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Found 25 results

  1. Starting last week, my Netduma R2 router started randomly dropping it's internet connection from my modem. I verified my modem was still receiving internet from my ISP when this problem occurred but since the downtime on the Netduma router was only a couple minutes and then started working normally again, I figured it wasn't a big deal. However, fast forward to a couple days ago, this issue happened again but this time my Netduma router never fully reconnected to the internet. What's strange is that the Netduma router connects to the internet for around 15 seconds, disconnects completely right after, and then proceeds to do an automatic restart in attempt to reestablish a connection in a constant loop. The internet and Wi-Fi lights on the Netduma router flash for a bit, the internet light goes out, followed by the Wi-Fi lights over and over. Additionally, since my Netduma router loses internet so quickly, I'm unable to access the dashboard in time to change any setting that may be somehow causing this problem. To troubleshoot, I first did a standard restart on my Netduma router which did nothing. Next, I did both a standard and factory restart on my modem too but my Netduma router still disconnects from the internet. I then did a factory restart for my Netduma router which did allow me to access the initial setup process and does say the router is detecting an internet connection but once it finishes and brings me to the dashboard, it again disconnects from the internet in a constant loop. I also noticed the firmware version it's running on is v.3.0.205 instead of the newest v.3.2.453 but I can't upgrade the firmware since the internet disconnects and I lose access of the dashboard. Not sure if the outdated firmware is the cause but it's the only potential solution I haven't been able to try yet. Is there a way to update the firmware while offline? To add further context of my setup, I have a modem supplied by my ISP which goes to a network switch. From my network switch, it splits off in two separate connections. One going to my office with my Netduma Router and the other going to my brother's setup with his own Netgear router. I don't believe having two routers on the same network is the problem since it hasn't been a problem prior but I figured it was worth bringing up just in case. The Netgear router in my brother's setup has been working perfectly fine during all this and connects to the internet no problem. I also tried completely turning off the Netgear router from the network while restarting everything else but that didn't change anything. I've even connected my PC directly to the modem which has up to date firmware and it connects to the internet just fine. I'm positive the problem is my Netduma router since everything else has been operational like usual. I know this is a lot of information but I figured it was necessary in order to layout everything going on for context. I've tried everything I could possibly think of to resolve this, yet nothing has worked. Hopefully this can be resolved because I've been very pleased with the Netduma R2 router and all the great features it provides. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Thanks
  2. i play on a ps4 & livestream dropping 15-25 kills on warzone ive hosted tournaments for money before as well boys! i do GIVEAWAYS & i show my set up all the time to prove we stay legit! i just want to grow more man! were close to 1k #Natural #OGCodPlayerButWereYoung #Netduma #HelpMeGrowBoys https://youtu.be/ZKuzINp0awE
  3. Hi Netduma guys, I am currently having issues streaming some services like HBO Max and Disney+. I want to configure the traffic prioritization for these two services but they are not in the list, I wanted to know how I could configure these services in traffic prioritization selector advance. If you can help me with this it would be great, Thanks, Exodia
  4. Hi, I just received my netduma R2 and struggling to connect it to the internet. I have an existing EE bright box and have followed various posts to disable WiFi on the bright box, disabled IPV6, manually adding a static IP, various factory resets of the R2, reboots , etc and still unable to get it to work. I even tried to add in the WAN IP to the DMZ but not sure I followed this process correctly. no matter what I have done it still hasn’t auto detected the router after a factory reset. can you give me some further guidance please? thanks mike
  5. I just got my Netduma R2 today, I plugged everything in and all the correct lights are lighting up. BUT as soon as I put in the password on my phone for WiFi is connects to the R2 device but then my phone immediately says that there is no internet connection available with "NETDUMAR2". I got check my PCs and they both have no connection and they are hardwired into the Netduma. Am I missing something? Someone please help.
  6. Hello, I’m trying to setup my netduma r2 router. I have Spectrum internet and my internet works perfectly fine. When setting up my router and hooking it up to my modem and then computer it says I’m connected but have no internet access. Why is this? I’ve tried resetting both my spectrum modem and my r2 router but it does nothing. If I unplug the r2 router and stick to the modem provided by Spectrum my internet works fine again. Thanks for the read.
  7. Netgear Nighthawk XR500 I am very frustrated with having two xbox one's at the house and either one getting strict and one getting open or both moderate (or it seems sometimes a complete mix of all of them). When playing any Call of Duty game (two on MW or one MW and the other BlOps 4), there is always an issue. Right now with Modern Warfare the port needing to be used is 3075. This is for both Xbox's. However, because both cannot go to the specified port this is where the problem plagues me and our gaming house. I always find one of the Xbox has an external ip of <XBOX_1 Internal Xbox IP>:1024 and Internal IP of <XBOX_2 Internal Xbox IP>:3075 ** Please note I've only seen it use 1024, but its possible it could use others. ** The next step, I set both xbox to have static IPs based on the MAC address. Even though UPNP is on for my router this didn't allow the right ports to be allocated and the reason for this is a breakdown in communication from the COD servers and the router. My router was assigning a port like 3384, which was not being picked up by the game itself for the 2nd xbox. This isnt 100% an issue with the game, but seems to be some breakdown in communication? *** I need the ability or steps on how to tell this router to assign the IP the specific External Port to change to the specific internal port. So I would have it set up as follows in the router somewhere: - Add a port forwarding rule for external port 3075 to <XBOX_1 internal IP> 3075 In game would reflect external IP:3075, internal IP:3075 - Add a port forwarding rule for external port 1024 to forward to <XBOX_2 Internal IP> 3075 In game would reflect external IP:1024, internal IP:3075 Any time I try to add the same port onto a different IP I get a stupid error, this port is already being used by another What I need help with is basically doing a manual task which UPNP should be able to do. I do not know how to get this to work inside the router. Can someone explain to me? Please help.
  8. Hello, my speeds from my ISP are 500mbps download and my upload is 20mbps. I achieve these speeds when I am hardwired directly into the modem, but when I try to hardwire directly into the router I hardly get over 100mbps download and my upload seems to be right around 16-20mbps consistently. I also experience very poor signal strength and intermittent internet. I have the antennas up, and have a fair to poor connection on the same floor of my house as the router. I have had numerous tech agents from my ISP at my house, and replaced the modem a few times with no success. My ISP has confirmed that there is nothing wrong on their end as when testing their own basic modem I get the exact speeds I should and my connection strength is strong on all 3 floors of my house. My R2 also has the latest firmware update which doesnt seem to help the issue at all as this has been going on for some time. If I do not have this issue resolved soon I will have to ship my router back and move on from the R2.
  9. I cannot connect to the internet with net duma. please help me. I attached the screenshots thanks
  10. I recently was playing against this guy and he would insta melt me every single time. Kill cam makes me look as if still in running animation. He said on stream he lives in Bronx NY but I'm from Jersey. How in the hell does he just melt people? If you see closely, he gets shot 1st and melts people every single time. His hit detection is god like as well as latency wise. Mayne someone can help me understand how to get his connection cause I even told the kid, I'm willing to tip $100 to tell me his set up. Pretty sure he wont. This is the only game he plays since it's the only game he can have god like connection. I never see him play black ops 4, COD Cold war Alpha, Infinite warfare, modern warfare or even free shit like Apex legends or Rogue company. This game is his bread and butter. @Netduma Fraser you think any suspicions here? Hes either in moderate to open nat types. Just watch some videos of him and you'll see what I mean. I am not promoting this guy. Just jealous lol.
  11. Hi, I recently purchased and setup a XR700 router, which replaced a my previous setup up routers (one serving as the DHCP server while the other was set as a bridge). I intended to use only the XR700 router to handle all my networking needs, which includes about 50 or so devices consisting of computers, Plex server, Roku devices and host of smart bulbs, switches and thermostats. Out of the box, I thought I could merely assign the existing network SSID to the XR700 and all of my Wi-Fi devices would automatically connect to newly setup router. However, a few of my Wi-Fi devices did while many were unable to connect. Similar to the issues raised in the posts I linked below, many of devices were not able to obtain DCHP IP addresses from the router or were not able to establish any connection. I should also add that out of the box, I accepted the prompt to update the firmware to Although I have been able to recycle my SSID with previous router upgrades, I concluded that the XR700 was simply not willing to play ball. Before changing the SSID, I did attempt to assign a static IP address to my MacBook Pro -- I did so on the computer itself. Doing so did enable me to fully connect to the router and internet via Wi-Fi. I was willing to put in the painstaking work of manually assigning IP addresses to all of the devices that would not connect, but several of the smart bulbs and switches do not have that capability within their own settings. Even when I attempted to reserve IP addresses with MAC addresses on the XR700 router, the Wi-Fi devices were still unable to connect to the XR700 router and/or the internet. So, I reset to the router to factory defaults via the router login page (used the erase feature), and then I started from scratch and chose a different SSID name (I realize I could have done so without resetting everything, but I thought it would be best to do it that way). With the new SSID, I went through the painstaking efforts of manually accessing 50 or so Wi-Fi devices, choosing the new SSID name and entering the Wi-Fi password. All went well! All devices were able to connect to the new SSID name for the XR700 and had internet access. Although hours of work, the results were terrific. I was all set to enjoy the new setup, but decided to tidy up location of the router with some cord management. So, I powered down the XR700 momentarily, repositioned things, tied down cables and then powered XR700 back on. To my dismay, many of my Wi-Fi devices were again not able to connect to the XR700 router using the new SSID. Even my MacBook Pro reverted back to the image from George's post in December 2018 where "Wi-Fi has the self-assigned IP address .. and will not be able to connect to the internet." All of the work I completed was for naught as I was once again back in the same position I was before I changed the SSID on the XR700 router. Still, crazy me, I decided to change the SSID again, and also manually join the 50 or so devices back to the new network name for the XR700 router. This time, I was able to do it in about an hour because of the practice. All of the Wi-Fi devices are again connected to the XR700 router and are appearing as online with valid IP addresses in the device manager of the router login. Great! However, I now need to complete some modifications to the port settings. I am so fearful to make any changes, as I believe that my Wi-Fi devices will again drop off the network at the moment I hit apply to the settings changes. I scanned through several postings in the forums and saw several iterations of the issues I am experiencing. I linked some below. In all of the postings, I did not see any resolutions. There were recommendations to reset, manually assign IP addresses, revert to earlier firmware versions and more; but no true identification of the cause of the problem or a solution. Before I return this $400 router back to the store, did I miss something -- is there a prescribed fix for this issue? It should also be noted that I have 5 devices connected to the XR700 via the Ethernet ports, and all do not have any problem with acquiring an IP address from the router and gaining internet access; hence my uninterrupted ability to continue to make changes to the router login page. So, the issue is clearly a Wi-Fi problem only! Thanks.
  12. Hello NetDuma, I am currently having issues with the Traffic Prioritization on NetDumaOS, it turns on when playing call of duty on my PS4 but when i stop playing it stays on updating background packets. The PS4 isnt in Rest Mode or anything, so cant work out how this is happening. A reboot of my router resolves this but just comes back the next time I game. I have tried unticking DumaOS Classified Games but still remains on, it seems only way to get rid of it is a reboot on my router. Please can someone help me I have attached some screen shots of my setup. If you can assist it would be great, Thanks, Mas
  13. Hello I have a 500/500 connection and for the moment I run out of ethernet cables and the only one is a cat5 that I found today. A cat5 is supposed to only achieve 100mbps, so if use the 5ghz of the xr500 I will have a better connection on my xbox one s as the xbox is very close to the xr500 right? What do I do? Use the 5ghz or the cat5? Thanks in advanced.
  14. Hello, im having an issue after i moved to a new flat AND ISP. I reset my router to factory settings and did everything from scratch, im also using PiHole as my DNS (i used it before i moved and it didnt cause the following issue). My problem is that whenever i come home, my phone, and thus phones of people that come visit, get an error message about no internet being available on my wifi for about 30 seconds before internet starts working for the device. This issue didnt happen before i moved. Internet works fine for devices that are already connected for a while, but the wait time on the new ones is annoying. Any idea what can cause this? Thank you, David. (quick edit: before the latest firmware update, the connection on the devices after they finally connected was abysmal and laggy, but the reset and update seem to fixed that)
  15. I enjoy this game but I'm about at my wits end for dealing with the connection issues. I don't know what to do. For reference on CoD Blackout I ping avg 15 ms consistently in every lobby buttery smooth and have done so for months upon months. My connection is extremely stable high speed FTTP fiber connection. However, more than half the games I try to play on Apex Legends experience absurd lag/rubber banding/high pings and it's extremely inconsistent. For example I watch the ping and some games I'll run 400+ ms for a couple mins then slowly drop down into the 50-60s, then spike back up etc. Every once in a while I'll get a nice low 30ms ish consistent ping and the game feels great but I'll go some entire 2-3 hour sessions where every game has horrible lag. I've done the trick to change data centers to other acceptable ping ones based on their in game selection w/o much luck. I live in Indiana and was wondering if anyone has identified any good data centers I can try to connect too that seem consistent or have any other suggestions. Best Regards,
  16. Is it possible to connect the netduma r1 through a powerline adapter?? I want my netduma to be in another room of the house, my thoughts are about doing this setup but I don't know if it will works: router isp-----powerline adapter connect to the isp router-----duma connected to the powerline adapter with a cat7 in the PoE port-------all devices.
  17. Hi, im playing street fighter AE on PS4, with 80 down and 20 upload and a ping of 7 mi sec.I live in london. Im having problems getting matches and when i do. countries such as spain, italy, sweden and germany are the coutries i feqently get matche up with and this is with my geo filter off, all ipv 6 disable. cc set @ 70/70. hyper taffic on. upnp port forwarding able and applyed. And when i do turn on the geo fliter, i dont get no game for @ least 20 minutes or none @ all.. please help
  18. I am experiencing that my devices stop recognizing the Netduma R1 router. Restarting the router works every time (for around 1-2 hrs, then it loses connection again.) This has been occurring regularly for about 3 days. The issue initially started occuring on version 1.03.6h (Which was pre-installed as I got mine in the autumn.) I have attempted to upgrade the firmware to 1.03.6i, but this has not resolved the issue. Whenever I lose connection, troubleshooting tells me my IP address (which is a reserved one in the DHCP scope) is not valid, and that the default gateway (router) cannot be found. After attempting to ping the router with ping in cmd and accessing the control panel, it confirmed that the devices do not have a connection to the router after a certain amount of time. My DHCP lease is set to 1 week, so that is not the issue either. It does not appear to be an issue with my internet provider either. I am also connected with Ethernet. This is occurring on every device on the LAN, not just my computer. Is this the right place to post this? If not, how can I contact customer support?
  19. Hey Netduma comunnity! I´ve been playing COD since the launch of the first one, all the this time has been a constant learning about connection, lag, lag comp, servers, netcode... some times It look´s for me more like a engineer than a gamer. Now it´s time to ww2, I´m now 170´s master prestige, so I´m so frustrated, why?, it´s simple, yesterday after some hit markers and 1 kd and lower ratio matches (my average in this game it´s fine 1.79) I decided to go to IW, I love that game (improved a lot since launch). The experience was flowles, every single match was a nuke chance, reached some high killstreaks almost 70% of the matches... etc. I´ve been improving my connection this last days, I´ve bought a XR500 Nighthawk, fiber optic, connected straight to the ONT-XR500 (no ISP router), I´ve changed old thernet cables (now CAT 7), and some config´s than let me play at 4ms to Madrid (Spain) activision dedi server. So, what´s happening to WW2 if I really noticed my high broadband quality in one COD and it´s not happening in the las one WW2 COD. I think that weapon balance is broken (did you see the shotgun with insendiary shells?, they kill you in one shot from 100 mtrs!, so the killstreak is more difficult to reach) , there´s a netcode issue that randomly make me shoot first and die first. What do you think about it?. am I the only one? Have a nice day
  20. I'm putting the netduma device in the norton system. What's the IP address for the Netduma R1?
  21. Under device manager on my Netduma my PS4 PRO shows up as a straight red line connected to the netduma router which means wired connection while im playing games online i can see the straight red line disappear then come back regularly while im playing like its dropping ethernet connection while im playing then coming back my question is why is it doing that an also is their a solution?
  22. Below you will find two different videos of me playing BO3 FFA. The videos were recorded 1 day apart from each other using the same equipment. You'll see in one that I win easily. The other, you'll see me get destroyed by a shitty connection/server. Though in this case I believe the server was fine and my internet connection was flaking. No one in the lobby had a poor connection according to the in-game latency bars. Everyone showed as a 4 bar. But there was one person who was skipping all over the place. This is what I struggle with on a daily basis. This can happen even between matches. First match, I win. Second match I get destroyed. I can run Ping Plotter all day long and not see anything that would indicate this poor of a connection. In the videos you will clearly see that the in-game Ping meter is showing exactly what I'm feeling and seeing. Which is why I believe the in-game ping meter and always have. Now that meter may add the processing time into its calculations but it's still accurate and directly corresponds to what I'm seeing and feeling. Rant over... Enjoy your day peeps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ghq-T9PF5Bc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlhqDs-Mt60
  23. So I've been through 2 netdumas now the last one just died, this one is having issues and i only got it this last winter: Every now and again I'll remain connected to the netduma, full bars of connectivity, can connect with the ssid but its a limited connection and I can't even access the netduma interface, it just instantly comes up with a connection error, this is the same for all devices in the house and i have to restart the router and wait for it to go back which sometimes it doesnt for surplus of an hour. It is connected through a bt hub but thats all configured right (wifi turned off and dmz etc) and i have tried all obvious things (factory reset, channel frequency, move devices away from the router etc) any help or failing that what is the warranty length and can I get one please
  24. Hi: My NetDuma cannot connect to the internet (wifi or hardwired). When I tested a Netgear Nighthawk X4S it was able to connect to the internet both wifi and hardwired. I have been in contact with someone from NetDuma via email, but I figured I would use the forum. While connected via Ethernet, I am able to connect to the Netduma interface. WAN settings currently are: WAN MAC Address - Disabled WAN VLAN - Disabled IPv6 - Enabled MTU - Enabled PPPoE - Disabled WAN IP - Disabled Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!
  25. Hi, So I'm Really hoping someone can help me out as I've pretty much tried everything I can think of to solve this. My predicament is this, I went to play on my Ps4 last night to play some multiplayer and i wasn't connected to the PSN so i tried to connect and I kept getting an error, so i go to my internet settings on the ps4 and do a network test and everything is fine apart from under Playstation Network sign-in it says "Failed". My first thought is the Playstation network is down but thats not the case. I go to my PC to log on the Playstation website and i get this... Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://auth.api.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/2.0/signin?"on this server. Reference #18.128b1bb8.1486807342.452f032 So i reset my ISP Router and the Duma and test the connection again with the same results again... My next thought is to try the Playstation App on my phone and see if I can login through that, again i get an error. I switch my phone over to my Data and not my Wifi connection and i can successfully login, yay, so i now know its not a PSN Fault. After this i tether my phone to the PS4 and try connecting to the PSN through my phones Data Connection with success. My next idea was to unplug the Duma and plug my PS4 directly into my ISP Router, and success i have a connection, PSN logged in fine but the Downside no Duma Controls so I try Turning off Modem mode on my ISP Router connect the Duma back up and everythings working as should be. I much Preffered having my setup as ISP(in Modem mode)>NetDuma> and then all connections from the duma so i have full control over Congestion etc.. I have tried again this morning, reset both ISP and Duma, Factory Rest the Duma. still no joy with PSN, its like the Duma just doesn't want to connect to the PSN when connected to my ISP in Modem mode, which has been fine up until last night. I haven't changed anything on the Duma since initial setup last year. i will be fine connecting to my ISP and then putting that into a DMZ for now but I'd Like to be able to switch it back if possible. Sorry for the long winded story but i was trying to cover everything I have tried so far. Any help is appreciated. -James.
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