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  1. I have used both models for years now and after many different configurations and test i find that my R1 seems to perform better than my much more expensive Netgear XR500... Has anyone else come to the same conclusion? without doubt the XR500 out performs the R1 in many aspects especially wifi but over wire connections i feel that the R1 is achieving better bufferbloat and stable latency/ping. i tried everything on my XR500 to achieve A+ ratings on dslreports with no luck, if anything it seemed to make everything worse. Don't know if the R1 uses different queue management algorithms or if its a firmware issue. will be interesting to see how the R1 performs with the new 3.0 firmware. I think the Mikrotik routerboard that the R1 uses is a very good router and maybe Netgear routers are not quite as well suited for the same tasks... Or is it all placebo and perception? hope they bring out the R2
  2. After setting up XR500 local network connections are extremely slow, when they work at all. I cannot ssh into my server which is connected on LAN from any devices on WiFi. Similar situation with the services hosted on the server with SAMBA shares inaccessible and web services failing to load. I have tried adjusting QoS to give the two devices more bandwidth in case that was an issue, I have also turned off QoS completely, no dice.
  3. Hi, I recently managed to get myself a second hand XR500. I seem to be having some sort of DPI issue with duma classified games router tends to detect priority traffic but it doesn't seem to be correct. For example it's mostly noticeable in BO4 where I can see the ingame ping. With only dumaos classfied games checked I get jitter in game about 15-5ms. Same happens if I chose my ps4 as console with dumaos classfied games disabled. But when I enter the ports manually 1-65535 in source and destination my ingame jitter drops to about 5-3ms resulting in a way smoother gameplay of any call of duty game. I tried using a bt hub 2 and having XR as dhcp with all devices connected to it and using a modem with it I tried netgear dm200 and now a bt g.fast modem with pppoe details on the xr. And my gameplay only seems smooth when using all the ports prioritised with dumaos classfied games disabled. The issue I get with it is that when dumaos classfied games is on I can notice a delay in hit markers which I'd say is about 50-100ms but it happens randomly during the gun fights. Also that results my bullets going completely blank and doing no damage for example using the sword fish in bo4 its a 5 shot kill gun but with the dumaos classfied games enabled it can take as much as 15 bullets to kill or it can take just the 4 which is weird. I usually play at about 12-13ms ping to the server in uk. At least that's what autoping is reporting. I get 142 down and 30 up I have my qos sliders set at 70% set as always. If I plug in my r1 with original fw it tends to work perfectly also if I run the test on r1 I get exceptional on everything with ping variation only being about 0.5ms. The reason I don't want to use the r1 is because it doesn't cover the whole house with wifi and my missis complains 😅 so the XR500 seemed like a reasonable investment. I tried rolling back to which seemed to make jitter slightly better at about 10-3ms but I had same inconsistencies with the gameplay. But both firmware versions seem to work really well just with all ports in traffic priotization. I was just wondering wether it's a know bug or am I just setting something up wrong?
  4. Hello, As a lot of us are spending a lot more time on our home wireless networks these days I've started to get annoyed by connectivity problems that had me digging into my network setup a bit more. I became aware of the concept of bufferbloat and did a number of tests using Pingplotter. What I've found is that I can easily saturate my connecting triggered very high latency and massive packet loss. None of these problems exist on my wired connections, as I have gigabit up & down that is nearly impossible to saturate. In playing around with the anti-bufferbloat settings I found that if I restricted things way way down (50mbps) that the wireless connections would behave. Obviously this is not an ideal solution though, as I have a decent amount of hardwired devices throughout the house that take advantage of having much faster speeds. From what I can tell, my other option would be to manually crawl through the bandwidth allocation and set caps based on wired or wireless devices. This isn't really ideal either, as my devices table is huge and I don't want to have to go manually adjust the limit every time a friend brings a new phone over. It seems like this should be a common use case...are there any other options that I'm missing here?
  5. I’m installing security cameras soon and don’t want to put them on my main network. How do I do this with an XR500? What’s the best way to do this?
  6. Hi guys Just wanting a little help with an issue on my router not being able to register the PS4 some times. I've tried a lot of different setups over the last year and see it come up in different places after a facreset Some times its when bringing it into the device manager for the first time, It just does n't register as a playstation and has (Unknown)(Computer) and other times when setting up port forwarding/trigger or reserving an IP again (Unknown) This then seems to lead to games not being bandwidth restricted even though the speed test on the playstation says that everything is working eg. PS4 upload is 900 kbps but in game it says that the bandwidth is 4122kbps and this will not change no matter what bandwidth I allocate and it happens with different games. It was all working 2 days ago and then it wasn't , whats going on???
  7. I'd say my knowledge is above average when it comes to tech/internet stuff. I can usually troubleshoot pretty well given I can Google almost anything. But I've completely exhausted my resources and don't know what to do anymore. For starters, here's what I got. I have the 1000 down package from Cox. I have their modem/router plugged to the wall. And my XR500 plugged into their modem/router. Then I have my PS4 wired into the XR500. I've moved plenty of times in the past and have had numerous routers. So setting up internet isn't new to me. I forwarded the ports needed for Modern Warfare on PS4 and it still didn't make my NAT Type Open in-game. I made sure UPNP is enabled. I have geo filter turned off. I resetted everything multiple times. I'm beginning to think this is a Nighthawk issue and not a PS4 issue. I never had a problem with routers getting over Moderate NAT even if there's a modem/router in-between them and the internet. I know turning on Bridge mode on the modem/router might alleviate that issue but I never had to do this in the past and even Netgear doesn't recommend turning on Bridge mode. I also don't know how I feel about using DMZ servers. I've never done it before but I read that it makes my internet more vulnerable to attacks. Something I also noticed is my game lagging more. I play competitive so I'm in custom games lobbies 90% of the time. I would get noticeable lag spikes where my game freezes for 5 seconds and I would end up somewhere else in the map (usually dead). No one else is experiencing this in the lobby. There's also a noticeable delay/lag with my bullets actually landing on the opponents. And I know this can mean several things but if I can notice it with just a day of playing with people in similar servers then I feel it's legitimate. It's my first time using Duma OS so I won't be surprised if I did something wrong with it. If anyone with more experience can help then I'd greatly appreciate it.
  8. I have recently purchased an XR500 Nighthawk gaming router, however I am having tremendous difficulty with setting the internet up. I do not have a modem (like it keeps mentioning) and plugging the provided black Ethernet (LAN) cable into the back of the yellow Internet socket isn’t doing me any justice. I am starting to believe that I need a modem for this? I am currently with Vodafone Broadband (UK) and I have been told that I can use this router with my broadband. I guess my overall query is, how do I get my current broadband to be on this router WITHOUT a modem, surely this is possible? Or perhaps even if I have to still use my Vodafone router with my XR500, I don’t really care. I have a BT Openreach master socket by the way (if that’s even worth mentioning) Any and preferably all possibilities would be greatly appreciated (as long as they don’t consist of a modem) Even if I have to go as far as purchasing a special cable, because my Openreach master socket has to have a micro filter and that requires RJ-11,which goes into the micro filter, and the micro filter into the master socket. I have seen the XR500 only allows RJ-45, so I was wondering if getting a RJ-11 to RJ-45 (RJ-11 on one end of the cable and RJ-45 on the other end) and obviously the RJ-45 will go into the XR500 and the RJ-11 into my micro filter, which is going into my master socket. I have attached a photo of what my master socket (or even my general phone line sockets look like around the rest of my premises, along with how it is plugged into the router) just so that anyone who has a solution can have a better understanding of what I’m dealing with.
  9. Hi there, Searched the forum for possible answers but could not find anything relates to my question. I recently upgraded to NetGear XR500 from my old D-Link DIR-825. I was mainly using three functionalities on this old router, for a server in the cloud to make a service call which is running on one of my devices on the network. So, I was utilizing three main functionalities: Dynamic DNS. I found this is available on DumaOS, so it is fine. Inbound Filter: Allowed me to define IP ranges and create groups for these IP addresses, ie. allow/block incoming request IP address(es) for specific forwarding. Could not locate the same on DumaOS. Virtual Server: Allowed me to forward incoming requests to a specific device IP/port on my network, in conjunction with Inbound Filter. So, only incoming requests from a specific IP range was allowed to be forwarded to the device. Also, could not find the same on DumaOS, would port forwarding achieve the same effect? How can I achieve the same with DumaOS? Obviously, Dynamic DNS is not an issue but I could not figure out the rest. Not sure placing the device within the DMZ would work, but I do not know the security implications of that. Thanks
  10. I just got my XR500 today so am still learning the DUMAOS, but one thing I notice is the time is incorrect under 'System info' and the 'logs'. I google the issue and seems others have reported the same, but, they were able to correct the time by going to 'Settings ---> Content Filtering ---> Schedule', and from there they see an option near the bottom to change the timezone. Of course murphy's law though for me, no timezone setting there. Was the feature removed in the latest version of the OS? My OCD is going bonkers and I really want to correct the time 😫. Resetting the router also didn't work. Time settings in Win 10 are set to auto update/sync and are correct on my PC.
  11. So basically, im using the xr500 which is being fed from my virgin router. its showing my total download bandwidth to be 383mb but when my xbox is downloading a new update or something its maxing out at about 25mb and under the network monitor i'm getting a very low over all usage of bandwidth that peaks about 50mb so why isn't it using all the available bandwidth and only picking up around 50mb over all total usage when theres a possible 383 it could use to make my xbox download quicker sorry im not very techinical so i hope that made sense
  12. Hi I recently got the xr500 , went though all the setting geo filter and qos . I am getting high pings when im searching for a match on call of duty and also lagging. Can someone help me.
  13. Hi Duma team! I'm having an issue with receiving an IP address from my ISP after re-booting my XR500 (this has worked with other NetGear routers I own w/ the same modem). I am currently using firmware version V2.3.2.56 with MAC address spoofing, but I am unable to get an IP address every time I reboot the router. The reason why I reboot is to resolve issues with QoS and Network Monitor not loading (and eventually failing to load w/ error messages). Upon reboot, I see as my IP address with the status 'disconnected'. If I unplug my ethernet cable that's connected to my modem and re-plug it in, I am able to properly receive an IP address. Any thoughts? Seems weird that I'd need to physically unplug a cable every time I reboot my router. I've used the Nighthawk AC2600 with the same modem and setup with no issues receiving an IP address. I know you're not Netgear support, but I want to make sure that my issues aren't DumaOS related! Thanks for your help, Chris
  14. So , I am trying to configure two XR500's in a client to gateway configuration. I have sucessfully configured one XR500 as a gateway and it tested correctly with an adroid phone client , I am able to access the gateway network fine. The first question is how to generate the ovpn file for the client XR500 ? can one of the pre configured files that the router generates be used ? or is it a question of manual editing , if so which lines need amendment ? Second question , once the VPN is setup , can a device on the client router be added to the gateway geofilter as a device ? I'm thinking not , that all devices in the geofolter need to be on the same subnet. I may be thinking too linearly m which is why I'm asking if anyone has thoughts on making this work or has a more elegant solution ?
  15. I bought a XR500 a little over a week ago and just started experiencing the internet dropping. If I hook up directly to my modem I can still reach the web so it’s definitely the router. I couldn’t even reach the router by typing in its IP address. Sometimes turning it off and unplugging for a minute fixes it, other times I have to factory reset. I know there was a problem in previous firmware’s, is it still an issue? Is another firmware coming to fix? Or do I need to tinker with settings? Never really had a router that wasn’t plug n play. Any help is appreciated, just would like to know if it’s worth the hassle to try to get working or if I should just return.
  16. There's an issue were I get unstable ping later in the day after a restart on the router. Attached are screenshots of Pingplotter 5 when i have only the modem plugged in vs when i plug in and turn on the XR500 router. Now at first couple of hours after a restart it runs perfect. its only after a couple of hours this happens (5-6 hrs in) When in game Modernwarefare it also becomes apparent. But yeah need some help on this. any would help
  17. The images i provided are the results from the tests i ran in order to narrow the issue down to the router. Test 1: Description: Speedtest with my pc plugged directly into my modem Result: Close to expected speeds Test 2: Description: Router speedtest after running setup wizard Result: Close to expected speeds Test 3: Description: Speedtest with my pc plugged into my router w/ QOS enabled Result: 10% of expected speed Test 4: Description: Speedtest with my pc plugged into my router w/ QOS disabled Result: 10% of expected speed Any idea on what might be causing such slow speeds?
  18. Each time I make any changes to certain settings like QOS, bufferbloat, etc, I reboot the router (as I read this was recommended with any setting changes made). After doing so, I cannot connect to the internet via wifi (connecting to internet via ethernet cable on router works however). The only solution that I found that works is to factory reset the router, which then allows me to connect to the internet via wifi. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  19. Issue: I had been using the XR500 for about a year now with no issues, using both geolocation and QoS successfully, I had been running Last night this all changed with no change of settings or environment that I’m aware of. My connection this morning began dropping randomly, often after only 5 minutes of usage. When the connection drops the Wi-Fi network (both 2.4 and 5GHZ networks) disappear. Both devices that connected via hardline and on Wi-Fi experience this lack of connection. All devices in my home (phones, tablets, laptops, etc) are experiencing this issue. I verified with my ISP (Spectrum) and nothing is wrong on their end. When the network comes back I’ll start using it again, as normal, and anywhere from 2-15 minute later the issue repeats itself, the network disappears and comes back 1-3 minutes later. There is no website, traffic, or device that seems to be consistently causing this issue. What I’ve tried so far: I’ve tried the basics and turned unplugged both my router and modem for 2-3 minutes and plugging them back in. I’ve turned QOS off, DOS and Port Scan , Geolocation off. I disabled port triggering (which I was not using) just in case this was somehow part of the issue. I tried backing up my configuration, returning to factory settings, and then restoring from my backup. I set my system to use Static IP addresses rather than Dynamically from the ISP. I noticed the following events occurring my logs with some regularity. [DumaOS] DHCP new lease allocated., Thursday, March 19, 2020 15:56:37 [DumaOS] DHCP new event., Thursday, March 19, 2020 15:56:37 I tried using the V2.3.2.40-C242a. hotfix firmware. I also tried the original V2.3.2.40 firmware. Last thing I did was upgrade back up to .56 from .40. And for a while the .40 firmware version seemed to fix things, but then 7 days later on March 26th (today) things started back up with no changes to any settings, or new devices. All the same symptoms and issues listed above. I went on to do countless factory resets and firmware changes, jumping around from .40, .40-C242a, and .56. Every configuration will be fine for about 5-10 min and then the issue starts back up. Where I stand with things: Modem: Motorola SURFboard Model: SB6141 (note this modem is mine and not owned by Spectrum, it is from their approved list) XR500 V2.3.2.40 Geo-Filter – off QoS – off Port triggering -off Guest Wifi – off No VPN in use Using Static IP addresses With the new work from home situation resulting from Coronavirus this issue really couldn’t have come at a worse time for me and my wife. It is essential that we have a reliable internet connection. Any assistance you can give would be helpful. If there is a specific log set that could be helpful please let me know.
  20. hi I have bought yet another XR500 as my WiFi on the R1 isn't powerful enough in the apartment i live at. the problem i have now is with the R1 i get the most stable connection ever see pic and the XR500 i cant achieve the same same no matter what i have tried? can someone help me on this matter as i feel like sending the XR500 back 😞 top Pic is R! and Bottom is XR500
  21. I just recently purchased the XR500 and Arris SB8200 to replace my Nighthawk r7000 router and my Motorola SB6141 modem (and all new 5ft CAT-7 cables). My current situation...there are 3 of us in the house. I have a two Xbox ones and a PS4 hardwired to my XR500. Then, there are about 9 other devices that connect via wifi (most 2G and a few on 5G). There are many times where the two Xbox Ones are online at the same time, but I only use geo-filter for one of them (the one I play COD on). The router is located in the FROG where all online console gaming happens, but most wireless devices are used downstairs. My goal was to use the XR500 to improve my online gaming experience via geo-filter and have better WIFI presence downstairs. I need setup advice to help with my setup mentioned above. My first router upgrade choice was the Nighthawk X6S as it has 6 antennas. Will the XR500 work with my current setup? If not, should I just go with another router? p.s. I setup the new modem and router yesterday about 5PM EST and work up this morning and no internet when I tried looking on my iPhone. I was connected to the WIFI, but when I looked at the router the internet light was blinking (red or orange - I am colorblind lol). I tried resetting the modem, then the router and nothing. So, I left the router on and just reset the modem and it came back online (flashing white light). I hope this makes sense and if you need more information, please let me know. Thank you in advance!! mz
  22. Hello, I have bad experience with my modem HH3000 Bell from Montreal (Canada) even with 400mb Fiber i have lags and latencies in my ps4 games, i bought Nighthawk XR500 and connected it with my modem and still have thoses issus and lags. So i bought "TP-Link MC220L Media converter Gigabit 1000 Mbps RJ45 " to delete my modem and connect fiber to xr 500 but i didn't work, so i set PPPoe as internet setting and my username and passeword from my ISP but it didn't work. So i saw a lot of people on internet that did it but in another routers there is the setting in other routers : - SFP insterted into the media convertor, attached to my RT-5300 in the WAN slot.- Connection will be PPPoE- enter your bell B1 username and your password.- in the LAN enter vlan 35 for Internet So please can you help me to connecte my xr 500 to Tp media converter with the right settings in router ?
  23. Hi, Since last week, when I try to access to the router interface of my XR500 from my android tablet or phone using chrome, the page starts to load then crashes (page turns white, sometimes need to force close chrome). It's crashing on every page except the settings one. I've already cleared the cache with no success. Nothing in the logs too. Its both on android 9 chrome 80.0.3987.99 and android 8 chrome 80.0.3987.87 It working on my windows 10 chrome 80.0.3987.106 Thanks
  24. Lately I've noticed a lot of internal IP addresses that do not match up with any devices on my network. Everything I run is setup on the 192.168.1.x subnet, and the only thing outside of that subnet is the cable modem's web interface. Anyone have an idea of what's going on here? These are the phantom LAN IP addresses that Geofilter has shown over the past day or so when manually pinging the connections from null island: Name ID Allowed/Denied Host Type c5c03c075d64a3a8 Denied Peer 610a8853a700fb00 Denied Peer 13c0501b5db2a3a8 Denied Peer 610a4b16a700fb00 Denied Peer 610ac08ba700fb00 Denied Peer d0c0430e5d6fa3a8 Denied Peer 61c05b265d00a3a8 Denied Peer 61c0d09b5d00a3a8 Denied Peer 61c039045d00a3a8 Denied Peer 610ae0aba700fb00 Denied Peer b7c026f15d56a3a8 Denied Peer 9dac06d1493c0c11 Denied Peer 61c04a155d00a3a8 Denied Peer c5c06f3a5d64a3a8 Denied Peer e20a23eea7813f44 Denied Peer 75c0f2bd5d14a3a8 Denied Peer 61c046115d00a3a8 Denied Peer 8cc03a055d2ba3a8 Denied Peer 61c0420d5d00a3a8 Denied Peer 61c049145d00a3a8 Denied Peer 63c09e695d02a3a8 Denied Peer 61c059245d00a3a8 Denied Peer 73c09e695d12a3a8 Denied Peer 61c0e0ab5d00a3a8 Denied Peer c5c0cf9a5d64a3a8 Denied Peer 6cc085505d0ba3a8 Denied Peer 1dc04a155dbca3a8 Denied Peer 56c0af7a5df54c51 Denied Peer 56c0ac775df54c51 Denied Peer 61c03a055d00a3a8 Denied Peer 61c09e695d00a3a8 Denied Peer 610ac38ea700fb00 Denied Peer 61c065305d00a3a8 Denied Peer 610ac893a700fb00 Denied Peer 13c0824d5db2a3a8 Denied Peer 13c06d385db2a3a8 Denied Peer 61c03c075d00a3a8 Denied Peer 61c0541f5d00a3a8 Denied Peer 61c0e2ad5d00a3a8 Denied Peer 620a420da701fb00 Denied Peer 6bac3d08490a0f14 Denied Peer 610a541fa700fb00 Denied Peer 61c03b065d00a3a8 Denied Peer 61c038035d00a3a8 Denied Peer 5fc045105dfea3a8 Denied Peer b7c0531e5d56a3a8 Denied Peer 610a6631a700fb00 Denied Peer 61c0430e5d00a3a8 Denied Peer 70c037025d0fa3a8 Denied Peer 8cc0f5c05d2ba3a8 Denied Peer 61c0a16c5d00a3a8 Denied Peer 61c0531e5d00a3a8 Denied Peer 610abc87a700fb00 Denied Peer 610a09d4a700fb00 Denied Peer 610a430ea700fb00 Denied Peer -Null
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