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Found 1 result

  1. First of all I would like to hear opinions about the implications of 5G internet on gaming and lag compensation. From what I have read, 5G is supposed to offer gigabit internet with no more than 1 ms round trip latency. If that is true and everyone has less than 1 ms ping would that make the need for lag compensation obsolete? My best settings at the moment (Call of Duty on Xbox One): Disclaimer: My wife went out of town for a couple of weeks so my network is not as stressed as it normally would be. But it allowed me to do a lot of testing for the first time since I got the XR500. Leave all settings as default except: 1) Uncheck (turn off) all high priority traffic even the dumaos classified games. 2) For the Anit-Bufferbloat sliders, click apply Never. Just try it for an hour or more and see if it helps. Extra tip for call of duty, don't set your sensitivity too high. Maybe I just wasn't good enough for high sensitivity but it seems to me that hit registration improved when I lowered my sensitivity from "very high" to "high". Note that I'm a more cautious player so the reduced sensitivity is less of an impact than it would probably be for an aggressive player. Move around but don't rush is my battlecry. Reasons why I think these settings make an actual difference and are not just a placebo effect: 1) When you have good hit registration you can feel it, the gun is more accurate and powerful and most of all gun fights (even the ones you lose) feel fair rather than WTF? moments. I still have matches that don't go so well but it feels more like the other player was just better rather than why is my connection so crappy this match. 2) Although using the DumaOS recommended QoS settings did seem to give me a better connection (at first), it would only ever last a couple of matches. I think this is because of Xbox's NAT and connection sharing techinque but I'm really not sure. From what I understand, if you have an open NAT and a good connection then players with a bad connection can borrow some of your good connection to make the playing field more fair. This of course reduces the quality of your connection. So my theory is that the DumaOS recommended settings give too good of a connection, Call of Duty notices and starts pimping out your connection without your permission. I'm not nearly tech savvy enough to go into the details but research how xbox uses NAT and you should be able to find more details. Okay there, I've given my 2 cents, now criticize or applaud, and tell me what you think.
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