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  1. R7000. Calix Hub> Nighthawk R7000> R1> Desktop PC. Didn't changed anything. Suddenly, i cant log in anymore. Tried to log in directly from my phone trough the R700 WIFI (not the R1 WIFI) and also, didn't work.
  2. My conection is the following: ISP Calix 813Gv2 fiber Hub> Netgear R700> Netduma R1 all trough ethernet. My issue is the following: whenever i type the default gateway of my R700 ( into any browser, it says that i cant access. Tried rebooting the Calix Hub and the R7000 and tried to log from a laptop trough WIFI to the R7000's Network and still couldnt log in. I need to enter my R700 but im not surely why i cant. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Hello. Can someone provide me a decent configuration for BO Cold War on PC? Im using the Original R1 also i live in Ecuador and my nearest server is on Miami. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi, can you give some help disabling all offloads?
  5. Hi! In Traffic Prioritization Rule what protocol is? TCP, UDP or both?
  6. Hi, i was trying to add the "Source 3074-3076 destination 30000-45000 udp" rule ,1 but on "End" at "Outgoing ports" i cant fo further than 32000 and i cant set 45000. Kinda the same issue at the rule 2, on "End" at "Outgoing ports" can't go further than 18074. Why is that?
  7. Hi. Would this help/work for MW on PC?
  8. Hi. You noticed a huge diffrence when you did what exactly? So i could give it a try. Thanks.
  9. Tested on 50 - 50. Less spikes. What should i do next? Still getting destroyed on COD. Most of times i join lobbies with 100+ms even with strict mode on and Ping Assist 70 ms.
  10. Well, the best percentages so far are 80 - 80 or 70 - 70. Still, i get a couple spikes.
  11. These are the results, with the proper Download and Upload bandwith speed, at 70 - 70 Always Buffer-bloat: Saturatting with: * Laptop streaming 10 4K videos * Streaming Netflix * Downloading 2 apps * Downloading COD Mobile on my cellphone. It seems kinda better now.
  12. My bad, didnt notice that. I'll let you know the results of the tests.
  13. Traffic Prioritization is this menu? These are my settings on QoS. Im at 100% because i was downloading some files. Usually is on 70 - 70
  14. Did some test. * Buffering 5 - 10 videos on 4K on my laptop. * Two 4K vids on two cellphones. * Downloading Doom on my PS4. * Downloading COD Mobile on my phone as well. PIC 1 50-50 Anti-Bufferbloat, Always. PIC 2 70-70 Anti-Bufferbloat, Always. PIC 3 80-80 Anti-Bufferbloat, Always. PIC 4 90-90 Anti-Bufferbloat, Always.
  15. Just managed to set up the Hub> R7000> R1. The R1 WAN IP should be right?
  16. Well i set up the Hub> R700> Netduma and took out the PPPoE and weirdly i dont have any Internet Connection. Tried only Hub> R700 and no internet. Also tried Hub> R1 again with the PPPoE and works fine. Tried on another LAN port on the R700, no internet. Called my ISP for assistance and they told me that i have to erase the PPPoE user and pass, log in again, reboot the router and everything should go normal. Did those steps and still no internet. So, called my ISP and they scheduled a technical visit.
  17. Where is located the R1 WAN IP? Went to, System Information, Network Status, i see it says WAN IP but doesnt show any number. Also went to Network Settings, WAN and i dont see any number as well.
  18. Yes, i have two. A Netgear R7000 and a ISP TP-Link TL-WR840N. So it will be Calix Hub> router > R1?
  19. Im not an networking expert but i think if you enable UPnP you dont need to open all those console ports. Still, im gonna give it a try. What are the ports youre using? The ones listed on https://portforward.com/call-of-duty-modern-warfare/ ?
  20. ISP Calix 813G Hub (PPPoE), doesnt provide WIFI. Yes, all devices are connected to the R1. My setup would be phyber line> Calix HUB> R1> PC or any other device.
  21. Hi, thanks for replying. Yes, i have only tested on 70% and 30%. Somehow, 30% gave me an A on buffebloat. I forget to mention that my ISP suscription plan is kinda insteresting. I have 25 mb up and down for like 12 hours, 10 am to 10pm, then it goes up to 50 mb up and down and sometimes 80 mb up and down till 10 am. The first results i posted was at 10 pm (50 mb down and up) and the last one was at 12 pm (25 mb down and up) My internet conection has something to do with the Packet Loss you saw on the results? Also, found a very interesting issue. Last night I was downloading BOPS 3 on Steam at 5 - 6 mb/s on my Main Gaming PC, sliders at %100, while i was trying to watch a 1080p video on YouTube on my phone then i get disconnected a few times, it said i wasnt connected to the internet at all. Then i was saturating my connection streaming 5 videos on 4K on my laptop and i couldnt even load a page on my PC. Tried at 70% sliders and it was the same. What may be causing this issue? On what speed should i do the new tests?
  22. Saturating with 3 devices via Wi-Fi: * 1 cellphone downloading COD Mobile * 1 cellphone streaming a 4K video on YouTube * 1 laptop streaming 5 4K videos on YouTube As you can see it has packet loss.
  23. Yes, i am saturating my conection and doing the test on the same PC. You mean i have to saturate, for example, with a Wi-Fi device like a cellphone? I think 1 device was conected to the WI-FI while i was doing the test, but it was just idle, not downloading or buffering. Also, Pic 4 is a result without any other device (blocked) connected to the Wi-FI.
  24. So i did the test and heres the results: *Pic 1: www.ecuavisa.com is a website close to my location. 8.7 ms average. *Pic 2: www.google.com 70.3 ms average. *Pic 3: www.ecuavisa.com Anti Buffer Boat in Always, sliders on 70% up 70% down and buffering 2 1080p videos on YouTube and downloading Black Ops 3 on Steam *Pic 4: same as Pic 3 but the sliders at 30% both. As you can see, i have packet loss. Any recommendations?
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