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Found 10 results

  1. In the past I would be able to block out servers outside the london and uk servers thus allowing for smoother gameplay (the whole reason i bought the router), and now ever since around a month ago ive not been able to connect to any local servers and have instead been constantly pushed to servers in Germany and france etc even with an outline drawn. Is there any reason for this? Ive not changed any of my settings
  2. Hi, I work late shifts finishing at 12am. Fifa 21 works great thru the night (in UK by the way) and has really quick game play winning 90% of my games on UT. Trying to play in day/peak hours with only me on my network pinging 20ms in game the game is unplayable. I have tried everything possible over the years even buying a netduma on day 1 of release and nothing works! Game connection is perfect but the players just do not respond and am chasing shadows. I don't believe it's their servers either, I am starting to think it could be my ISP being busy at the exchange. I sometimes only use my bt openreach modem wired straight into xbox 1 and it's still horrible, same set up at 2am and it's brilliant. Is their any tests I can do on my laptop to check why it's so bad? Am sat here now dying for game of weekend league but I know for certain it will be unplayable untill the early hours of the morning.
  3. Hi, I'm from Thailand and nice to meet you here. I use Netduma R1 and am completely satisfied with it. However I have problems with SErver of FIFA 20 PS4. After using geo-filter, I realized the mechanism of Server EA's operation as follows (tested in Thailand): -FUT Match: Server Singapore -Season match: Server Japan + Peer-to-peer I only play Season so the problem is that I need to use Singapore Server to get lower ping (40ms) instead of Japan ping (80 ms) but when geo-filter was turned on and forced it to choose Server Singapore, it was almost impossible to find opponents for the match (seasons). I want to ask is there any way? Or EA has locked the server function of such server? How about you guys? And what about you guys playing on PC? Thanks very much .
  4. Hello great people of this forum! Im a long time follower and first time poster here, I’ve found everything very helpful so I thought I’d bring this question here to get some insight. quick background: been playing fifa for 3 years online competitively and my experience improved greatly when using the XR500. I’ve found the best results by putting my Xbox into the DMZ, and found particular success when using the Home/away games method as detailed on YouTube (watching to see if kit comes up first). The problem is now this is patched and there is no way to tell from what I’ve seen, and having an admittedly relatively basic understanding of the extensive features of DumaOS I’m hoping there’s a way to tell if home or away with the data from the router, now that EA has patched it in game (now I can only get home/“host” about 25% of the time, and the delay is almost unplayable). The home/away factor is huge in FIFA especially when playing in the higher divisions and absolutely has a huge Impact on connection quality and input delay. Does anyone have any ideas on how we could use DumaOS to tell if you are home or away? This would be much appreciated and a huge boost to all DumaOS fifa players everywhere. Cheers!
  5. Hola, alguien me podría decir cuales son los mejores ajustes para usar el geo filter en division rivals, ya que siempre que pongo en el filtro 1500km strict mode on, no me busca partida diciendo que se ha perdido la conexión con el rival. Al aumentar el radio a 1700km alcanzo Alemania y ya me busca partida a un ping de 60-70 e incluso en algunos partidos me expulsa del partido y vuelvo al menu principal. Esto sin el host filtering activado no me pasa pero juego con mayor ping ya que me conecta a un server cerca de turquía. Juego en ps4 y tengo 100mb/50mb.
  6. Hello I am new to the forum and this is my first time setting up a router. I am having an issue with the ping on the netgear xr500. I attempted to install it with the DM200 but that was unsuccesful, so i have resorted to using the sky router and having the XR500 in the DMZ with wireless turned off (the sky router has no modem mode hence why i purchased the DM200). My ping has increased from around 25m/s to 45m/s. I have placed my PS4 in a DMZ and tried port forwarding and upnp (not all at the same time, seperately. I have also changed DNS servers, used the geofilter and QOS as described on the forums). I have attached a traceroute of me contacting the ea servers but i am struggling to understand what it means. Can anyone see what my issue may be?. 1 ( 10.366 ms 9.741 ms 11.572 ms 2 ( 9.423 ms 10.203 ms 11.037 ms 3 * * * 4 be451.pr2.enlba.isp.sky.com ( 44.027 ms 42.916 ms 42.682 ms 5 rackspace-ip81-27.no-dns-yet.lonap.net ( 42.949 ms 42.129 ms 42.984 ms 6 * * * 7 ( 42.413 ms ( 42.865 ms 44.874 ms 8 corea-core6.lon3.rackspace.net ( 53.355 ms 42.375 ms coreb-core6.lon3.rackspace.net ( 42.569 ms
  7. Who else is going Moscow for FIFA? I am thinking of going there! Really excited!
  8. Today I purchased the new Netduma Nighthawk router and wanted to try playing some fifa matches on the World Cup update. Whenever I look for a match, the host shows up as a peer connection instead of a dedicated server. Now I know that the WC update has dedicated servers from EA, but I seem to have issues connecting when my geo filter is on an within 1,000 miles from me( I am on the East Coast). The “server” is in California for the matches but even when I allow it, it still does not let me connect. I have looked through different Fifa forums created on this site but cannot seem to find any in depth information on how the geo filter works with FUT champs/ WC. Any help or direction to a forum would be much appreciated.
  9. hello, I just got my netduma in hopes of improving my experience in FIFA 17's FUT Champions game mode, however so far it has done the opposite. For those of you who play, you will know you find games and you are given connection quality on a 5-bar system, 1 red bar being the worst, and a full 5 green bar being the best. Before, I would always find 4 green bars. Now with netduma i'm only finding 1 red bar matches all with more than 250ms Ping. Can anyone help me figure out what I can do to fix this?
  10. Hi everyone! i was wondering if anyone could suggest some optimal settings for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team as i feel i am not getting as good connection to other games on the duma. Thanks!
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