switch my phone over to my Data and not my Wifi connection and i can successfully login, yay, so i now know its not a PSN Fault. After this i tether my phone to the PS4 and try connecting to the PSN through my phones Data Connection with success. My next idea was to unplug the Duma and plug my PS4 directly into my ISP Router, and success i have a connection, PSN logged in fine but the Downside no Duma Controls so I try Turning off Modem mode on my ISP Router connect the Duma back up and everythings working as should be. I much Preffered having my setup as ISP(in Modem mode)>NetDuma> and then all connections from the duma so i have full control over Congestion etc.. I have tried again this morning, reset both ISP and Duma, Factory Rest the Duma. still no joy with PSN, its like the Duma just doesn't want to connect to the PSN when connected to my ISP in Modem mode, which has been fine up until last night. I haven't changed anything on the Duma since initial setup last year. i will be fine connecting to my ISP and then putting that into a DMZ for now but I'd Like to be able to switch it back if possible. Sorry for the long winded story but i was trying to cover everything I have tried so far. Any help is appreciated. -James.
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