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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I have read many of the previous posts on things that can effect speed and I believe I have tried them all. I have had my service provider (Cox Cable) come to my house 3 times in the last couple months and everytime they have told me that it was a bad modem or router on my end and they have a good signal coming inside my residence. I have changed the modem to their recommendation, SB6190, which is 6 months old. I have the congestion at 100% host filtering is off shared excess clicked on up and down allow feedback allow upnp enable cookies turbo and super are all ticked I have 5E cat 5 going from the modem to the Netduma which is 48' long I have cat 6 going from the netduma to the playstation, xbox and roku box. My upload speed is very consistant at 28 to 30 my download is all over the place ranging from 3 to 87 I am paying for 300 down and 30 up The ISP told me that I have 320 down before the modem and 37 up before the modem. Do to the poor connection to my Xbox and Playstation it makes them almost unplayable. I have version 6G on my netduma now. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. I've been trying to specifically limit my PS4 vicariously through my laptop... So, I've been trying to find the sweet "buffer bloat" spot by testing my laptop in various settings... unfortunately I can't set a fixed speed for it... Capping my upload & download for the purposes of streaming isn't a viable option because I stream at 1080p @ 8Mbps. I have FIOS 300/300 and it would only make sense that I should be able to set apart something similar to a QOS. If I cap my UP & Down at 80% My Primary Router is the Netduma R1 and all the devices go either directly to the Netduma or connect via an 8-port switch to the Netduma. It seems like a poor design to not be able to set a finite speed, also I was considering having a 2Gbps line run... I noticed that the cap can go no lower than 10%... trying to achieve this prompts errors... According to the link on the bottom of the page, 11 months ago, you folks were going to release a feature that allowed this on the "next update"... I'm sure we many many many updates into the future... Not trying to blast anyone here... just trying to figure out how we CAN truly make this the BEST gaming Router in the World. At this point I'm simply better for the money with a Nighthawk... QOS seemed to work better for me when I was using it as I could use QOS on a per device basis... and it was set it and forget it... http://forum.netduma.com/topic/14374-feature-request-limit-uploaddownload-to-specific-speeds-for-specific-devices/
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