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Found 22 results

  1. So in Destiny 2 I used to be able to set my geofence out in the middle of the ocean to ensure no one could connect to me, or vice versa, in order to do things by myself, like strikes or roaming. This worked because D2 is on a p2p type system vs dedicated servers for game play instances. For some reason that's not working anymore. The matchmaking for strikes takes a long time, as per normal, because it can't find people but instead of just starting anyway, eventually some people in random countries are connected ruining my plans. I've tried several times to no avail. Any clue as to why? How am I able to connect with these people?
  2. Guten Morgen alle zusammen, Ich hätte zum XR500 ein paar fragen... , besitze dieses Gerät schon länger und hat damals mit der ps4 einwanfrei funktioniert . Dann kam natürlich eine längere pause und wollte das ganze wieder mal zur Verwendung bringen. Gestern Abend hab ich die neue Firmware geladen und habe schwierigkeiten mit dem Geofilter. Ich versuche es so gut wie möglich zu erklären : Geofilter gesetzt , Radius auf 1000km , sobald ich dann auf einen Spieler klicken möchte , werden mir die "daten" vom spieler nicht angezeigt bzw. ladet es bis in alle ewigkeit. Wenn der Auto Ping an ist wird mir das daten fenster vom spieler angezeigt , aber immer nur für 1-2 sekunden und verschwindet wieder. Der Spieler den ich pingen möchte , wird mir in meinem radius angezeigt , doch das fenster wo man dann "zulassen" / "verweigern" bestimmt , kommt und geht - sprich das daten fenster bleibt nicht konstant ... Habt ihr da vielleicht ideen woran es liegen könnte ? Kann ich meine einstellungen verbessern ? Habe seit damals bei meiner inbetriebnahme den router nicht geändert , abgesehen davon das ich die neue Firmware geladen habe. Damals zur ps4 zeit hat alles geklappt und jetzt nicht mehr Würde mich über eine unterstützung freuen...danke .
  3. I bought my Xr500 couple of months ago for its GeoFilter properties to avoid high pings and also to play with my own friends at lobbies. We used this last weekend but this weekend it seems it does not work. I used to getto Tower (destiny 2 social space) by myself when filter was on but now i am always in crowded lobbies. Also another test i used to do was to get into strikes and if i go in alone without anyone matchmake to my team i knew it is working. I tried both but it does not work!!! what could have happened between two weekends! Please help me!
  4. Hi does the netduma work on destiny 2 anymore I can’t seem to make it work
  5. has anyone else had any issue with geo filters on Destiny 2 for console? please let me know
  6. Agran

    Destiny 2 geo

    Does any one know how to set up geofilter for match making?
  7. Salve! Come ormai ben noto a tutti i possessori di un prodotto netduma e che lo utilizzano per geolocalizzarsi su Destiny 2, da un paio di settimane a questa parte, non riusciamo più a far funzionare bene il tutto, quindi apro questo topic tutto italiano per parlare ed eventualmente trovare insieme una soluzione, anche con il supporto degli amministratori/tecnici dello staff
  8. I'm planning to buy a new Netgear but i need more info. 1. What are the differences between XR700 and XR1000? 2. Why the XR1000 cost less than XR700? I have already a Netgear XR500 and i play Destiny 2. Until july/august the Geo-Filter works fine, now it causes a lot of problems. I know that the XR300 and XR500 have the matchmaking issue. I've read in other topics that the XR700 has no problems but what about the XR1000? Does it work fine as well? If i purchase the XR700, did i'll get future updates or it will cause problems like the XR500? Also, on Destiny 2 i'm getting rabbit errors, how do i resolve this? I'm italian, my ISP is Fastweb.
  9. Hi everybody, does anyone knows how to make the geolocalisation work again and from where does this issue comes? thx for info/advise!
  10. As a title, i play destiny 2 with geofilter on ps4 with my netduma r1, the first two months i had no problem with it, all flawless, but from 2 weeks i can’t join my whitelisted friends fireteam, i tried to delete and then re-allow them (on spectating mode), and when i turn on filtering mode again they can probably join for 5 minutes, then the problem return.
  11. I cannot get the geofilter to work on the XR500 for Destiny 2 on Xbox One no matter what I try. Let me preface this by stating that I've tried using the Destiny setting, stopped using the Destiny setting and set my range to the minimum of 69 miles and set my location in Antarctica, tried auto ping only, tried strict only, tried both auto ping and strict, added both of my primary consoles in the Add Device section, tried wired and Wi-Fi and have the bridge setting turned on in my gateway. Nothing works. The reason that I purchased this router was strictly for the geofiltering, and I've talked to a few people that have it while gaming that said they set their geofilter to only match up with themselves and it works 100% of the time. Unfortunately that was awhile back and as they were random players on different continents I didn't bother adding them or asking more about it. I use my consoles to help people rank up in comp by win matching. If you don't know what that is, I have 2 host consoles and bring 2 players into each party. I then launch into comp, choosing which console to launch first to ensure that is the one that gets host, and as soon as they match but before they launch in I back out the fireteam that isn't host. The host fireteam loads into a match with no opponents and it's an instant win for that team and no loss for the other team. I'm a PvE player. I haven't played competitively in over a decade, and have no desire to. Most of the people that I play with are in the top 100 or 200 in raid leaderboards, strikes etc. and have no interest in playing PvP, nor do I. That being said, certain guns can only be acquired through playing comp. Rather than employ a method that would be considered cheating and hurting other players' stats, I do this to help people get the glory they need to acquire the guns they want (or at least the quests for them). I don't do kill lobbies. If someone wants the gun that bad then they can go in and get the kills the old fashioned way, but some people simply don't have the time, skill or friends with the skill to confidently go into matchmaking and hit the glory that they need. Not to mention people that manipulate connections to lag you out so that they get the win. Long story long... I was able to match up relatively easily when everyone was around the same glory (prior to purchasing the XR500), but if everyone was 4000 - 5500 glory except for one guy that was at 1000 glory they would never match. Hence the router purchase. I've spent hours and hours trying different configurations, selecting different consoles to be host (had some friends bring theirs over and was running 6 simultaneously) and still no dice. Is there a solution to this issue? Does geofiltering even work in Destiny 2 anymore? I can get it to work to where I can load into strikes solo, and I can also load into the tower solo. I can have both host consoles with a full fireteam load into their own instance of the tower or any planet, but for the life of me I can't get them to match up in comp regardless of the location I set or the settings I've tried. Please for the love of all things holy someone have a solution so that I didn't just throw away $300. Thanks in advance for suffering through my rant lol
  12. Ok , this is about the Geo-Filter implementation on the XR300. I read all the forum posts everywhere and came to the conclusion many people think its broken on the XR300 and working on the XR500 specifically for Destiny 2. So I set out to prove it (or not). The filter works as expected on the original XR300 factory release , it can and does correctly deny all connections. It is however a buggy release and will crash and break the filter if you breath on it. Every other release of the firmware is broken and will not deny connections. From my observations , some module is breaking on the XR300 geofilter. However without any meaningful logging interface on the router where this is happening I do not know. Connections are made that do not appear on the Geofilter , this doesn't happen with the original firmware. Doing the same tests on the XR500 reveals that it correctly geofilters with destiny 2. I have spent 5-6 days testing this to destruction , is there any hope for the XR300 with Destiny 2 or is my only choice to buy the XR500/700 ? Some sort of meaningful answer would be appreciated TIA Malt
  13. Hello, my friend has two PS4's, one is the one he plays on and on other one he hosts a custom in which he joins with the 1st PS4. But after 10 - 15 minutes, one of his PS4's disconnects (error-code: bat). We followed the guide from Bungie to have two consoles in the same network [so we disabled port forwarding and enabled upnp]. On the main router (the one that dials into the internet) Netduma R1 is setup as an exposed host. TL;DR: Disconnects appear 10 - 15 minutes into a custom game on one of the consoles.
  14. Hi, I have installed the DumaOS on my R1, i am having an issue with Destiny 2. On the old geofilter i could set my home to somewhere in the ocean, drop the range to 111km and ping assist to 0, check strict mode and this would let me go into strikes, patrols, tower completely alone. No one could join and it was great for doing daily bounties without other peoples interference. Since i have installed the DumaOS i cannot make this work, i have added my ps4 to the geo-filter, set it as i did on the last os and it seems to do nothing, i matchmake into everything now and the geo filter shows people all over the world! I am in the UK. Am i missing something? in other settings maybe. Your help will greatly appreciated.
  15. Probleme mit destiny 2 Verbindung im pvp.
  16. Destiny 2 was really laggy and hit detection took 1-2 seconds to register until i got the xr500 check out this game play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lgjvRx6CbI&t=164s My setup Monitor: RL2460ht BenQ Console: Ps4 Pro Sound: Astro A40 control: SCUF with custom metal body/buttons/paddle(in case i throw at wall) Netduma Settings: ISP: Bell Canada, add console IP to modem/routers DMZ settings, turn off modem routers wifi with DMZ and HDCP being the only things enabled disable everything else(disable UPNP), then make sure every device is connected to the XR500. Geo Filter device: Add console, and use destiny 2 profile(keep lowering the distance if you find games laggy) Anti buffer bloat: Set correct internet speed, set to when high priority is detected so that internet speeds are normal when not gaming, set download to 80% and upload to 80% Bandwidth allocation: Share excess enabled on both download and upload and give your console 30% download and 30% upload. Traffic prioritization: Keep dumaOS classified games checked(you do not have to manually prioritize your console). Advanced settings UPNP: enabled(If you are using than 2 consoles and you find that both do not have open Nat, set Nat filtering to open) Lan setup: put consoles IP under address reservation. Settings USB storage: uncheck enable media server. Ps4Pro Settings: Resolution: Automatic RGB: Full HDR: off Deep color: off Display area: smallest System settings: boost mode on and leave everything else to default Ps4 network settings: Auto Monitor Settings: look for game mode on your tv/screen and if you have an option for response time set it to fastest. Thought i would help people with their destiny 2 settings since forsaken is just around the corner. If you are in the Toronto/ New york area add me on psn or join my clan and we should play games together.
  17. Hi Guys, I have been attmepting to setup geofilter and have followed all of the guides, namey the official guide: and others. I have no issues when setting up the geofilter for games like overwatch and pubg. However, when attempting to do anything for Destiny 2 it shows no icons indicating hosts, and filter range doesnt seem to have any affect. It seems as though the XR500 cant detect that the computer is playing destiny at all. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated, cheers
  18. Hi! What are the current recommended settings for Destiny 2 on the Xbox One? The threads I've been able to find via search are all pretty old (2017) and it looked like there were some new things being worked on. I think I'm just using the default settings at the moment and I see a node in UK all the time (I live in Australia). It makes the Ping chart useless because it's always showing the ping to the UK which is high (300ms). Thank you.
  19. What firmware version are you on? (Check at bottom of any page on the R1. If lower than 1.03.6 please follow upgrade instructions here first). Answer: 1.03.6h What speeds do you get from multiple speed tests? Answer: 60mb/s down, 10mb/s up, 10 ping What is your current setup? E.g. ISP hub/modem (Specify model) > R1 > all devices Answer: ISP is Cox Digital Cable, ARRIS Surfboard SB6141 Modem > Netduma R1 Router What is your specific issue? (Provide as many details as possible. If it is a lag issue include the screenshots from here in your post) Answer: I am being kicked out of games randomly while playing Destiny 2 on Xbox One- sometimes while streaming from my PC but mostly when not streaming. I have followed the recommended settings to a tee and am getting incredibly frustrated that the router still boots me from D2. I'm a coach with Crucible Radio so it's essential that I can play and stream Destiny 2 without disconnecting all the time. I know that it is an issue with the router because I have plugged straight into my modem to play and never get kicked from games but as soon as I connect into the router I immediately get kicked. In order to get any kind of stability I need to restart the modem before I play everyday- this is tiresome and my profile settings do not load correctly half the time. I get an error message about not being able to load congestion control and I must manually set it up everyday. Other issues I have encountered with the control panel software are the zoom feature not working on the geofilter while using the latest updated versions of chrome, edge or firefox. Sometimes the router will completely drop the connection on all my devices including wifi and wired. At first I thought it was an issue with my cable signal but after getting my ISP to check it and never having issues playing on my modem it is certainly not that. Any other information (such as settings you may have previously tried). Answer: I'm currently running a combination of advice I have heard on these forums. Currently, I have port forwarding set up for Xbox's suggested ports, Destiny 2's ports, and some additional ports recommended by user Chives. I have set up a DHCP Lease or static IP, Disabled VPN and UPnP, set up hyper traffice for my xbox, allocated 60% priority to my PC's up and down for streaming when I do stream (share excess enabled), set flood control down and up to 70%, running the most recently recommended cloud servers with bleeding edge, IPv6 disabled, gave up on geo filter a long time ago so it is set to maximum range, strict mode disabled, 0 ping assist. My Xbox and PC and smart TV are hardwired into the router while I have 2 security camera on the wifi as well as my phone. And please note I bought this router because I thought it was a simple solution lag and disconnecting yet I have been changing it's settings constantly since I got it 8 months ago and I'm still getting kicked out of games. Any help greatly appreciated or a refund if it's broken because I cannot figure out what's wrong with it.
  20. Guardians our Destiny is here and im looking for Renegades to join my war on the darkness. We are the Renegades of humanity, we serve no alliance, we fear no foe and we will do what is necessary to save the Traveler. The Darkness is here and we are looking for all Guardians who have no allegiance to join our Renegades. We will fight our fellow guardians, we will scavenge our once Golden Age to build our arsenal and we will kick butt! To join Netduma Raiders please add your PS4 / Xbox or Battle.net / Blizzard App username below and I will add you to the list. Once I have interest I will setup the clan through the Bungie clan page. If you have any questions feel free to leave a reply and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Rise up and fight Guardians! ProJect
  21. I take it this is really bad? This is when using the Duma, need to test straight from HUB next. For any of you that play Destiny, whenever I'm in an online event my connection bar is the lowest.I take it my ping plotter results is the reason why?
  22. Greetings all! Excited Guardian here about D2 dropping in 2 days. I was wondering if there is anything on my Netduma router that needs to be changed from D1 settings? Do we know that info yet or is it something we will have to figure out after the game launches? Last I was told, we don't need to use Strict Mode, Change cloud numbers off of Auto and set to the last number in each drop down box under Misc. in Settings. Is this still the best settings for D2 launch? Appreciate you all, any helpful info that would make my life easier would be grand. Take care Guardians!
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