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    Pwhirl101 reacted to Netduma Jack in Problem with the new netduma os   
    Awesome, that's great to hear  let us know if you encounter any other problems.
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    Pwhirl101 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Getting error code on ps4 every day   
    Yeah thats not a networking issue unfortunately, the game has crashed for some reason. If you have a disc it might have a scratch etc
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    Pwhirl101 reacted to TrayDay in Getting error code on ps4 every day   
    I doubt that the DumaOS would cause such an error. As I've received that error numerous times before while only using my other router. Sometimes hiccups will happen, as corrupted saved files can happen. Sometimes I would just backup my saved files to a USB or to the Playstation Cloud from the local drive. Then I would delete the saved files from my local ps4 drive and redownload them from the PS cloud or USB. Usually helps, as it's a bandaid fix to try. 
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    Pwhirl101 reacted to extrmden7 in Netduma upgrade (v 1.03.6j - Original Firmware)   
    I have version 1.03.3 can i please upgrade . Posted last week but not sure if you saw.
    not sure if in dmz, if so how do i put it .
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