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  1. Buenas tardes, alguien puede cambiar compartir configuración?? Veo muchos foros pero cada uno dicen una cosa y no veo no veo ninguna mejoría.
  2. So I'll try to be short, sweet and concise here. I am getting ping spikes in Warzone which only started this past weekend and last week I spent a lot of time researching, testing and adjusting settings on my Netduma R2 (3.0.394). These spikes are causing me to literally stutter around rooms, off ledges and rooftops, etc you get the point. Ping spikes show in Warzone settings menu (steady around 20ms and randomly ramps up to 180 even 250-300 ms for just a second then back down) Under Network Monitor in my R2, even during a match its only showing my PC using 1mbps or less (Is that normal for anyones experience?) My R2 settings... Geofilter off QoS Auto Setup recommended 50% both upload and download, and I ran the setup with Antispikes set to 0ms No HybridVPN setup IPv6 disabled in both LAN and WAN DNS Override set to Google DNS ( and DHCP Enabled with my PC set to a static IP UPnP enable (shows DemonwarePortMapping from Warezone) No Port Forwarding Rules set (I've also tried setting my PC in DMZ to no avail) The list of things I've checked on my router, PC, even graphics settings in the game is endless but all signs seems to point to my settings in my R2. Benchmark tests come back with ridiculous ping under load numbers at basically any network speed settings and all variations of Congestion Control. Literally any feedback or advice would be beneficial at this point.
  3. since last night i have this issue, and only and only with modern warfare 2 and warzone 2 servers. rest of the games work perfectly.have done reset factory, upgrade the OS firmware. have set my home to the country i live (in my case Greece). any idea?
  4. good evening forum! for information I wanted to know if you would add warzone 2 and MW2 to your list of games (beta will be out in days). will you also include servers in the heat map? do you think they will use existing servers such as those of warzone and mw 2019? thank you
  5. This video has been posted 2 days ago. I've tried to follow it but there are some things that i don't see. For example, i don't have the Modern Warfare 2 option in the Ping Heatmap. Also by selecting any Call of Duty option, instead of the pings, it appears "N/A". I have an XR500, firmware V2.3.2.134 What i'm trying to do is to find matches in the near server cause right now i'm finding matches with 80 or more ping.
  6. Per request, I'm opening a standalone topic. After a cloud sync for heatmap: [DumaOS] Cloudsync Ping Heatmap result 'true','nil', Friday, July 01, 2022 14:01:48 [DumaOS] Ping Heatmap has finished merging data from the cloud!, Friday, July 01, 2022 14:01:48 I now only see one server that is pinging as yesterday I had two: I've also turned 'on' "Respond to Ping on Internet Port" in WAN Setup. I'm puzzled because any other game, example, Apex do fine, with only one failed IP address: I have a Microtik router that serves the majority of the house, but wanted to utilize my geo filtering for better games, as such, I've forwarded all ports for COD (that I'm aware of) to my NetDuma router, and this has worked just fine for a long time. Over the past month, I've noticed that while trying to geo-filter, it's taking longer and longer, and eventually I have to turn it off just to get a game. My initial thought is that, my computer, also connected to netduma, may not be getting the proper port forwarding needed to get responses from these servers -- but then I recall that I can get pings just fine for Apex. So, I'm a bit confused. Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks!
  7. Hello Friends, I am having a serious issue on Steam. Steam not recognize this installed game Call of Duty, when I opened Steam yesterday. I have no idea what to do? Any help guys..
  8. i play on a ps4 & livestream dropping 15-25 kills on warzone ive hosted tournaments for money before as well boys! i do GIVEAWAYS & i show my set up all the time to prove we stay legit! i just want to grow more man! were close to 1k #Natural #OGCodPlayerButWereYoung #Netduma #HelpMeGrowBoys https://youtu.be/ZKuzINp0awE
  9. Why do I feel like I am a second behind enemies in call of duty? I have a low ping with the fastest reaction time and I still die even though I shot first. In the kill cams I look like a bot not even reacting to the enemy. I see YouTubers like Xpromvz and Frizz who have this type of connection. The enemy can't react to them. What are they doing to their internet?
  10. I use a netgear nighthawk XR1000. I currently reside in Australia and I was wondering if the Geo Filter function in DumaOS is capable of being set up in a way that will help me connect to North American servers from Australia. Looking forward to some guidance on setting this up or providing info on if this can actually be done in the first place using the Geo filter function.
  11. Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a way to prioritise my PC's traffic while playing Warzone with the anit-bufferbloat while I have a VPN connected. Without the VPN I can just pop in the ports for Warzone and it prioritises my PC every time but as soon as I connect my VPN to a nearby city, it doesn't seem to recognise those ports anymore. I've looked into the hybrid VPN and connected my external VPN to the router, also adding those same ports the "dont run these ports through my VPN section" however, still didn't recognise my PC with that "red light" not coming on. Very frustrating not having warzone on the recognised games list.. Everything works perfectly when my VPN is disconnected but as soon as I turn it on, even a Zoom call on another device gives me lag and packet bursts. All with 100mbps! If anyone knows the way around this, it would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  12. So today we saw the new beautiful machine R2!! Congratulations guys!!! i have a lot of questions about that... you say that it will be release 6th August with the DumaOS 3.0. That means that we have also the DumaOS 3.0 that day?? On the XR routers?? I hope that you will not give a time exclusive on the R2... And now I want ONE honest answer... I must sell my XR500 to buy the R2???? Which is better?????
  13. Currently located in the Northeast of the US, I am having trouble getting into any servers in the filters I create. I have tried deleting the device. Flush the cloud. Restart my PS4. Restart the router. Set the PS4 in the geofilter and turn it back on. When I try to load a game it defaults back to my local servers.
  14. After following this video on port forwarding and following each step as mentioned, my NAT type is still Strict. May someone please help me out, I'll actively be checking back on this post to see your replies. I'll try to provide as much information I can, thanks in advance. Modem: Ubee DVW32CB Router: Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 Download: 250mbps Upload: 25mbps Settings that I changed in the Netduma 3.0 OS, anything not on the list below was not changed from default. WAN Setup: NAT Filtering-Open LAN Setup: Reserved IP Address for Computer Wireless Setup: Enabled OFDMA for 2.4GHZ & 5GHZ Wireless Settings: Enabled MU-HIMO IPV6: Automatic UPnP: Advertisement Period- 15minutes QoS: Traffic Prioritization- Turned off "DumaOS Classified Games" Other Time Zone: PST Discord: Kyūsuke#5267
  15. I have previously reported mislocated servers in the past on the stickied thread but it seems that Geo-Filter still doesn't recognise/register when I set my home location to Singapore. The only workaround is to set my home location in the middle of the ocean with Ping Assist set to 20ms with the radius at a minimum 111KM. There are definitely servers in Singapore as my ingame latency is always 7ms. All other games show up fine on Ping Heatmap except for Call of Duty - CW, MW & Warzone. I am aware that the servers change often but is there going to be a fix to finally have Geo-Filter work as intended for CoD for the servers in Singapore?
  16. In this video I expose the huge problem Netduma has with server locations. They wont update it on a regular basis, making it so we can't find games consistently. Keep in mind we PAID A LOT OF MONEY for this "PREMIUM" routers. The servers are stacked on top of each other, taking out the whole point of geo fencing servers. This not only happens in Warzone it also happens in Fortnite and god knows which other games. WE NEED CONSTANT SUPPORT BECAUSE THE ROUTERS ARE SUPER EXPENSIVE AND THIS PROBLEM BEEN HERE SINCE FOREVEVER. When you check the IP adresses in the Geo Filter the location don't make sense, And the closest servers get blocked because of this problem. YOU NEED TO HAVE SOMEONE ON A PAYROLL THAT CAN BE ON TOP OF THIS ISSUE. And I forgot to mention in the video that the Sync Cloud option crashes the whole router. Imagine paying 800 bucks for a router that wont work unless you do a super deep research just to find out that someone at Netduma wont update netduma.mp4 server locations. Trying to find aliens is easier to do than making the router work as intended. I love you guys but things are getting outta hand
  17. Hello, I've got an XR500 and have used it to try and get lower ping on COD/ Warzone for a few months. For some reason, I'm still getting 'rubber-banding' and the occasional packet loss, as well feeling like my hit detrection is off. I've run numerous connection benchmark tests on my LAN and Wi-Fi 70down and 20up and get A+ for everything bar under load where my upload ping goes way over 200ms. I've got my QOS currently at 70/70 and I've scoured these forums to find a solution and tried virtually every possible solution. Just for reference, my setup is from the ONT to EE router, which then is wired into the XR500 that I've connected to both via wi-fi and LAN with no major difference between them. I've used a few traffic prioritization rules, which I'll post below, as well as other screenshots too. Any help is appreciated. Cheers EDIT: The PS5 and my laptop are the only active connections to the XR500, my laptop when I'm playing only had the Duma os running.
  18. Hello, I have been tweaking my setting for about 6 months dedicatedly for call of duty series with 2 isp and tons of different metohds. I had been struggling with ‘shoot first die first’ until I have found my solution to eliminate that. please be noted that this method is not going to be like ‘game changer’ or anything. I would say it could help you about 40% of times. If you get shot at the back, you would still die, as well if your aim sucks, you would die. the benefit I have found out was that I have been no longer in ‘instant death’ situations unless enemy pre-fire from corner first. I hope this helps and please do not judge me if my method doesn’t improve. Let’s start with some basic information my location: Thailand connecting to Singapore servers. Southeast Asia region server ping: Singapore - 35ms Japan - 110ms Australia server - 130 to 190ms Arab server - 170 to 190ms Europe server - 210 to 240 American server - 220 to 300 (depends on location in US) My ISP: 3BB and Ais E-Sport package My internet speed: 200/200 My hardware: PS4 Pro with DNS: Asus router with DDWRT firmware Netduma R1 My setup method: this is the most important part that improve the game for me. I would say many people didn’t have this method and most ppl focusing on tweaking what inside netduma r1 and turned out it was meaningless no matter how much you tweak your netduma r1 here is the most important thing —> double qos and double upnp. Yes you hear it right. Let me explain how to do that below my setup method (cont.): Asus router DMZ with Netduma r1. Don’t bridge it because you won’t be able to do ‘double qos’ and ‘double upnp’ now Let’s talk about your main router. Most of your main router should have basic functions to turn on/off upnp and qos. You have to go through your main router and turn both on. That’s it and you are done now let’s talk about netduma r1 setting. Geo filter: put radius around my country. Cover only Singapore server. Use strict mode QoS Speed input: put your total Bandwidth only around 85% of your ISP package speed. For instance, my package is 200/200. I put only 170/170 Bandwidth percentage. Tick ‘Always’ I put around 2% both DL and UL. That makes total 3.4mb out of 170mb. So your total connection is throttled. Sidenote, please do this after you connect to lobby of Cod Mw game(after fetching profile done) Bandwidth allocation(the flower graph): prioritize 80% to your Playstation, both Download and Upload with share excess OFF Traffic Prioritization: disable it. You don't need it. Make sure nothing is check in the box. I have seen many people talking about port things here. I tried it many times even with caddy software. It is useless for me. Netduma Upnp: make sure it is on thats it you are done. Please post result here I would want to know as well if it worked for you guys
  19. Hi, Geofencing is not working...I don't see any servers playing Modern Warfare on PS5 (I've tried several radius configurations but still don't see anything) . Also it's not possible to flush the cloud as an error messages pop's up. This is my firmware on the XR300 The profile used for the device is Call of Duty and the device is set to "console profile" Any idea on how to fix the problem Thanks
  20. Device: R2 Version: 3.0.205 Title says it all. I live in Kansas and there are plenty of servers around me with decent enough ping (20-40), but over the course of about 20 warzone games or so I still have yet to have a game below 50 ping (best I've gotten was jumping between 50-70) and I am still getting small hitches/stutters every 5 seconds during gameplay. I put the ping assist at 0, and I have my range set to 800. Strict mode is on. Auto-Ping host is on. The only thing connected to the R2 is my PC so It is not congested, and I also have the bandwidth allocation set to gaming at 85. The Geofilter is cool, but the NA servers don't even pop up on it for me (sometimes the one in Europe will show up) and I am always having to use a peer connection. The only difference I've noticed since using the R2 is that it now takes longer to be put into a lobby, and instead of getting a decent ping every 2-3 games I now can't even get a game below 50 (20+ games and counting). Screenshot of connection benchmark is attached. I got a D on speed because its using a 1.0 gbps scale. I pay for 500 gbps so 358 is okay. If I am doing something wrong please let me know. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks 🙂 Edit: My setup is Wall > ISP modem/router combo > R2
  21. I've seen multiple threads discussing the actual and correct use for the Netduma in regards Geo-filtering, ping assist, you name it. I understand exactly what the primary use is for the Geo-filter. It isn't designed to get you into "bot lobbies" and i'm not sure if Call of Duty's algorithm has the capability to take your server into account. Netduma's and gaming routers are frowned upon massively in the COD community, especially tournaments because of these so called "bot lobbies" - It's widely discussed on stream that playing in *or on* particular servers increases your likelihood of getting these bronze lobbies. 5+ K.D Ratio players are getting in the lowest percentage lobbies COD has to offer, how? They don't use other bot players, they can't tank their KD down, even if they did it'd still be much higher than the average gamer, so how are they doing it? My question is, what lobbies are they using? It can't be any EU based lobbies (the death communication chats are NEVER in any English speaking language) so where are these streamers connecting too? Are they using a VPN to force themselves into the Middle-Eastern servers (their ping doesn't suffer though) - Quite obviously there is a way to get these easier lobbies, so how are they doing it without suffering ping wise?
  22. After following this video on port forwarding and following each step as mentioned, my NAT type on LAN/Ethernet Connection is "Open" When the PC is the only device playing Cold War and it's on a LAN/Ethernet Cable connection, then the NAT Type would be "Open". However if the PC is the only device playing Cold War and it's on a Wifi connection then the NAT Type would be "Moderate". When the PS4 is the only device playing Cold War and it's on a Wifi and "Type 2" connection then the NAT Type would be "Moderate". When the PC & PS4 are playing Cold War at the same time then no matter what kind of connection the devices are on, both will always get a NAT Type: "Moderate" Note: I haven't tested LAN/Ethernet Cable PS4 since realistically that device won't have that type of connection normally. Adding the port forwarding rules has been the only way I have managed to get a NAT type on LAN/Ethernet Connection as "Open". Without the forwarding rules, I would get NAT Type "moderate" despite having the NAT Filtering on "Open" and UPNP enabled. (PC & PS4) How can I have the NAT type: "Open" while on a wireless connection? May someone please help me out, I'll actively be checking back on this post to see your replies. I'll try to provide as much information I can, thanks in advance. Modem: Netgear CM1000 V2 Router: Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 Download: 250mbps Upload: 25mbps Settings that I changed in the Netduma 3.0 OS, anything not on the list below was not changed from default. WAN Setup: NAT Filtering-Open LAN Setup: Reserved IP Address for Computer Wireless Setup: Enabled OFDMA for 2.4GHZ & 5GHZ Wireless Settings: Enabled MU-HIMO IPV6: Automatic UPNP: Enabled QoS: Traffic Prioritization- Turned off "DumaOS Classified Games" Other Time Zone: PST Discord: Kyūsuke#5267
  23. I've already done what e seen posted in here. Flushing the cloud, removing and re-adding the pc, changing the pc to PlayStation, the ip addresses are the same. Sometimes I will get it to work and ill get into 20 ping lobbies then next game it just doesn't work. Im in Seattle not sure why its placed me in the middle of America. I also dont understand how the server in Seattle/Vancouver is a 70ping but the server in Wyoming is 15 ping. Also don't get why Seattle will have a server one month then it'll disappear the next. I usally draw boxes around the states near me with the lowest ping if I add Washington into the mix I only get over 70 ping.
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