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Found 88 results

  1. Hola, Soy dueño de un R1 desde hace mas de 3 años y hace poco compre el XR500. Desde que lo tengo, estoy presentando problemas en mi computadora para poder trabajar. Cuando hago las pruebas de velocidad todo parece estar bien, pero en seguida me conecto a Citrix, para poder trabajar, el sistema presenta lentitud y tiene desconecciones. Es casi imposible trabajar con ese wifi. Tengo que poner el hotspot del telefono para poder tener mejor conexion. Esto es algo que no me pasaba ni me pasa con el R1, que aun tengo. Tengo mas de 90% de señal a la PC. El router esta en el mismo lugar que estaba el R1, cambié el Preamble a "Long", he puesto la coneccion de 2.4 y la de 5g separadas, he apagado la señal de 5g, he conectado un repetidor con capacidad de 2.4/5g y aun asi siguo con problemas de estabilidad y lentitud. Me gustaria saber como puedo configurar el WIFI del XR500 para que funcione igual al del R1?
  2. Hello, SHORT VERSION: My Plex media server device is connected to my XR500 router via a 5GHz wireless extender. How do I configure QoS on the XR500 to guarantee an upload bandwidth of 8Mbps for Plex? Do I ‘Set Device Bandwidth’ to 8Mbps for both the Wi-Fi extender and the Plex media server, or just one of the devices? LONG VERSION: I have a Plex media server running on a My Cloud PR2100 in my spare bedroom. It’s connected to my XR500 router via a Netgear EX6150v2 5GHz Wi-Fi extender and all works flawlessly! The exact configuration is: WD My Cloud PR2100 <<->> NETGEAR GS308 Switch <<->> NETGEAR EX6150v2 Wi-Fi extender <<->> NETGEAR XR500 Router The Wi-Fi extender and Switch are connected via 1Gbps ethernet. In the XR500 Device Manager, the Wi-Fi extender shows as being connected to my 5GHz wireless network but the My Cloud PR2100 (and all other devices connected to the switch) show as being offline, even though they are not. Anyway, as with the 'short version' above, do I ‘Set Device Bandwidth’ to 8Mbps for both the Wi-Fi extender and the Plex media server, or just one of the devices? My connection speed is 60Mbps down / 15Mbps up. Any other info or screenshots I will gladly provide if needed. Thank you.
  3. Alright I just recently spend almost $300 on the xr500 for my gaming experience. I play on Xbox one mainly shooter and the only games I play are cod, Apex legends, destiny2. I am frustrated I did everything optimally suggested from the dumaos yet I have a horrible experience when gaming. Example! If I see my target first and I shot first and I did everything right on my part I shouldnt be the 1st one to die instantly. So I knew something was off because it was like this for the other games so I went and tested my bufferbloat on dslreport.com even though you guys are telling me use pingplotter etc I'm not wasting my time downloading a free trial of bs when I clearly feel the difference in my gaming and dslreport is accurately confirming it... I seriously need some help if not I'm just going to return this product. Like $300 of false advertisement? Wow!
  4. allegedly the only two functional SIP ALG algorithms are from Cisco and Juniper. Is there a less broken SIP ALG available to the xr500 ? https://www.voicehost.co.uk/help/sip-alg-and-why-it-should-be-disabled-your-router Not all of my devices support SIP TLS
  5. To use LAN resources away from home I have setup the VPN service which sets the xr500 as the vpn server. My mobile is a client using openvpn software. I am able to connect away from home. my devices are set on the subnet What server or client app settings need I change to access which is the default xr500 subnet. As is when as a friends house from my openvpn connected android loads his router credential prompt. I have it set for LAN and internet access. I can access the internet connected. I have tried setting a static route but perhaps I have done that incorrectly. --- extra search terms: vpn subnet, xr500 vpn, xr500 vpn service, router as vpn server, openvpn configuration
  6. I did firmware update couple days ago and then did a factory reset. Set everything back to how it was, ping assist 25ms flush cloud, upnp adjusted, qos setup, open nat, everything seemed fine playing MP getting 10ms servers almost instantly. But in blackout can’t get a match for 5-10mins or longer and when I do get one it’s easy coast. I live in southern Cali and connecting to servers east coast with 60-90ms ping. Need help.
  7. I had installed private internet access “PIA” with a laptop months ago. For whatever reason connection fails now. I don’t have no computer at the moment but I’m on iPhone. I can go to hybrid vpn section advanced enter username and password but can’t paste the pia openvpn configuration file. Has anyone ever setup hybrid vpn through iPhone????
  8. Hello Netduma, The Netgear XR700 was announced in the end of august 2018 and I'm trying to find informations regarding the Netgear XR700 with DumaOS Lifecycle Policy. I would like to know how many years or when the "Support End Date" until they stop releasing a firmware update on a Netgear XR700 with DumaOS. Thank you,
  9. EDIT: I forgot to mention this is on the XR500 router I have been having problems with parts of the DumaOS menus not loading/partially loading or loading and then saying that I am not connected to the router when I am still on the internet. It happens randomly throughout the menus but seems to happen 99% of the time when trying to go to the geo-filter menu or when having the geo-filter setting pinned to the dashboard. I have attached a screenshot of the error that appears and the geo-filter settings do not load at all when this happens. Other times the whole dashboard itself will not load properly and it will give a popup error message saying "script error" I have tried contacting net gear support that went through all the troubleshooting steps they suggest as well as trying multiple factory resets, reflashing firmware, downgrading to a previous firmware, trying to restore setting from a previous back up, all with no result of solving the issue. I am not sure if there is some sort of glitch causing possible damage to the router but I noticed that I only ever started to have these problem after trying to signup for the hybrid VPN service, PureVPN, through the VPN settings page and putting the settings in the router directly for the PureVPN account. I was later told by their support that putting the settings directly into the router is not working with no ETA on a fix and that I should use their app in the meantime. After factory reseting the router and removing their app completely from all devices the setting for their VPN are no longer in the router but I still run into the same issues. Not sure if it is linked to trying to use the Hybrid VPN service but I just thought I should mention the problems happened immediately after trying to do so. I really hope this is something that can be fixed via a hot fix or firmware update as I have not even owned the router for 2 months now and it would be a shame for it to become unusable because of this issue. I look forward to hearing back from you about possible fixes for this issue.
  10. XR500 having trouble making the Devices switch to the new DNS instead use gateway IP address
  11. Yo DumaFam! Just wondering if there's any remedies to a couple issues I've ran into after bridging my ISP modem router to the XR500 that weren't there before. First issues is that I can now no longer access my ISP modem/router GUI. I actually managed to do it the other night but forgot how I did it lol, had something to do with changing a WAN IP or Gateway IP to my ISP Default Gateway IP on the XR500...******FIXED ISSUE ONE******* Second issue is when I do a connection test on PS4 I get this pop up message now that says "The router in use might not support IP Packet Fragmentation, and some network features of the PS4 might be restricted." Usually that appears when I've adjusted the MTU too low but I haven't changed anything :/ ******FIXED ISSUE TWO, SORT OF***** I don't get the message if I lower the MTU in the XR500 from 1492 to 1491 and below., any ideas why that works? Also getting 100% Packet Loss now...******Image below still occurring. Unable to ping any servers, transmit failed etc******
  12. Hi there. Just bought and installed an XR500. All network devices are appearing, and WAN was properly set up. However, when I go to Settings I get... nothing. Just a blank red screen. All other menu items work fine, just Settings. Interestingly, if I look at the R-Apps in System Information I have a play icon next to the Settings R-App, suggesting to me that it may not be running, unfortunately clicking on anything in the R-Apps window does nothing. I also can't see anything in the logs that may indicate an error starting the app. Updated to the current firmware, no change. Rebooting, no change. Haven't done a factory reset yet, since I can't access settings to do so. Help?
  13. I just switched from spectrum cable to CenturyLink fiber and I am having to change settings for the PPPoE. I have tried most of what I could find in other forums and online but when I enter the set up wizard it says there is no ethernet plugged in. It’s a brand new cord so I don’t think it’s that but I will try tomorrow. Is there any other know issues I should be considering?
  14. Hi, In few months I will be moving to the new apartment, with new internet connection. That's one of the reasons why I am going to buy a router with NetdumaOS, but I don't know which one at the moment. I thought about XR500, but then I watched a YT clip about setting bufferbloat on this router - the guy must have changed max speed on his modem to 100/100 because his XR500 couldn't handle 500/200 speed with Anti-Bufferbloat switched on (window said "Congestion Control Disabled!" as shown in attached img). I'm planning to have 300/20 or 500/30 or 1000/40 internet speed, but I don't know if XR500 will handle it without turning off QoS, Geofilter, AB, etc. What are the limitations of Nighthawk routers in terms of speed? Should I buy XR500 or XR700 considering my needs? And if there's a need to reduce max speed - can I do it just for my PS4 or for all devices in the network? I will be connecting new router to ISP's router in bridge mode. Thanks for help
  15. Hello everyone! Just buy My new XR 500 because i find it at the same price of XR300 that i have already buy... Everything work great bit i notice that the anti bufferbloat not work properly on the xr500... The slider for the upload and download not setting a real speed. With same setting on both router with xr500 i see that on dslreports the upload is working with many spiked, with the xr300 no spikes and the bufferbloat is perfect. What difference between this two router? I think that i buy a model up the performance is the same. Thanks for attention!
  16. So I have had this device for a few months now (maybe 4). Anyway it was fine out of the gate. When I initially had it it was on Verizon FiOS, about 2 months back I switched to Comcast and the initial cut over went great, then about 24 hours later it would not get an IP from the modem. Long story short after a few hours on phone support we did a full reflash of the Firmware and reconfigure and all is well.. kinds of.. Since then I have had to hard code my provider DNS info for the connection to even work. Any time I power cycle the router I then have to power cycle the modem or it will never connect (this happened with the rented and my own bought modem). also when new clients are added to my network they will not show up in the Device Manager until I do a full router reboot.. It's currently running XR500 V2.3.2.40 Firmware. Thoughts, suggestions...??
  17. Hi Here is a guide on how to successfully create Port Forwarding rules to guarantee you an OPEN NAT on your Nighthawk XR Series router. For a list of required ports for a certain game please consult portforward.com for a comprehensive list or comment on this post or message me and I will provide you with the port numbers for your game and Console/PC. PLEASE NOTE: If you have your router behind a modem/router combo then you must disable UPnP and/or any port forwarding rules you have have configured on it.
  18. I recently made a post (feel free to remove) that made my issue more complicated than I needed. After watch a Twitch streamer Duma partner, triplewreck, the R1 router with the Hybrid VPN feature specifically offered the option to exclude "rtmp" services. The Xr500 does not offer that. However it is exactly what I needed to exclude my stream from the VPN on my router. What would be the equivalent for me to input into the Hybrid VPN for the XR500?
  19. I've had the XR500 for about a month now and the last few days I've had the router completely crash and reboot itself at least a couple of times per day. I've tried unplugging everything for 5mins but thats not solved anything. I also tried looking into the logs but cant see anything of use. Not sure If anyone can suggest anything or if its a known problem?
  20. For all of you that are new to port forwarding and want to use it as a more reliable way of opening ports that are needed for your gaming needs then look no further than the portforward.com guide to help you with a step by step guide. Please remember to disable upnp as you cannot port forward and use upnp at the same time without port conflicts. https://portforward.com/netgear/nighthawk-xr500/
  21. I have noticed a possible error with on the Xr500. I did a dns leak test whilst connected to my vpn provider and noticed a leak. I went and changed dns servers and my connection went dead, not even a reboot would restore the link. I had to start the "setup wizard" in order for the link to be established. I did not have to go through the setup completely just until i put in my pppoe credentials. It is a long time since I did a dns leak test so not too sure if it is the current firmware. I would need other members to try and change dns who have pppoe to know for sure.
  22. I have five consoles. All running full bore. Why can't I add a fifth device to be able to be under the geo filter? Will I ever be able to use more than four devices within the geo filter? What can I do to get it to work? Will this limitation ever be resolved?
  23. I have encountered a bug and confirmed it by testing it multiple times. My security camera system can be accessed via 4G outside my home network. And with device priorities set up to anything other then the default my camera times out and won't stream. So leaving default it works, and changing to 30% xbox for up and down caused my camera to time out and not stream. Why would this be happening even when my xbox if not even on so the device prioritisation red light isn't even on?
  24. Hello I have a quick question. I have my PS4 to receive 60% of the bandwidth on download and upload and my fire stick has 30% etc. When the PS4 is switched off will it’s 60% be split between the remaining devices on the network or will the fire stick only ever receive 30% no matter if the PS4 is turned on or off. Thanks
  25. I have been using this VPN client for a while. Can I use it within the hybrid VPN built in to the xr500?
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