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  1. Saludos, Escribo porque no puedo recibir la velocidad completa de mi internet. Yo pago por 150mb Up y 15mb Down. Pero solo recibo 40-60mb maximo en mi consola. Realmente me interesa la velocidad al momento de bajar updates y juegos. Como puedo hacer que el Netduma reciba toda la velocidad en la nueva version de DumaOS?
  2. Hi everyone! I've a subscription with NordVPN and I'm trying to use it with my NetDuma R1 with DumaOS. I'm able to connect to any server, but even in the most near server I get awful speeds and super high ping... My connection without vpn it's 105 download and 20 up, with vpn I get 5 download and 5 up with bad ping. That doesn't allow me to play on my xbox one. I'm still in the 30 days to get a refund, but I would like to solve it and use it. So is there something I'm missing? Am I doing something wrong? I've read somewhere on the internet that people can get better latency with vpn for online gaming. With this experience it looks crazy to me 😛 I hope someone can explain me how people get better performance while playing under a vpn. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello Netduma, I just upgraded to the Internet Giga Speed with my service provider Videotron.com and I have a new modem Technicolor TC4400-AM HW Ver. 3.0.0. I set my QoS Anti-Bufferbloat at 100% Download/Upload, Bandwidth Allocation - Download/Upload before to disable QoS. I also put my Download Bandwidth at 1000Mbps and my Upload at 60Mbps. I want to see if the Netduma R1 with DumaOS Milestone 1.3 can handle my new Internet Giga Speed, but sadly I can't reach the 1Gbps. I only get 453.66Mbps for my download and my upload can go up to 56.45Mbps. and the CPU Usage reach 90%. Is it normal that Netduma R1 with DumaOS Milestone 1.3 can't handle the Internet Giga Speed with QoS disabled? Note: When I plug my modem directly to my PC, Linksys & Netgear routers, I can reach the Giga speed without any problem and my all Ethernet cables are CAT5e, CAT6, or CAT7.
  4. So I picked up the XR700 because I loved the fact that it has 6 lan ports and 1 SFP+ port which you can use as a 10gb, 1gb, 100mb, or 10mb lan port or a 10gb wan port. It also destroys the capabilities of the R1 in terms of wifi and power. I'm sure the R1 will do great with DumaOS, but I needed something that could use all of my 1GB internet speeds. I've been with Netduma for a long time (Early Adopter with the R1), and I've also been waiting a long, long time for DumaOS. Was it worth the wait, I can't say for sure because I haven't tested all aspects of it yet, but I can say that I'm extremely happy with this router so far. The wifi is outstanding, it has plenty of horsepower for whatever you need, setup is a breeze (if you set it up connected to the internet and don't set it up Offline that is), there's Hybrid VPN and Plex Server if you use them, but most of all it is a super R1 with the geo-filter, best-in-class QoS, 1gb speeds, and 802.11AD wireless. It's the dream of all of us Early Adopters. Congrats Netduma on this product! You guys have come a long way! I do have some thoughts about it that I wanted to share before I forget. First, I usually always set up my routers Offline. It's just a habit, mostly cause routers always want to have a lan address of and I have at least 3 routers on my network at once. So there's always a conflict if I don't set them up offline and change their lan ip address first. When I tried to set this up Offline, I had some issues with the Setup Wizard not working correctly since it wanted to be online. I got past those issues, but then somehow the XR700 knew there was a dhcp router on my network and changed it's lan ip address to without notifying me of the change. Second, Netgear says you can use routerlogin.net to access the interface, but I have Verizon Fios internet and their router, the G1100, also uses that same address to access it's interface. So that's a conflict you need to work around. You have to disconnect the routers, change the lan/wan ip addresses, then reconnect them so you can use their specific ip addresses to access their respective interfaces. Most users won't have this issue and those that do will understand networking enough to work around it. Third, not sure if this is a bug on the new firmware or not, but when I was going through the Setup Wizard and tried to set both the 2.4 and 5ghz wireless networks to the same SSID, it said I couldn't. After I finished the Setup Wizard, I went into the wireless network settings and found that it had set both the 2.4 and 5ghz wireless networks to the same SSID. Strange for sure. Fourth, there's an issue with accessing the DumaOS interface with different PCs. Each PC will show different settings. The R1 did this with the 1.03.g firmware. I hope this is an issue that can get resolved. I use Chrome on two PCs and one Macbook Pro. Fifth, the lan port leds are supposed to either be White or Amber and either Solid or Blinking according to the manual. Well, I have my PS4 Pro and my Xbox Scorpio connected to lan ports 1 and 2 respectively, and when the consoles are off or in standby mode, the leds are Red. When I turn the consoles on, the leds turn White. So it seems that either Netgear's Amber is Red or Netgear forgot to add the Red led color description in their manual. Both of my consoles are set for Standby mode, so they drop their link rate to 10mb or 100mb when in standby. Just not sure if Netgear's Amber is Red or not. Haha. All said, I'm very happy with the XR700 so far and I'm looking forward to Ping Assist and Jitter Reduction in the future since they're not in the current DumaOS firmware on the XR700. I have yet to play any online games but I will update this post when I do. Congrats again Netduma! Thank you for showing Router manufacturers that us Gamers need better hardware and software, and that if they build it, we will buy it.
  5. I installed the new DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3 on the R1 and since then the console disconnects from LAN while I play on my console. After setting up my QoS, when I start to play online Street Fighter V Arcade Edition on my PS4 Pro, Playstation shows a message that it's disconnected from the LAN. The same message appears in loop until I reboot the NetDuma R1 and l restart the PS4 Pro/video game. Once the router and the console are up, I can play without any disconnection.
  6. I know you all just came out with VPN Hybrid which is WAY Better than Asus VPN Fusion By a LONG SHOT! =D I'm just hoping that you add features other that just the OpenVPN TCP or UDP and more than just PureVPN and HideMyAss VPN Providers 😃 I think what would be even more WAY Cooler is to add the Point – to – Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) , Internet Protocol Security or IPSec, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Shell (SSH) Functions, Etc. And if anyone agrees with respond below saying that you agree, let's let NetDuma see that we want these Features, even if it's not all of them are not possible the more feedback they get the more chances of having that particular feature implemented 😁, I feel like it can be done 😃 Hopefully the creator's of this awesome software can implement this into to Future Releases.😎
  7. So far it's been clear that Blacks Ops 4 Dedicated Servers and the R1 with DumaOS simply don't work well together. I live in western pa and by far my best experience playing BO4 has been when I am on P2P. Sadly for me, this will be year 2 of this as WW2 played the EXACT SAME WAY. I really appreciate what the team at NetDuma has done. Without my R1 I probably would have quit COD. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't tell others what I have experienced. When I Geo Filter to my area I end up getting a P2P game after a few minutes and the countless lobby is not joinable messages. When I finally get into a game it's a decent connection, low lag and I can at least end the game with a 1.5/2 KD. THEN I get put on a Dedicated Server in Chicago or Ny/NJ. Anyone that has played COD and you don't live near NY/NJ you know the connection completely sucks. While on Dedicated Server the duma ping looks great (I've ranged from 16ms to 30 ms the past few days) but the connection actually is HORRIBLE. Hit Marker after hit marker, can't finish a kill and everyone else is looking like TheMarkofJ. If it was only BO4 playing this way I would just say so but this was the same behavior last year. My advice to anyone not living near a dedicated server.....as soon as you see a dedicated server, back out the lobby and only play P2P. This seems to be the only way to enjoy Black Ops 4 with the R1.
  8. Just trawling through youtubeland and came across this. Twit is a fantastic tech channel which I have watched for years. Saw their review of the XR500 and felt it belonged on this forum
  9. Is it possible to bring back Profiles for DumaOS like we had in the original R1 firmware?
  10. I know that Netgear and Asus will show the router temperatures on their firmwares, while some even include fan controls. It would be great if we could have those same temperature indications and fan controls added to DumaOS.
  11. Bonjour j'aimerais votre avis sur ces deux tests l'un est a 95 95 up dl et le deuxième à 70 70 , lequel pensez vous le mieux ? merci PS : j'utilise dumaOS il y' avait 3 page youtube charger ainsi que la ps4 ,
  12. seem to have found a way to completely eliminate jitter for good, when I was running CAT 6 cables not 6A, even with anti-bufferbloat enabled set correctly I was still running into jitter on ping plotter, noticeable difference for gaming to, either was hit or miss, like always for me pinging twitter still gives jitter, but google straight as a arrow with CAT 7 Tera Grand from fiber Modem to XR500, and for the ps4, and my PC here is some screen shots down below.
  13. Hey there, I recently upgraded my R1 from the original firmware to DumaOS, and simply connecting my ethernet cable to port 2 on the R1 let me connect to the original R1 interface. The update went smoothly and I logged into the DumaOS page using the default username/password combination, updated the max bandwidths in the QoS section, then went to replace my existing router with the R1. I still have internet access while connected directly to the R1, but I can no longer access the router page at and ipconfig /all shows the default gateway to be, the gateway of my modem, rather than I've checked that I'm connected to the R1 rather than my modem/router, and even tested on my phone. All devices show a gateway of .0.1 instead of .88.1. I'm assuming this is the cause of the inaccessibility, but I'm not sure what would cause this. I've tried factory resetting the router as well, but the default gateway stayed at .0.1. I have attached a picture of the ipconfig readout below. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  14. Bonjour, Nous sommes le 20 octobre et tjs pas de sorti du dumaOs. La beta est ouverte je suis daccord mais seulement pour 50 personnes....J’attendais avec impatience la sortie de BO4 qui devait etre accompagnée de la nouvelle version DumaOS. Bon on ne dit rien vous faites des efforts. Je souhaite tester cette BETA car j’aime bidouillé mon Netduma (pas de réponse). J’aimerais bien savoir quand la DumaOS va sortir officiellement car je ne dois pas etre le seul à m’impatienter lourderment. Merci. Un client impatient qui s’agace.
  15. Hello, I upgraded to open beta dumaos on my Netduma R1 router. All seems to be fine, except the network settings section is not completly accessible. I got the error message as seen in the screenshot. I restarted the route several times and unplugged the power cable. Nothing changed. I used Chrome/Firefox.
  16. Hola, he instalado hoy la prueba beta del dumaos y al usar el host filtering no me encuentra el server dedicado de Madrid en ps4 de bo4 que antes con el firmware anterior si que estaba. Alguna solución? Ya que solo me empareja con el server de Irlanda que me da un ping muy alto.
  17. Bonjour, Comme beaucoup de possesseur d'un R1, j'ai longtemps cru à l'arrivée de DumaOS sur le R1. Force est de constater que cela n'arrive toujours pas et qu'il n'y a plus aucune nouvelle après les promesses que l'on pourrait installer le DumaOS sur le R1. Donc aujourd'hui je me pose plusieurs questions : - Est-ce que cela vaut vraiment la peine d'attendre encore ? Et si oui combien de temps ? (peut-être que certains possèdrnt une boule de crystal, on ne sait jamais :-) ) - Est-ce que DumaOS sur R1 va réellement arriver (j'ai peut-être loupé des messages qui disaient que c'était mort) - Quels sont les avantages d'avoir un XR500 par rapport à un R1 avec du DumaOS (si cela arrive) ? et in english pour les Netduma men ... Hi, Like many owners of an R1, I have long believed in DumaOS on R1. Still not happen and no news ... So I have several questions: - Is it really worth the wait? And how long ? (maybe some have a crystal ball, you never know :-)) - Will DumaOS on R1 be a reality one day ? (I may have missed messages that said it was dead) - What is the advantage of having an XR500 compared to an R1 with DumaOS (if that happens)? Hello, Like many owners of an R1, I have long believed in the arrival of DumaOS on the R1. It is clear that this still does not happen and that there is no news after the promises that we could install the DumaOS on the R1. So today I have several questions: - Is it really worth the wait? EZ = t if yes how long? (maybe some have a crystal ball, you never know :-)) - Will DumaOS on R1 really arrive (I may have missed messages that said it was dead) - Besides having the dumaOS on the XR500, what would be the advantage of having an XR500 compared to an R1 with DumaOS (if that happens)?
  18. Hello, I just installed the Nighthawk XR500 router in my home. I have an ISP modem (sky sr102) and nothing except the xr500 is connected to it. All devices in house connect to xr500. My Xbox one X is connected via cable to xr500 and NAT is open as I set my xr500 as a DMZ server in my ISP router and XBOX has static IP. My group filter is not working and the screen shows no hosts on the map when I'm playing games like Destiny or GTA. XBOX device is listed as XBOX in devices. Geo filtering is set to spectate, profile is set to Destiny and yet I don't see any remote hosts or ping detials. The screen just remain blank. I am using Chrome browser also on a Mac so no issues with browser. I have the latest firmware as the router installed it automatically yesterday. Please can you help with the configuration of geo filtering and let me know why it isn't working?
  19. I have this router for 4 months now. I love it. So far I have 1 issues with it. At the beginning it was fine. Ever since I did last 2 update my ping increase I dont know why. My base ping is 14 and Im getting 34 in game sometime 50. It's not stable . It goes up and down. When i first got this router my ping was around 17ms and 20ms. I did alot of research to see what a doing on but couldn't find any. I hope I can find the solution in here. And one more thing when I directly plug the modem to my ps4 I get 17 ms ping . Very solid never go up and down but when I put xr500 it goes up and I close to the game server too. My download is 1Gigs Upload 40 Slider 70/70 Anti budferbloat set to "always" Bandwidth allocation Download "20 percent", upload "20 percent" I have media server disable, and wifi completely off from router. Using straight wired. Traffic prioritization enable
  20. Does somebody have any official info about the release of the DumaOS on the R1 with anti-jitter/spike ?
  21. bonjour vous pensez que je devrais mettre quoi comme congestion control avec cette connexion qui irait le mieux ? j'ai 12 ms de ping , je dois mettre ping assist a 12 , en jeu sur fortnite je suis plus ou moins en 20 et 34 ms de ping merci
  22. At CES today, NETGEAR announced the XR500 Gaming Router, powered by DumaOS. You can read more about this new router here. It is the latest router in the very successful Nighthawk range and is the first router to launch with our hotly anticipated new Operating System, DumaOS. Our plan is to now use this big step forward to grow our team and to make lots of great new features for you guys at a rapid pace. Our partnership with NETGEAR has also allowed us to make DumaOS a really rock solid platform and we have a lot of exciting features in our pipeline which just like before, will be driven by your feedback. The good news is we can now give a launch date for DumaOS on the Netduma R1. It will be 17 April 2018 and as promised before, it will be a FREE upgrade for all users. If you would like to read more about DumaOS then see our new website explaining the main features and the overall concept: www.DumaOS.com Thank you for your support and we are really excited about 2018. The Netduma Team
  23. Hi there. I have been using the XR500 for a day now and it has blown my mind how sleak and impressive it is, but I just had a thought!!!!! I know 3 R1 users that are colour blind and I know 1 who cannot see the red spectrum. As theres quite a few colourblind people in general it really would be a good idea if there was an option to remove red or have alternative themes based on those with colourblindness issues. Red is a very predominant in the default theme. B.D
  24. Hi. Just a quck question, i am seeing comments about a version 2.2 firmware but I have and I do not have an option to install an update. Is mine the current version. if not, how do I get it installed? B.D
  25. So, I'm in the market for a new router for multiple reasons. My current setup is with our verizon fios gigabit ethernet. My brother and myself both have ps4 and XB1 and to a much lesser extent, occasionally we'll dabble in some pc gaming. The biggest issue seems to be that when he's playing a fighting game on ps4, or I'm playing a title on XB1, any and all wifi connections (particularly from my father's cell) or the addition of any streaming (youtube, twitch, netflix) just destroys the gaming experience on either console, causing extreme frustration. Aside from that, certain times of the day, the connection can be extremely volatile for no apparent reason, and it's not always the hours you'd expect, leading us to look around to see if someone's using wifi or streaming services, finding nothing, and sometimes scratching our heads. I've read up on NetDuma and I'm confident buying the R1 would help immensely. In fact, I had all but made up my mind right before reading about the deal between Netgear and Netduma to bring the DumaOS to the XR500. I've done a little research, but I've had a hard time finding information differentiating the two hardware wise. If anyone could point me to a comparison website or give me information about the differences or potential advantages of one over the other, it would GREATLY be appreciated. Personal anecdotes and opinions as to which is better suited for my needs would be appreciated. We both use ethernet cables to directly connect from the router we have now to our consoles. As I stated, I'm mainly a console gamer, and spend most of my hours playing NHL 18, or various other sports titles, with some shooters (pubG on xb1, battlefield, cod, battlefront) mixed in on occasion. My brother is more of a ps4 fighting game fan, playing Dragonball FighterZ most recently, as well as Marvel, Street Fighter, and Injustice/Mortal Kombat religiously. So, anyone with an informed opinion, please weigh in and tell me why one would be a better choice than the other. At first glance, I feel like since they will have the same OS in April, the newer router with the newer hardware seemingly has an advantage, but, that's just a guess really, I haven't seen much about the specifications, nor do I know what measurable metrics would be most important for two console gamers looking to prioritize gaming traffic. Any help for a clueless gamer would go a long way since it's not often I have this kind of money to spend on my gaming hobby, and to make the incorrect choice would be a real bummer. It doesn't seem to be good business necessarily for NetDuma to state outright that Netgear's router is flat out better (despite the price difference), but the added cost makes me think that it may in fact be so, if not the age of the R1. Still, that's just an assumption based on those two factors, without proof, so any real tangible information or anecdotal experiences that someone could share would help. Thanks in advance!
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