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    Hello this is how I get a triple A+ on the Netduma R1 I look at my modem speeds I then calculate 95% of that speed for the upload and download I then take off a Half a megabit for upload and download i then enter these speeds in the Netduma r1 I hit update no several times I don't think it a glitch it just the more you do it the better it seems to work I have my congestion control on reactive and 99% for the upload and download and I get constant triple A+ on DSL reports. This is how I work out my speeds I enter this into the browser. 95 % of 44.00 Which gives me a result of 41.8 I Then take off half a megabit Which you enter like this - 0.50 Into the calculator where you entered 41.80 Which gives me a final result of 41.3 You do this for the upload and download my congestion control is on reactive and the upload and download 99%

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    Personal_Setup_0.json It is recommended to use this profile when gaming unless a more specific one is available.
    Personal_Setup_1.json This profile will optimise the router for finding games fairly quickly.
    Personal_Setup_2.json This profile will optimise the router for finding games with extremely good connection.profile will optimise the router for finding games with extremely good connection.
    Having the right profile is only half of the solution having the correct speed is the other half of the solution don't do a speed test try if you know how to look at your modem speeds in the actual router or modem take those exact download and upload speeds now work out what is 95% of those speeds in to the Netduma now we are not trying to throttle we are trying to give a little bit of a buffer now I would suggest trying 95% or 90% or 85% we don't want to enter lower than that try whichever one gives you the triple a result For example if your speed is 48.99 in the browser put 95 % of 48.99 and it will give you the answer do the same for the upload For example 95 % of 48.99 is 46.5405 95 % of 7.19 is 6.8305 And we want to enter it into the Netduma like this 46.5 and 6.8 Use this site to find out if you've got a triple A http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest with a Geo Home Distance 0 for call of duty this will be my last profile post for the Old firmware.


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