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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I like the features of this router for Destiny, however I have been having constant error codes and it is getting frustrating, so I am looking for some help to get this sorted, as I didn't have any error codes ever (unless the server really messed up) when using my old router (the Netgear listed below). I have tried to follow all of the advice given, however nothing seems to get rid of these problems. When the error codes are bad I can't last in the Tower for more than a few seconds before seeing a black screen and, if I'm lucky, will see the tower after a black screen for a few minutes. This is a bit annoying as I can't visit vendors for long enough to utilise them. The tower/social spaces are the worst places and I get lots of error codes, this isn't really a PvP specific problem, but I did get kicked out of the occasional game. I don't play many other online games, so it is hard to pin down the problem however Rocket League doesn't seem to have any issues (other than their own server issues, which have also been quite bad recently). The error codes are things like beetle, bee, quail and a whole bunch of others. Firmware 1.03.6h Speeds Download: 25 - 30 Mbp/s Upload: 5 - 10 Mbp/s Set up ISP: Zen NETGEAR DM200-100EUS High-Speed Broadband DSL (VDSL/ADSL) ModemConnected in modem mode (so no DHCP) Netduma router Connected to the modem above Wireless disabled PPPoE used (otherwise I can't connect) Deep packet processing enabled UPnP enabled Multicast snooping IPv6 enabled (in all three places) Cookies enabled Cloud Autocloud disabled Bleeding edge cloud disabled 30/28/28 Host filtering enabled Peer ping enabled Auto ping host disabled Kilometres Strict mode disabled Show dormant hosts enabled Filter by distance depends on activity: PvE 20,000 km PvP 1,000 km No ping assist Congestion control Algorithm preemptive and correct speeds applied Download/upload cap 70% Download/upload priority 60% to Xbox One Hyper-Traffic enabled for Xbox One / Xbox Live NETGEAR D7800-100UKS Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Dual Band (800 Mbps 2.4 GHz, 256QAM support + 1733 Mbps 5 GHz 11ac) Wireless (Mu-Mimo Wi-Fi) VDSL/ADSL ModemThis is running as a wireless AP connected to the Netduma Xbox OneConnected to Netduma with ethernet Thanks.
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