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  1. what settings are people having the most success with in multiplayer for bullet hit reg? i see alot of talk around : MTU UPNP/DMZ/PORT FORWARDING QOS BANDWIDTH ALLOCATION VPN GEO FILTER TRAFFIC PRIORITIZATION I am on console and not looking to avoid SBMM just fair gun fights. if anyone else is on console,Please let me know if you have had any success? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, with the new release of mw2 upon us I'm setting up this thread so we can share what works best for us . if people have any recommendations what works for them purely for multiplayer are we best to just geo filter in the ocean and get lowest ping possible/ auto ping host on or off ? should we prioritize specific traffic open NAT will obviously be best upnp/ipv6/dmz enabled or disabled / BEST network settings ultimately anything that can make our bullet hit reg better please share the knowledge Thanks
  3. Hi with my ISP im getting 500 down and close to 100 up on the ps5 when i do a connection test. after i plug in from iISP to r2 into ps5 my dload is 1Mbps0 and upload is 5Mbps? how is this happening ? i have done a factory reset . Same issue ? Thanks. Phil
  4. no matter what country i try i get the same error ? its been working fine the last few months ? no settings were changed ? any help ?
  5. So, I am back. Is their anyway possible for someone experience some feel some type of lag through network settings no being configured correctly in game? In my mind, I feel like I can feel the lag through the controller. However, it might be in game. I have tried so many settings suggested through forums to try to fix this issue I feel like I can feel through my controller and nothing has worked over the last year or so. Someone told me the internet shouldn't cause what I think I feel in my controller. At this point, Everything is hardwired, my ps5 is right beside my router, I get 500 down and 50 up. I have one of the best gaming monitors on the market. I have went through countless new controllers. I don't have blue tooth devices connected in my house hold or anything. At this point, I can't honestly believe its an issue with the controller because they are brand new controllers. My ps5 is basically the only thing connected to my ps5. There is a desktop connected wirelessly and a roku device. The pc is usually disconnected while playing. I even upgraded my ssd on my ps5. I have tried disabling qos, setting the sliders to 70/70, 90/90, etc. with shared excess bandwith shared and unshared, always, auto, and never.. I have tried setting my bandwith allocation to 95 to ps5 and 3 and 3 to the other devices. I have tried 80 and 10/10, etc. Duma classified games on, ps5 console just on, and them both on at the same time. I am using a cable modem connected to the xr500. I don't have cable just internet. Can someone help me please configure everything and disable whatever I need to disable for the love of God for the best optimal setup.. I don't know what packet burst is, but watched a youtube video, and it just created another concern for me. There has to be something going on. I tried all of the recommended settings and feel confident in nothing. So, I am lost. The last thing I haven't tried or succesfully felt like I configured is port forwarding. I am confused on how to enter these numbers correctly for Destiny 2 on Duma OS. According to bungie these ports should be open PlayStation 5 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480 3478, 3479, 49152-65535, 27015-27200 According to portforward.com these should be open.. I just copied both tcp and udp and pasted them in. There is only one area to post values. So, I am not sure if all the tcp/udp values go there or one or the other. Also not sure if I should what the protocol should be set too Destiny 2 - Playstation 5 TCP: 1935, 3478-3480 UDP: 3074, 3478-3479 This is all I was able to do last night before falling asleep
  6. Always lagging in this game would like to compare my send and recieve rate to someone elses if possible thanks!
  7. This problem may or may not be separate from the typical internet dropping that I have experienced the last month or so, but that was only 2 or 3 times a day, which I reduced to 1 by following various solutions on this forum. The worst I have experienced the dropouts was over the span of 30min, but this has been 10+ hours. Long story short, the cause of the insistent internet dropping is some DNS failure in the net duma (don't know if I'm phrasing that right). In my modem's system logs (Home Hub 3000), I found countless "DNS Name Resolution Failure." I tried some other testing...I wired my PC directly to my modem while still having the router connected to it, but I was still losing internet on my PC and router because the modem's internet was dropping. I then tried using the PC for awhile without the XR 500 connected to the modem and I have not had any errors/drops since. I have also upgraded/downgraded to .134 and .32 from .56 of DumaOS, but the problem still remains. I also noticed that simple interactions like a google search on my phone causes the internet drop. Sometimes it drops for 10 seconds, other times a minute, but it always resolves itself until it happens <10min later. I have reset my modem and router numerous times but the problem continues. I have included a small snippet of what the logs look like. I hope the solution lies on the Duma/XR500 side, because I really do not want to want to call up my ISP. Thank you to anyone who attempts to help me.
  8. Hello Everyone! I’m a new member from Monterrey, Mexico, I’m pretty close to Dallas, I want to buy the netduma R2 because I play Warzone and I’m one of the best players of Mexico and the World, I saw in a forum that it doesn’t work as expected but I believe that guy had a very bad luck, Can you please confirm if it works? I have a 1 GB symmetrical connection and I just want to know if it works because I read this other member had higher pings, I will use it on Xbox Series X. and the last question, does the router has a warranty to return in case it doesn’t work? If not do you recommend buying it on Amazon? Thank you all for you time and Best Regards!
  9. full info is in the screenshot. so when i try and set it up with nordvp i go to advance do the copy paste username and pasword from them and then a nordvpn udp file from there website copy paste into the config field i get faild. below here are the logs Thu Jan 6 12:43:16 2022 user.warn com.netdumasoftware.hybridvpn: Long call 'openvpnup' exception 'ERROR: Exec 'ip route add default via table 1' failed with 2 stack traceback: ?: in function '__new__' ?: in function '?' ?: in function <?:469> (tail call): ? ?: in function 'safe_execute' ?: in function '?' ?: in function 'on_vpn_up' ?: in function '?' ?: in function '?' ?: in function '?' ?: in function <?:54> ... [C]: in function 'run' ?: in function <?:412> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in function 'try' ?: in function <?:267> (tail call): ? ?: in function <?:29> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in main chunk [C]: ?' Thu Jan 6 12:43:16 2022 daemon.err cli.lua[8203]: RTNETLINK answers: File exists
  10. I have 600mbps Download when i run the test direct through my modem. With QoS off, the download speed when running my test (hardwired to lan 1 on the R2) is under 100 mbps. is there anything i can do to have my download speed NOT limited?
  11. I have no clue but after I turned off my router and modem after 10 minutes I had these 2 connections show up what does this mean? If someone connects to the 2nd one would that slow down my internet speed for the 2nd one? I dont know how to fix this issue. 🤔
  12. Hey everyone , My ps4 pro has not had a issue ever connecting Ethernet with my xr500, over the last year, but finally about a month or 2 ago I unplugged my Ethernet from my ps4 and plugged it into my other one to update it faster, then tried plugging it back into mine and now it will always say"connect lan cable "😡🤬😡 I did at some point uncheck the Dhcp box in the LAN SETUP, and I assume this had something to do with it , but I reset my router like said below, and I've wasted days worth of time trying to figure it out .,. ❌i have switched out the cords, restarted , reset everything , literally everything possible. Then I found out online it has something to do with the dhcp lease expiring or something where it's not picking up the cable is connected , or the IP address I had reserved for it initially somehow got lost and now it isn't finding my Ethernet anymore which is properly hooked up as it should be ... ✔️ It's a very sad time playing without an Ethernet cord is so bad and I need it back !.. please can somehow someone give me ANY information to fix this ... I'd appreciate it so much!! I don't know much about this at all and I feel lost.. whatever you can do will help . 😭❤️ Thank you !
  13. Hi , Im based in europe. when i try to play on other servers EG. USA/RUSSIA/SOUTH AFRICA it will either not find a game or have a very high and unplayable ping. i set my geo location around the servers located in the country i try to play in and i use express VPN to connect to said country. im wondering can anyone help with getting matches in foreign countrie and any tips and tricks they use to find 'playabe matches' as the VPN changes my location in game but the ping is still quite high. any help would be greatly appreciated. Phil
  14. Hallo, wir haben vor uns eine 1 Gbit Kabel Leitung von Vodafone zu bestellen. Gerade haben wir den 500Mbit Tarif mit einer Fritzbox 6490 Cable (Vodafone). Mein Vater möchte auf keinen Fall die DECT Funktion der Fritzbox verlieren. Ich habe herausgefunden das die Fritzboxen von Vodafone und auch die normal erhältlichen keinen frei zugänglichen Bridgemode mehr haben. Ich könnte also nur den Standard Router (Vodafone Station) der im Vertrag mit inbegriffen ist in den Bridgemode versetzen und dahinter einen NETDUMA Router setzen. Allerdings stellt sich mir die Frage: Kann ich an den NETDUMA Router eine Fritzbox anschließen und somit die Fritzbox als "Telefonstation" mit den Funktionen (DECT, Smart Home, VOIP) nutzen ? Vielen Dank für die Hilfe
  15. After following this video on port forwarding and following each step as mentioned, my NAT type is still Strict. May someone please help me out, I'll actively be checking back on this post to see your replies. I'll try to provide as much information I can, thanks in advance. Modem: Ubee DVW32CB Router: Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 Download: 250mbps Upload: 25mbps Settings that I changed in the Netduma 3.0 OS, anything not on the list below was not changed from default. WAN Setup: NAT Filtering-Open LAN Setup: Reserved IP Address for Computer Wireless Setup: Enabled OFDMA for 2.4GHZ & 5GHZ Wireless Settings: Enabled MU-HIMO IPV6: Automatic UPnP: Advertisement Period- 15minutes QoS: Traffic Prioritization- Turned off "DumaOS Classified Games" Other Time Zone: PST Discord: Kyūsuke#5267
  16. Hey guys, I need help finding the best settings for my XR1000. I have now payed 2 separate “Internet Optimization Experts” to help me configure the settings in my router… The 2 Guys I payed to optimize my router have both told me QoS is absolutely pointless and that “it has a mind of its own” and “It does whatever the _ _ _ _ it wants”. We used Anydesk and they tuned off my QoS and tweaked a few other settings. After they were done I have to say I’m not sure that what they did actually made a difference… My friend who told me to get the router says QoS is absolutely necessary and he has no idea why someone would turn it off. My friend has the XR500 and he helped me set up my router when I first got it however he reminded me that he’s no pro when it come to router configuration. So right now I’m stuck. I was hoping someone here can send me the best possible configuration/settings for my XR1000 to PS5 for Cold War. It would be amazing if someone could hop into anydesk or teamviewer with me and show me what I can actually do with my router. My ISP - Spectrum Gig -940down/40up Router- Xr1000 Modem- Cm1200 Console- PlayStation 5 Thank you❤️ Twitter @SleazySlays
  17. I have previously reported mislocated servers in the past on the stickied thread but it seems that Geo-Filter still doesn't recognise/register when I set my home location to Singapore. The only workaround is to set my home location in the middle of the ocean with Ping Assist set to 20ms with the radius at a minimum 111KM. There are definitely servers in Singapore as my ingame latency is always 7ms. All other games show up fine on Ping Heatmap except for Call of Duty - CW, MW & Warzone. I am aware that the servers change often but is there going to be a fix to finally have Geo-Filter work as intended for CoD for the servers in Singapore?
  18. Need Help with settings this is my connection Test . I mostly play Destiny 2 guild wars 2 final fantasy online and genshin impact so would be nice if i can get the best out of my router (XR1000) also i live in pakistan so guidance would be much appreciated if anyone can help me figure out these settings because i am not that bright when it comes to these things lol
  19. Hello everyone, i ´am from germany and i Really want to change my server Region to near Egypt (Kairo) bether said - the whole near East. I tried to do the whole thing on my own, but realized that I couldn't find a solution However, if I keep my radius completely over the Middle East, I get a ping (20-32MS) and it will stop at 32MS. then I'm trapped in an endless search. I also tried it to America (Texas), and a search for 115MS - 200MS came up. Again I end up in an endless search loop. Friends cannot join my party either. Can Somebody PLS HELP me?
  20. I have had the Netduma R2 for a few months now and I am having a lot of issues. It can be working fine but suddenly it cannot connect to the internet. My setup is as follows: Wall - EE smart hub - Netduma r2 - TP-link power line adapters - devices. I have tried with IPV6 on and off with the same issue. I have tried running the Netduma r2 as the DMZ on the EE smart hub, restarting it seems to be the only solution. I have noticed that when the Netduma is not working, it is not appearing as a device in the EE smart hub router settings despite the lights on the Netduma being on and connected to the same port. I would really appreciate an answer as I am on the most current firmware. Also the DumaOS is extremely slow and often comes up with the error code: This operation is taking longer than expected, please briefly wait before using this Rapp. I am happy to try anything, I am somewhat knowledgable but this has me stumped.
  21. hi guy im new here. my router arrived today but i cant seem to get power to it, ive followed the instrutions guide step by step but cant seem to get power or lights on router. if someone could kindly take the time to help me i would be really happy. quinten
  22. I have had my netduma r2 for a little over a month now and I recently had to have my internet provider come out to service my modem. I guess there was an issue with the cable line. About 2 days ago my internet stopped working properly and we were having to reset the router every single day sometimes 2-3 times in one day. Now that my internet is fixed my router no longer is connecting to my modem. I know the modem is getting a good signal but I can';t understand why my router isn't working now. Please someone help me solve this issue.
  23. I need help with my R1 on DumaOS latest firmware. It won't allow me into the UI after i put in the username and password, it continues to load till it say the R-app failed to load. Went to the forum and followed the factory reset instructions for the pin hole. Now neither the custom or default username and password work. Its only rebooting the router not factory restoring it. please help. been using DumaOS for months with no issue
  24. Just got my r2, installed the software & changed the password but still no internet. My devices say connected but wont load.
  25. i setup the router on monday and it was working great all day. yesterday i went to get on my games and im getting 120ms servers for my games unlike monday where i was down in the 30-60ms ping. ive been trying to figure out why it did that all day today and i noticed the connection benchmark is saying i have a 90 mb/s download and a 10 mb/s upload. So i go to chrome and run a speed test and its showing im getting 1-5mb/s and a wildly variable ping rate highest was 280ms. the benchmark has it pegged at 60ms on ping. i have my old router connected to the net duma on lan 1 to its lan 1 and it is set to acess point mode in the old routers software and i disabled the firewall on it as well any help would be greatly appreciated. this is the old router i have if it helps ASUS RT-AC87U AC2400 i have tried turning Qos off and it did nothing
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