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    Believerguy reacted to Netduma Fraser in Remove the need for Username and Password   
    Probably to do with the big cursor that it has and on those options you need to be quite specific. Not sure when disabling login will be available but we'll let people know
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    Believerguy reacted to Netduma Fraser in Remove the need for Username and Password   
    We're unlikely to optimise for a console browser specifically so once we disable the option to login that'll work for you but unsure how the interface will behave on that browser.
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    Believerguy reacted to Netduma Jack in Platform Specific forums   
    That's almost true but there's a few differences. Different devices (depending on whether the game in question features cross platform play) might have different server infrastructures, use different services or require different ports to be opened. I'm guessing the main benefit of subforums for each would just be to chat with fans of the same device though
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    Believerguy reacted to Netduma Luke in Announcement: DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3   
    About two years ago we made the biggest decision in our company’s history. We knew we had the best router software on the market, but we were not developing at the speed we wanted to.
    Every time we made a change, we were forced to repeat the same steps each time. Not to mention, a single change risked breaking other features.
    Netduma Dev Team c. 2016
    We pulled the trigger. We decided to start-over again, taking all the lessons from our launch to design an entirely new firmware. We made DumaOS, the router operating system for your home.
    DumaOS gives us the foundations to develop new features, which we call ‘R-Apps’ (‘Router Apps’), at incredible speed. And we will be doing this from now on in a series of Development Milestones. Each Milestone will bring more functionality to your DumaOS-powered router, solving the real problems you face online.
    Netduma Dev Team - Present Day
    Before we go any further, some important rules:
    Predicting software development is tricky, sometimes things go much faster than you expect, sometimes they go slower.  So until we are certain, the ETA of a milestone will always be ‘Whenever it’s ready’. The contents of a Milestone could change. We might need to defer some of it to a future Milestone, or we might be able to squeeze in some extras. Milestones may not always roll out to every DumaOS powered router at the same time or with the same contents. With the housekeeping out of the way, let’s get onto the fun bit:
    Milestone 1.3

    Milestone 1.3 is the first publicly announced Milestone for DumaOS. It brings cutting-edge new technology, as well as old favourites, to your DumaOS powered router, enabling you to take even more control over your network.
    Ping Assist v2

    Ping Assist is back, and it’s better than ever. Ping Assist lets low ping hosts to connect to you even if they are outside your Geo-Filter limit, helping you to quickly find high quality, low ping games.
    DumaOS Ping Assist is a big step up on the original Netduma R1 Ping Assist - we have rewritten the whole feature to be far more effective at quickly detecting pings – meaning you can find the best hosts on the planet much faster than before. The results are truly incredible, especially in games like Black Ops 4, Fornite, PUBG, Overwatch, FIFA 19 and many others.
    Hybrid VPN

    Another return of an old favourite. Hybrid VPN lets you apply your VPN to your entire network and also lets you choose the devices and applications you want to put through your VPN using DumaOS Deep Packet Inspection.
    This gives you so much more flexibility than a standard VPN, allowing you to keep the vulnerable areas of your network private and secure without affecting the devices that don't need a VPN. Hybrid VPN works with any VPN provider that uses OpenVPN (almost all do).
    Advanced Ping Stats

    There’s a new buzzword in town: Server Tickrate. This is the number of updates a game server makes per second. If your game runs at 60 frames per second, you ideally want a Tickrate at 60Hz (60 updates per second).
    Knowing the importance of this metric to our users, we have created Advanced Ping Stats. You can now see the Server (Host) Tickrate and Receive Rate, as well as your own Client Tickrate and Send Rate. This allows you to see the quality of your game's connection in far more detail than ever before. You can also pin to your DumaOS Dashboard for quick reference in-game.
    This is just the beginning for this feature. Now we are capturing server metrics we can do some cool things to give you an edge. Look out for more in future Milestones.
    Device Manager Enhancements

    The DumaOS Device Manager shows every device on your Network and you can now view this as a sortable table, to give you easier administration.
    We Need You!

    Milestone 1.3 is has been driven by user feedback. So if you have any ideas or suggestions for suggestions, let us know on the forum.
    Netduma R1: Released see this thread: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/27008-new-firmware-netduma-r1-dumaos-development-milestone-13/
    Nighthawk XR500/XR700/XR450: Main development has completed and Milestone 1.3 is currently in closed testing. Stay tuned for more information from NETGEAR>
    To keep up to speed on future releases, please sign up to the DumaOS Mailing List.
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    Believerguy reacted to Netduma Admin in Geo Filtering per Device possible ?   
    Great idea and this is something we actually have on our roadmap so it’s very useful to hear you would like this feature. I’ll move this thread to the feedback section so we’ve got it clearly documented. 
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    Believerguy reacted to Dialatech in Minimum Ping assist value option   
    This would be a great feature!
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    Believerguy reacted to Netduma Admin in Minimum Ping assist value option   
    Hi Rob - this is a great idea. @Zennon suggested the same thing too. So we will be looking into this.
    Thank you for your idea and for your kind words.
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    Believerguy reacted to RobReapz in Minimum Ping assist value option   
    Please can you implement a minimum ping assist value as well as the usual max value just to give the end user full control on who they wish to connect to. This would be a big help to a lot of people who have complained about lower pinging servers playing worse than ones slightly higher. Great job on DumaOS btw.
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    Believerguy reacted to Netduma Fraser in Internet Diagnosis   
    We love that feature as well so it's very likely to return, all be it way better than before!
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    Believerguy reacted to Netduma Fraser in Add Router Temperatures and Fan controls to DumaOS   
    Really cool idea, definitely something we could introduce!
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    Believerguy reacted to N3CR0 in Add Router Temperatures and Fan controls to DumaOS   
    I was literally about to post this, but I saw this thread first haha.
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    Believerguy reacted to FQs19 in Add Router Temperatures and Fan controls to DumaOS   
    Excellent. Thanks Fraser
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    Believerguy reacted to FQs19 in Add Router Temperatures and Fan controls to DumaOS   
    I know that Netgear and Asus will show the router temperatures on their firmwares, while some even include fan controls.
    It would be great if we could have those same temperature indications and fan controls added to DumaOS.
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    Believerguy reacted to Achilles in Geo-filter legend   
    Been using the Geo-filter for Black Ops 4 and feel like it would be beneficial to have a legend so that new users can easily understand what all the icons mean. 
    Just something small but informative in the bottom left corner - maybe toggle on/off to clean up the UI for anyone who knows what everything already is. 
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    Believerguy reacted to Netduma Fraser in issue with Duma OS that needs to be fixed   
    Console browsers would be absolutely terrible to control the interface. I don't think the Geo-Filter would work properly at all. I am pretty sure we won't be fully optimizing for console browsers
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