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Found 10 results

  1. Xbox series x connects to ipv6 if plugged directly into modem. No IPv6 if connected through R2 router. Everything is wired. Ipv6 switches on R2 are switched on. Xbox is DMZ with fixed dchp
  2. Hi everyone, with the new release of mw2 upon us I'm setting up this thread so we can share what works best for us . if people have any recommendations what works for them purely for multiplayer are we best to just geo filter in the ocean and get lowest ping possible/ auto ping host on or off ? should we prioritize specific traffic open NAT will obviously be best upnp/ipv6/dmz enabled or disabled / BEST network settings ultimately anything that can make our bullet hit reg better please share the knowledge Thanks
  3. Hello could you provide some support on how to setup IPV6 on my netduma. IPV6 works fine on my Fritzbox but when i connect to my netduma i cant connect to the internet. Details: * My netduma is setup as an exposed host both for IPV4 and IPV6 * My netduma has a static IPV4 * I have enabled "Allow IPv6 prefixes announced by other IPv6 routers in the home network" in my Fritzbox and "Assign DNS server, prefix (IA_PD) and IPv6 address (IA_NA)" I am clearly missing something but i just can't seem to find the correct documentation
  4. why does this router not support ipv6 i get better ping on my isp modem than my xr300 this is just ridiculous
  5. Hi me again (sorry)! So I've just regained access to my xr700, I seem to have solved the 'double nat detected' issue on the Xbox but it's now only registering ipv4 and not ipv6. I've done a lot of searching and can't seem to find a solution that works. I also can't seem to hear any party chat now, which may be a coincidence. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hello, I have recently bought NetGear XR500 and I ran into issue with tunnelbroker I'm routing IPv6 threw Raspberry PI based on this guide https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=88054 However I no longer can get IPv6 connection no matter of the settings even with DZM enabled to my PI I just get timeout like some firewall is blocking it on router side. If I connect my old ISP router it works no problem so not sure what I'm doing wrong as even radvd cannot connect with XR500 I tried every signgle option in Advanced Settings to enable IPv6 but even without it I still should get PI working itself with IPv6. Did anyone was successful with setting tunnelbroker on this router as I'm out of ideas even created new tunnel to make sure old one didn't brake anything.
  7. TLDR; MAKE SURE ALL YOUR DEVICES HAVE WIFI TURNED OFF AND USE A WIRED PC WITH IPV6 TURNED OFF WHILE SETTING UP YOUR ROUTER AFTER A FACTORY RESET AND/OR A FIRMWARE UPGRADE. - TESTED AND WORKS WITH DUMA 3.0 OPEN BETA I believe I may have discovered the cause of the issues I was having with QoS not working properly and the various bugs I was getting with Traffic Priority. I had no issues with the router when I first bought it and installed it, everything worked as advertised. Then, after a new firmware update, I was having issues with QoS not working with IPv6 and other random issues. I tried the Beta 3.0, and had the same issues. Tried factory resets and all kinds of stuff but nothing worked. I had an epiphany while looking at my device manager after a fresh factory reset. I noticed that because I had set the wifi name and password to what it was before, all wireless devices connected to the router as soon as it rebooted with the new credentials. This meant that the two phones in the house were trying to establish IPv6 addresses before the IPv6 was set up, which seems to throw the router for a loop, causing all kinds of issues and log entries. I then did a factory reset and changed the name of the wireless network to something arbitrary, set up the router with native IPv6 and all the QoS settings, and voila! No errors, everything is working as intended again. Reconnected the phones and other wireless devices and everything is good. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Admin Please pass this information to the devs.
  8. Hi I have a Netgear Nighthawk XR500. I am trying to use BT's IPv6 network but I can't get it to work. I have just learned that it's because the router doesn't support /56 address prefixes that BT use. Does anyone know if or when support will be added for this prefix in your firmware. Thanks.
  9. HELP NEEDED! I just got new internet setup today from switching to a broadband provider that delivers much faster speeds with fiber optic cables. I have 1 full gig of speed to work with and recently bought the XR500 and have it all set up. My issue is that when I connect to the new network and set my xbox up to it, it was not giving my NAT Type when tested or connecting to multiplayer saying that "Can't get a Teredo IP address". So I just called the provider and found out they do not support or have IPV6 at all.... so what the heck do I do here? Please help it would be appreciated. I just made all these changes to my internet, invested in a Nighthawk Router and now my hopes are really low if I can not even connect to Live...
  10. Hi all, So my contract with BT is up at the end of next month and although I did request for the g.fast trials I haven't heard anything from them yet, so i'll probably be welcoming IDNets gamer package to replace them. But I do have a few questions in mind which I thought some of the guys on here could clear up for me. 1. What differance does a static IP have on online gaming, if any? 2. What do they mean by superior peering, and what are the advantages of it? Here's what they had to say but i dont understand the benefits of it.. Our core global Internet connectivity is presented in London at LINX & LONAP, in Frankfurt at DE-CIX, in Amsterdam at AMS-IX, and in Stockholm at NETNOD, where we have multiple transit and peering connections with over 700 global networks, enabling us to deliver data from around the world at incredibly fast speeds. Some of our more prominent gaming peers include: Blizzard, iSD, Multiplay, and Riot, to name a few. 3. And finally what does the term port-blocking mean, and how would port-blocking effect gaming? Thanks in advance for all your input Regards,
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