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Found 61 results

  1. As right now i can see games like: Uncharted 4 Destiny Destiny 2 Last of us Halo: master chief collection Halo 5 Titanfall 2 These games dont work well with the Geo-filter, they either kick you out of the match or wont even connect to a game, Uncharted 4 has major issues it creates lag.
  2. I can't get any US servers to come up on my PS4. EU only. If I turn off geofilter it works but I lag really bad. Anti-Bufferbloat is set to 70%. Tried port forwarding with geofilter on and nothing changed. Help appreciated.
  3. Salut à tous, Je vais vous faire part d'un petit ressenti personnel. Je vois assez souvent des messages portant sur WW2 et le fait que malgré des heures et des heures de réglages , beaucoup d'entre vous n'y arrivent tout simplement pas ou sont grandement frustrés par le jeu. J'ai exactement le même ressenti, je joue à des COD depuis longtemps maintenant et c'est un des seuls où j'ai réellement lâché l'affaire pour partir sur d'autres jeux (même pas fortnite d'abord) solo pour chasser du trophée platine. Mais voilà, je me suis acheté une XoneX il y a à peu près 6 mois pour jouer à des jeux valant le coup en 4K , comme KCD et il y avait WW2 offert avec le jeu. Je me suis dit "tiens un cod en 4k ça donne quoi ?" donc j'ai (re) commencé à jouer à WW2 mais sur xbox et c'est le jour et la nuit => ça touche 95% du temps, au sniper c'est un bonheur ; pas de bullshit, pas d'impressions de retard, ultra fluide => j'ai retrouvé du plaisir à jouer à un COD. Hier en fin de journée le XBL était down , donc j'ai réassayé de faire une partie sur PS4 et là, catastrophe => je suis en retard constant, le sniper est inutilisable et même les armes "cheatées" ne font rien. Sachant que mes réglages (R1) sont les mêmes pour la ps4 et la XoneX,que c'est la même connexion (^^), que j'utilise la même manette (j'ai un adaptateur). Je me dis que le jeu n'est pas le seul responsable et que le support (PSN ou XBL) influence le résultat final. Je me rappelle que jusqu'à Advance warfare (compris) j'étais sur Xbox, que de BO3 à WW2 j'étais sur ps4 et que j'ai l'impression de me faire bullshit sévère depuis BO3... Ma question est : y a t'il d'autres membres qui auraient les 2 jeux /consoles pour appuyer mes dires ? Edit : ce message n'est pas sponsorisé par Microsoft , même si j'aurais bien aimé ;-)
  4. Hi there, netduma users in Thailand here. Currently there is no servers around my location and somehow the game won’t let me connect to p2p servers. It is not that there are no people in my area as I tested joining some random indian friens and still be able to join and play. But matchmaking is the problem. I always ended up spend time in matchmaking lobby forever and unable to find match. I try to use filtering which it works fine in ww2 and filter area to be in Australian servers. Netduma display that there are servers in australia but it still take forever to find a lobby as matchmaking won’t allot me to join any server. My filtering setting is optimal. I have strict mode ticked, my ping assist is 0. It only doesn’t work in this game Please help
  5. Good companions Duma army!! wanted to ask you about whether it is possible to use keyboard and mouse on PS4 and play CoD. if it is possible,Can you use a mouse and a normal keyboard? or it has to be a keyboard and a specific mouse? Greetings and thanks to everyone who answers and helps me.
  6. HWS-Tim

    PS4 Community

    Hi all, I have the Netduma R1 router for about 2 months and i am very satisfied with this router. I created a community on Playstation 4 to promote the Netduma R1. if you are interested you are welcome to join. The name of the community: Netduma kind regards, HWS-Tim
  7. Bonjour à tous, Je viens d’acquérir mon netduma cette semaine. J’ai effectué les reglages selon le wiki puis selon les infos sur le forum. Je dois dire que c’est pire qu’auparavant. J’ai une co de 92MB en down et 15 MB en up ping 25ms! Est-ce que quelqu’un aurait la gentillesse de me donner des reglages avancés pour cod ww2 car je ne sais plus comment faire, je suis à deux doigts de le renvoyer car pour le moment je ne vois pas vraiment d’utilité. Je me retrouve dans des parties avec des ennemis aux co propres et un mec à chaque fois ou preques qui lag et ça met des bullshits....! Merci par avance.
  8. What I'm going to try to do is start to compile friends in the western US so we can create a community to play together on p2p connection, even it means having a series of rotating private matches using our own homemade matchmaking or if you already have local friends-clan mates we can arrange matches-scrims on various days-nights or weekends to avoid playing on these toxic servers with horrible matchmaking and lag comp. I believe this could work for others as well who are having the same issues as me and many of my friends that live in rural areas. Just last weekend I met enough people playing locally on the p2p system we made a whole lobby with just people from my state, and we have more cows than people in my state lol. The games we played all weekend were low ping for the most part with few migrations and the odd higher ping player, everyone had really good connection and hit detection. People could even use social media to organize groups like all of the Face Book yard-sale sites lol. Just an idea I was kicking around to try to save what could be a fun game, maybe even agree not to use some of the more troll like weapons. This game can be fun, last weekend proved it to me and reminded me why I fell in love with online gaming back on PS3 when Resistance and MW2 were my go to fun games. Let me know what you guys think or better yet add yourself or start a group yourself. ltr7 PS4 Northwest US Charter-Spectrum ISP Cheers!
  9. So I wanted to create a thread for those out there in the community who have found a process or particular settings that "ACTUALLY" work for them in WWll. Yes, we cannot control isp, line through home, or modem etc.. I'm strictly referring to setting within the Netduma or mtu and dns settings entered directly within your system. If you have "secrets" to unlock the magic or what not, don't be afraid to share your knowledge please. I think this could be beneficial for those who are struggling to have something they can at-least try so they don't break anything in their homes due to frustration!!!! lol (I'm serious though 0_0) Thanks!!
  10. Whenever I start up my PS4 to play games after work it goes like this. 15 mins of uninterrupted play - "LAN cable not connected." - "ERROR, You have been disconnected from the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Servers." - "Cannot connect to server, so network features for this game application unavailable. " This happens over and over again - sometimes for up to 30 mins. Sometimes it stops for a few mins then starts again. Sometimes it is very very rapid for 5-10 secs- so much so that the messages get stacked up. If I manage to get over the 30 min Hump then it basically stops this and has no problems...until the next time I turn it on again. Happens for Black Ops and Infinite warfare. Don't have any other PS4 games. I play ALOT on PC (also hooked up the duma) and that has no problems - ever. Here is the stuff I have tried over the past few months: - Switched back to my old router for a week. Works fine - but have terrible lag. Don't want terrible lag - Tried duma Wifi for an extended period - no Issues. - Dusted out duma and PS4 ports -Changed out E cables (CAT 6 and CAT 5e) -Unplugged E cable from the back of PS4 during LAN DC repeating issue. This sometimes makes this issue stop for awhile or completely. -When I get the LAN DC when I am in a part it gives me a "You left the previous party due to a network error. (NW-31229-7)" Settings: -PS4 Pro network settings all set to default. -Happens with and without Geofilter Enabled -PS4 is set to hyper traffic -UPnP enabled -R1 debug version 1.03.6h running . Misc. Settings Checked: Enable deep packet processing. Allow auto feedback(no personal data ever) to help improve the R1. Allow remote access to Netduma tech support. Enable upnp forwarding. Enable multicast snooping. Enable link-local IPv6. help plz.
  11. Hi. Suddenly and for no reason I cannot join anyone in a psn party chat when using the netduma. I have tried using another router with the exact same config as the netduma and it works fine either by using upnp or by port forwarding, but no matter what I do with the duma I cannot use party chat due to nat issues. However it works fine over wifi (but gaming over wifi is not an option). I have an open nat type in the game but this is a party chat issue and it is really starting to piss me off. Yes, I have done the standard reboot and reset of the netduma.
  12. Everytime I play this game its connecting me to a USA server and not an EU one? The lag on the USA server high as yu can hit delay when playing. Also when I use the geo-filter is joins this sever even though its outside the filter. yet it joing the lobby but not the actual game until you diable the geo-filter. The devs of this game say the R1 is wrong but i can see how as the R1 does block it but still connects to the server but wont let you join the actual game only the lobby?
  13. Hi ALL, How is everyone? Question for the community. I play on PlayStation 4 and use Elgato HD60S to stream to Twitch.tv/thegaurdian1 *little bit of advertising*. When I started using the Elgato as my capture card for streaming, I would plug in a USB Headset but once you do that it disables PS4's AUDIO out through HDMI!!! I was wondering if anyone on here has the same setup with same issue or maybe a solution to this. My solution is as follows but I don't like it because I can't use surround sound on my headset with this solution. I solved this by buying Chat Link, Optical Audio cable and a converter because my headset does not have a mix amp. Once the chat link, optical audio and converter were all connected it works fine. Anyone with the new PlayStation Beta 5.0 operating notice if this was fixed? Anyone figure out a fix in general where a USB headset can be used without all the WIRES like MINE? Thank You
  14. Hi, New Forum member here. I play alot of Destiny and recently alot of Infinite warfare. although I rarely show anything other than "green bar" in Destiny I always seem to experience "lag" I'm convinced that it has to do with my cable/internet. I want to narrow it down so I can find ways to improve the connection. I noticed alot of talk about pingplotter so I downloaded that and I am running it right now. I'm attaching a 10 minute snap shot to this post. My router is a combo modem/router given to me by the cable company (Model Arris TG1682G). I currently have the Netduma plugged into the Cable modem with my PC and Playstation hardwired into the Netduma. Is anyone on here able to use this info and the attached to give me some basic recommendations? Thanks for your time Edit: I don't think my attachment worked...epic fail!
  15. Hello everyone! I usually used a PPPoE configuration on my PS4 on my ISP router to get NAT type 1. Now with my Netduma I can’t obtain an IP address with the same configuration. If I set automatic LAN settings the console can connect to the internet but with NAT 2. Do someone know how to solve this issue?
  16. I have a Nedduma since a bit over a week, and have used it for about 3 hours. It is now back in its box, as i lack the will to spend more time on dicking around in the interface and restarting destiny for 600 times. The issues are the following: The interface is overwhelming and messy, and does not work very well on any browser under osx. Destiny on PS4 craps out constantly, and if it does, it kicks me back to the loading screen. Something with doing a 'cloud update' has scrolled past in these forums, no idea what or how, or why, nor why it takes so long to insert a couple ip addresses in a central whitelist or have the router record the ip adresses it encounters. And YES i want it to do deep packet inspection if that will automate this. The geoip filter is a charming idea, but not very usefull. I dont care where players are from, as long as they are not skipping around like laggy timelords. Ping based filtering would be a lot more usefull, if it would work propperly. - the measured numeric pingtimes do not correspond with the graph - pingtimes should use a running average to prevent disnconnection after a spike, or have some threshold to retain them after an initial triage at first connect. It is not clear if and how this is done. - the bars in the graph change color all the time - there is no log of the actual ip's, nor a relation to the graph - there is no way to whitelist my laggy friends from closeby or the non-laggy friends that live on the other side of the earth. - i dont see any indication or measure of the devil of all ping problems: packetloss And last but not least: a clear and not too hard to follow step by step instructional document or video of how to set things up and tune them for specific purposes (in my case: "how to set up the netduma if you have a provider-bound router that can not be disabled", and "the best settings for destiny") would somewhat compensate for the lack of a proper manual and the jumble of an interface.
  17. Ok so this just happened!! Very weird, Duma has been up and running a fair while, setup is solid, wired connections, hyperlane etc etc. Its been solid but suddenly my UPnP table is showing this, my partners ps4 has gone mental and just demanded as many ports to 3074 as possible. we both play on wired connections with reserved IP's for our consoles, no port forwarding rules in place anywhere etc but clearly Duma or Console are not in sync. Any suggestions other than a reboot which is what i will now do but i don't want the issue just coming back. thanks
  18. Hit Detection is incredible on this game love it every time.
  19. I've had the Netduma for quite a while, and realizing that I never set it up properly. In fact, I think it is all set up wrong. I've spent a majority of the day looking at settings, and I'm really OCD about this, and its starting to make my brain hurt. Hoping someone can help me. First, let me describe my layout and what I plan to do. I have: Spectrum Internet 50Mb down 5Mb up (modem is in bridge mode) Netduma - PS4 pro, xbox one, PC, and linsys Gb switch with PS4 (a different one), retro pie attached, and a few devices connected to wifi I'm going to be starting a Youtube channel and possibly Twitch. I will be streaming both console and PC games. I also plan on playing without streaming, and also just general use. Needless to say, I'll need multiple profiles. Right now, I have deep packet processing checked for some reason, but not using Hyper-Traffic. I have my PC and PS4 Pro set to around 30 in the flower,a those are my primary devices. I haven't adjusted any sliders. I think I'm also set to Reactive instead of Pre-Emptive. No DMZ or IP Forwarding settings. Need 1: Playing PC games, especially CS:GO I just started getting into PC gaming, and addicted to CS:GO at the moment. I plan on doing more PC gaming, both online and offline. Need 2: Console Playing This is what I do the most Need 3: Livestreaming console games I will be doing this a lot. I will be connecting my consoles to the PC through the Elgato HD60Pro with live commentary. Need 4: PC Gaming with livestreaming Same as 3 but with PC games Need 5: Just normal use I live alone except some weekends when my son stays with me. He watches netflix a lot, but never had any issues gaming while he was watching TV. Can anyone help me come up with the best settings? Thanks
  20. Overall, the router works like a charm for NHL 17 which is a P2P game... but every hour or so, I suddenly start getting matched with European opponents despite being located in Toronto, Canada. The only remedy is to turn off geolocation, turn off strict mode, restart my console and re-enable those settings once I'm back in the game. Certainly an inconvenience and time wasting effort that I'd like to avoid if possible. FWIW - under misc settings, I have autocloud on, but bleeding edge off... the description of bleeding edge worried me, since NHL was never formally confirmed as being setup for geolocation. Also, something else I've noticed is that upon adding a host to the "deny" list post-game, I often get re-matched up with them again shortly thereafter... does it take a specific amount of time for those configurations to begin to "work"?
  21. Apart from PC gaming, how much better Net Duma has proved to be on Console gaming and how can it minimize my ping on Ubisoft servers? I have been reading a lot of comments, posts but they don't make sense to me. Help?
  22. I would love to know why I've never been able to get games or apps, on my PS4 or PS4Pro, to download at more than 10mb per second. When I do a speed test on my PS4 and PS4Pro, I get 135mb down and 6mb up. My actual bandwidth from Comcast is 220mb down and 12mb up. My CC is set to 70% down and 80% up, so I get the speed test results. I've researched online for answers but no one seems to understand why some get good download speeds and others don't. I get that PSN will throttle downloads but I used to be able to download games at 80mb/second on my PS3 back before I had the Netduma. I've tried all kinds of tricks to get higher download speeds like changing my DNS, pausing and restarting the download, and changing my MTU, but nothing works. Has anyone had this problem and figured out a solution that works all the time???
  23. Just got 2 weapons and 1 melee weapon today and gave this ago at first i had to unlock attachments on the PPSH i was using the suppressor and quick draw.
  24. All day it's been like this for me enjoying it so much. This is how it should be bullets should not be sponging like marshmallows
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