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  1. Tried on MW on the 65 ms Server. No games found.
  2. Hope is set properly. Should i give it a try with MW or Cold War?
  3. I also have MW and WARZONE installed on Blizzard. Theres a server with 65 ms, the lowest i ever had because my current location. What should i do now? Im basically new to this Ping Heatmap thing.
  4. Yes, did it once. Had to do another factory reset and now the issue is sorted. Thanks for the update. Now, how should i use the Ping Heatmap you suggested? I choose COD Cold War and theres only 1 server and then failed 50. Is that correct?
  5. Managed to upgrage to the new OS but it have an issue. It says "The Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a munute" in all options. Did a reboot and nothing. Not even the Dashboard loads.
  6. Nope, im on version R1 So, i download the file, then, on the top right corner in the update icon i just select the file, update, and do a factory reset?
  7. In all COD games i always, or most of the times, i set my location on Miami because gives me less ping no matter the game. I have PC and PS4 and Miami is the best location. What server would you recommend me to connect to? Is there an update for the R1 so i can take advantage to those new tools?
  8. Hi. Thats exactly the same issue im having. Is there a way to know the difference between a game server and authetication server on the R1? Also, im based on Ecuador, south-america and the closest server to me or at least the server that gives me less ping is Miami. What server would you recomend to me since now i know that Miami server is an authentication server?
  9. Hi. Im having the same issue. I set a location and the Geo Filter is always trying to connect me to any other server. Also, im on DumaOs on the R1 and the layout is kinda different. What you did fo tix the issue?
  10. Well, Miami is the server that gives me less ping but most of the time im on that server, even with less ping, the matches are terrible and lately Wichita server is kinda fine to me even with more ping. To be honest, im a little lost here. What should i do properly? And, if i choose for example the Miami server, then i allow New York, Texas and any other server that would be the same as having Geo Filter off or Spectating mode? I mean, it wouldnt connect only to Miami as desired. Whats the point of allowing those far servers?
  11. 6828dfaac5077277 Texas ec68511c058be9ee Miami ccb9b580566b1d22 New York All three are allowed.
  12. This are the ID of the servers i found: ccb9b580566b1d22 9e2dc590ca3d474c ec68511c058be9ee 6828dfaac5077277
  13. I select the Spectating Mode just to take a screenshot of the legends i was lost by. But now i know what those icons mean. I did all your steps properly and i still can't find games into the desired server. The second screen Is like the Duma is trying to connect to other server everytime.
  14. Managed to did all those steps and found games but still, Geo Filter is not connecting me to the desired server. Im chosing the Wichita server but it sends me to Miami and New York most of the times. Also, im kinda lost here about the Geo Filter Legend. Sometimes i see a white little square, sometimes a big square, sometimes a few squares with a white circle, also i see sometimes i see white person icons. What icon is exactly the server im trying to connect? Am i doing something wrong?
  15. Thanks for the help. Everything good till step 3. Everytime i flush Cloud it says "The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App."
  16. Not sure if that specific server wasn not active at the moment because when i select an specific server for example Wichita, it connects me to any other server for example Miami, then the funny thing is when i select Miami, connects me to Wichita and sometimes New York. Is like the Geo Filter is not working properly?
  17. I selected the Wichita server with 0 Ping Assist and i can't find any match. Actually , i can't find any match in whatever server i choose.
  18. So, in order to connect always to the desired server i have to set the Ping Assist always 0?
  19. Managed to log into my R7000 again. It just needed some new firmware update. Thanks for the advice.
  20. Im currently on version on my R1. I have a weird issue, every time i select the server i want, the R1 just connect me to any other random server even with Strict mode on and set ping assist (Cold War PC Blizzard). Is any solution for this issue? The server that is on the red circle is the desired server (actually is the server that works better for me) for lately it connects me to the Miami server. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. and routerlogin.net does not work. unfortunately i dont have the Hub ip.
  22. I'm using that config because you recommended me to go that way like a year ago because i was getting terrible packet loss when when i test on Ping Plotter because i'm using PPoE conection and QoS wasn't optimized at the time (hope it is now) with PPoE. So you suggested a router to put between the calix and the R1 to just handle PPPoE, in this case is my R7000.
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