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Found 67 results

  1. Overall, the router works like a charm for NHL 17 which is a P2P game... but every hour or so, I suddenly start getting matched with European opponents despite being located in Toronto, Canada. The only remedy is to turn off geolocation, turn off strict mode, restart my console and re-enable those settings once I'm back in the game. Certainly an inconvenience and time wasting effort that I'd like to avoid if possible. FWIW - under misc settings, I have autocloud on, but bleeding edge off... the description of bleeding edge worried me, since NHL was never formally confirmed as being setup for geolocation. Also, something else I've noticed is that upon adding a host to the "deny" list post-game, I often get re-matched up with them again shortly thereafter... does it take a specific amount of time for those configurations to begin to "work"?
  2. Apart from PC gaming, how much better Net Duma has proved to be on Console gaming and how can it minimize my ping on Ubisoft servers? I have been reading a lot of comments, posts but they don't make sense to me. Help?
  3. I would love to know why I've never been able to get games or apps, on my PS4 or PS4Pro, to download at more than 10mb per second. When I do a speed test on my PS4 and PS4Pro, I get 135mb down and 6mb up. My actual bandwidth from Comcast is 220mb down and 12mb up. My CC is set to 70% down and 80% up, so I get the speed test results. I've researched online for answers but no one seems to understand why some get good download speeds and others don't. I get that PSN will throttle downloads but I used to be able to download games at 80mb/second on my PS3 back before I had the Netduma. I've tried all kinds of tricks to get higher download speeds like changing my DNS, pausing and restarting the download, and changing my MTU, but nothing works. Has anyone had this problem and figured out a solution that works all the time???
  4. Just got 2 weapons and 1 melee weapon today and gave this ago at first i had to unlock attachments on the PPSH i was using the suppressor and quick draw.
  5. All day it's been like this for me enjoying it so much. This is how it should be bullets should not be sponging like marshmallows
  6. We got that sweet hit detection back boys i had my ISP fix my connection now it's better.
  7. Thought i would have a laugh at my expense and teach these guys a lesson watch to the end funny stuff
  8. Last game play Had fun beasting the enemy team at one point a enemy shot at me but he's bullets never registered
  9. Beast Hit Detection at it's finest if you see the enemy had 3 hits on me and i still survived
  10. Every once in awhile when I play on PS4 the console will say the LAN cable is disconnected. It usually happens 5-20 mins after I start using it for the first time. Sometimes it just happens once and then not again for the rest of the day- sometimes it happens twice or three times within 5-30 mins of each other. Every once in a while it will happen over and over without pause for a min. or two straight... Since this problem is usually not present after the first hour of gaming I have been letting it slide - but today it got annoying and if there are some solutions I can try to fix this I would like to try them. I understand it's a common problem. The following things I have tried without success: -Changing MTU to 1492 -Changing MTU to 1450 -giggling cable at back of router and ps4 (no response) -Changed ethernet ports on back of netduma *All Ethernet cables are assumed functional (worked fine until netduma a week ago) and 5e.
  11. Joined late but still came top and Hit was on point
  12. Wrecking these enemies with the 50 bomb
  13. Beast mode ON in Breach Game play
  14. Loving me some of dat Crisp Hit Detection
  15. Here's some epic come backs bring it back for the team or should i say randoms
  16. Had fun Destroying some noobs they didn't know what they were getting themselves in to.
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