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Found 3 results

  1. Hi ALL, How is everyone? Question for the community. I play on PlayStation 4 and use Elgato HD60S to stream to Twitch.tv/thegaurdian1 *little bit of advertising*. When I started using the Elgato as my capture card for streaming, I would plug in a USB Headset but once you do that it disables PS4's AUDIO out through HDMI!!! I was wondering if anyone on here has the same setup with same issue or maybe a solution to this. My solution is as follows but I don't like it because I can't use surround sound on my headset with this solution. I solved this by buying Chat Link, Optical Audio cable and a converter because my headset does not have a mix amp. Once the chat link, optical audio and converter were all connected it works fine. Anyone with the new PlayStation Beta 5.0 operating notice if this was fixed? Anyone figure out a fix in general where a USB headset can be used without all the WIRES like MINE? Thank You
  2. I've had the Netduma for quite a while, and realizing that I never set it up properly. In fact, I think it is all set up wrong. I've spent a majority of the day looking at settings, and I'm really OCD about this, and its starting to make my brain hurt. Hoping someone can help me. First, let me describe my layout and what I plan to do. I have: Spectrum Internet 50Mb down 5Mb up (modem is in bridge mode) Netduma - PS4 pro, xbox one, PC, and linsys Gb switch with PS4 (a different one), retro pie attached, and a few devices connected to wifi I'm going to be starting a Youtube channel and possibly Twitch. I will be streaming both console and PC games. I also plan on playing without streaming, and also just general use. Needless to say, I'll need multiple profiles. Right now, I have deep packet processing checked for some reason, but not using Hyper-Traffic. I have my PC and PS4 Pro set to around 30 in the flower,a those are my primary devices. I haven't adjusted any sliders. I think I'm also set to Reactive instead of Pre-Emptive. No DMZ or IP Forwarding settings. Need 1: Playing PC games, especially CS:GO I just started getting into PC gaming, and addicted to CS:GO at the moment. I plan on doing more PC gaming, both online and offline. Need 2: Console Playing This is what I do the most Need 3: Livestreaming console games I will be doing this a lot. I will be connecting my consoles to the PC through the Elgato HD60Pro with live commentary. Need 4: PC Gaming with livestreaming Same as 3 but with PC games Need 5: Just normal use I live alone except some weekends when my son stays with me. He watches netflix a lot, but never had any issues gaming while he was watching TV. Can anyone help me come up with the best settings? Thanks
  3. We're doing our biggest ever giveaway over on Twitter for XMAS. Instead of 1 winner we're picking 3 winners! 1st: Console & Game of your choice & NETDUMA Router 2nd: Elgato HD60 S & NETDUMA Router 3rd: NETDUMA Router All you need to do is retweet the tweet & follow us. Happy Holidays!
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