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    witton90 reacted to Killhippie in Openwrt on xr500   
    Nope The XR500 and XR700 run on Netgear firmware and DumaOS like a sandwich, Netgear provide the base firmware that controls the router, Open GPL and OpenSSL packages as well as the Qualcomm drivers etc. DumaOS is an overlay as such on top of Netgears firmware. They work in tandem, which is why it takes so long for updates, as Netgear have to make sure it all runs with their firmware too. A bit of a unholy union. The beta of the XR500 was in fact a R7800 with DumaOS as a download, they later released the XR500 with the same hardware but just added 128MB more flash and a new casing. That's also why the settings are Netgear settings. in the menu, its not a pure DumaOS device like the R1.
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    witton90 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in OPEN WRT TO XR500   
    Thanks bud 👍🏼
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    witton90 reacted to Netduma Fraser in OPEN WRT TO XR500   
    Try this, a bit old but still may do the job http://www.skyuser.co.uk/forum/sky-broadband-fibre-help/50483-generic-open-wrt-sky-fibre-mer-guide.html
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    witton90 reacted to Tripper in OPEN WRT TO XR500   
    you don't need Option 61 it works without it
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    witton90 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Black Ops 4 Support   
    Apologies, you said DumaOS users but you're not actually on DumaOS, you're on the original firmware. If you would like update to DumaOS you'll need to sign up here first: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/ 
    Even though you don't have filtering/spectating mode on your firmware the rest of my original comment still applies and that should get you good games.
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    witton90 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Black Ops 4 Support   
    You cannot influence other peoples connections and determine if they do/don't connect to the server you're playing on unless you're the host of the server - if that is what you were asking. 
    The one you're talking about is an anomaly and won't affect the Geo-Filter performance.
    You could easily do this by setting your internet bandwidth to 10/10 and then lowering the Anti-Bufferbloat sliders to your desired bandwidth.
    On the top of the Geo-Filter page in the devices panel there is a button 'Add Device' click that and add your console. It will automatically add your console with the correct server. You will then see just under the device a filtering/spectating mode toggle.
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    witton90 got a reaction from tallus in Black Ops 4 Support   
    Personally from my experience in what has worked best for me with bo4, I’m using the xr500, is to download ping plotter, connect it wired to computer, run it for ten minutes under load, ie, whilst in game playing online, streaming etc, then play around with anti ti buffer bloat percentages until you get the least or no lag spikes, click always  once happy, disable geo filter or use spectating mode,  see how it goes, this works better for me and I connect to 20ms less servers / peers hope this helps 
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    witton90 reacted to pie in Black Ops 4 Support   
    I would like to know which device and firmware would be better for BO4, I have the R1 and the XR500. I live in northern Florida, and am constantly in lobbies with people connecting with what seems like 56k/ hotspotting from their 3g connection from the islands off the coast whenever I connect to the Miami and Atlanta server.
    Speaking of the Miami server, there has to be a way to enable those of us who have spent considerable money on a "gaming" router that is supposed to "dominate lag" to be able to block connecting to specific areas. Oh, and your geofilter on the R1 needs quite a bit of work. Unless if there is a server bank off of the coast of Africa with a connection from northern Florida with a 23 ms ping.
    Another suggestion is to enable us to completely nerf our connections, ping wise as well as down/up. With gibabit up and down it is a joke to try to throttle my connection through the interface, I have to use both routers to even come close.
    Is it the game that is broken? Perhaps, but I can say that through owning both products for a number of years through multiple game releases the taste in my mouth is that of a gimmick that might work in certain instances, but not all.
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    witton90 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Black Ops 4 Support   
    On the Geo-Filter page you first need to add your gaming device, you will then see the option to switch between filtering or spectating mode. As you’re in the UK a range of 1000km should get you very good games close to home. It sounds like you don’t have the Geo-Filter setup correctly but if you follow what I just wrote then you should notice a difference then.
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    witton90 reacted to Albo2001 in Cod bo4 lag   
    Welcome to BO4 
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    witton90 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in SKY FIBRE   
    Got my router setup today thanks for you kind support muffintastic works a treat on sky fibre 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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    witton90 got a reaction from Netduma Admin in SKY FIBRE   
    Got my router setup today thanks for you kind support muffintastic works a treat on sky fibre 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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    witton90 reacted to muffintastic in SKY FIBRE   
    Sorry, let me elaborate I mean download the latest firmware for the XR500 while you currently have internet access. When the router arrives disconnect all your old router and switch it off apart from your Openreach modem, so you're still synced to the internet and doesn't cause a DLM reset on your line, switching it of and on the Openreach modem.
    I had to do this prior downloading the XR500 latest firmware as when it's shipped it doesn't have the latest version, so you just power on your XR500, connect it to one laptop or PC, put your new password credentials for it, security question and you skip the part when it says "connect to the internet" you want to be looking for something that says "manually" set it up, this will gain you access to the GUI then you can upload the updated firmware to the XR500 and all that good stuff. Once it's updated just setup the DHCP options up and stuff, WiFi etc then you have done all that power the XR500 down > connect the Ethernet to the WAN port and switch on the router and all lights should be white, it takes awhile to iniate the connections but it will work if you've done it properly.
    Latest FW is here: 
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    witton90 reacted to muffintastic in SKY FIBRE   
    Yes, the XR500 supports DHCP option 61, I am a fibre customer and runs fine. The only issue if you care at this moment the router doesn't support native IPv6, having to use a 6-to-4 tunnel to emulate IPv6 on my network. Just leave your BT openreach modem connected and just setup the router offline, but make sure you've downloaded the latest firmware beforehand off here and upgrade offline, as I had to do this.
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    witton90 reacted to RL317 in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    Thanks for bumping or I never would have seen this. This is a great idea.
    It took me forever to find out the network monitor showed ports in use, but once I discovered that I used it to put the hyper lane to good use. If you don't like the idea of a preset which includes a range of thousands of ports, you can use it to create useful advanced/manual rules. I don't really know for sure what choosing a one way rule (for example UDP 3074 destination) really did on the old firmware (is that like setting source to 1-65535?) but CoD and Battlefield games, for example, don't send and receive game data over just one port - you send from a fixed single port, but the receiving server port will always vary. For example in CoD the player will be designated 3074, while the server port would range between 30000 and 50000:

    The new traffic prioritisation feature on DumaOS is great but you can't set it up properly if you don't know which ports you're trying to download traffic from lol
    I've tried rules like destination 3074 source 30000-50000 but it doesn't seem to work; you either get a very small amount of traffic being prioritised before the "light" goes off in game, or you get both upload and download packets being prioritised which, frankly, should be impossible if the destination is your console (download). 
    I've gone back to old firmware (1.03.6) myself while I do some more testing and monitoring of ports in game, because my connections in any game on low pings have been nothing short of disgusting. 
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    witton90 reacted to RL317 in UK BROADBAND USERS   
    I'd say give Plusnet a try. I've read that they have something in place to prioritise certain traffic (including gaming packets). I was torn between them and TalkTalk when leaving BT (same price for the same 80/20 package) and went with TalkTalk... I wish I didn't. Same low ping high UDP lag bollocks. BT is pointless as you pay more for the same thing. Two years ago I started paying £36.50 for 50/10. Two months ago I moved to TalkTalk and I'm paying £28.50 for 80/20.
    Plusnet is now £27.99 a month for 80/20 and you get a £75 disposable debit card (free money if you send it to your PayPal). TalkTalk is £25.45 for the same with no free money but it's arguably worse. 
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    witton90 reacted to Pro Innocence in BT OPENREACH MODEM   
    I done this after I read it this morning and it's working brilliantly! Hope your ok mate long time no speak!
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    witton90 reacted to Killhippie in UK BROADBAND USERS   
    I use IDNet, great niche provider great good for gaming wit lots of peering points you pay a bit more but I see it as totally worth it. I have an short cable from my NTE5C Mk4 faceplate to my modem (0.5m)  I match the chipset (Lantiq) to the cab as on my line (ECI) as broadcom modems do not work so well each line is different depending what tones get though. My router, modem and all peripherals including my iMac are all looked after my a APC 1000va true sine wave UPS with Auto Voltage regulation. so any brownouts, surges and the UPS kicks in, and of course it does as well when there are power cuts. The UPS will shut the iMac down smoothly in case of a power cut but keep my network up for a maximum of 5 hours if needed.

     Zenon is right, its all down to  distance from cab, quality of cable, underground gets more battery faults because of water ingress but that effects Broadband minimally unless is a big one. Overhead lines poles get hit by more REIN at night from street lights and the charged particles from the Ionosphere.  Diameter of copper effects your sync rate, as does bad joints, Aluminium, or Aluminium joined to copper causing reflection and then there is crosstalk. ECI cabs dont have G.inp to protect the lines from crosstalk or vectoring, Huawei ones do and  your modem needs to support both too (which it should). Also all lines are giant aerials in general for all sorts of interference from machines in factories and electrical cables etc.

    In your home keep cables away from power sources, use ferrite cores were needed. This time of year cheap Christmas lights are blasting RFI out so REIN is always a problem. Make sure you have shielded cables where needed, but be aware one end should be earthed to act as a Faraday cage which prevents EMI from reaching the internal signal wire. The thing is if you don't ground the shield, EMI will induce voltages in the shield which will also be seen on the signal owing to the capacitance effect of the cable, so you can shoot yourself in the foot using shielded cables sometimes as well.

     In short  Its amazing with all the stuff that goes on we even get a connection really. Roll on FTTP, which still has issues, mainly being contention still from greedy ISPs who over sell and don't buy more backhaul. I know I have posted a lot but your line is exposed to so much every day and its sheer luck if you get a good pair in the cab. Even G.fast because it uses more spectrum frequency can be possibly more open to interference like REIN simply because of the frequency it uses. There is so much more to broadband than just the router, as I  mentioned its amazing it even works really when its bombarded 24/7 with so many potential issues. FTTP and maybe 5G will help a lot, after all most of us are on what is as a post war copper network designed just for making phone calls.    
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    witton90 reacted to Zennon in UK BROADBAND USERS   
    It is all down to distance from the cab then the quality of your own network.
    Mine is MK3 fibre faceplate / Twisted Pair RJ11 / HG612 Modem / Cat 7 / R1 / Cat 7 / Ferrite cores on all cables and power supplies.
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    witton90 reacted to Zennon in UK BROADBAND USERS   
    You can get your Sky user name and pass from the router via long winded methods if you web search that.
    Everyone will have different opinions on all providers mine of TT is good because I would never use phone support as them guy's know nothing of broadband or networking.
    Mine is good as I use my own network equipment in my home and not their 10 a penny routers that they give out for free but everyone's mileage may differ as they say.
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    witton90 reacted to Zennon in UK BROADBAND USERS   
    Who were both bought out by BT so are BT under another names.
    One persons problems are another man's gold, there are plenty of BT users that have a good line a few might comment.
    If there is a line issue in the UK on BT's inferstructure (copper cables, cabinets) we all have to use Open reach as the middle man call out engineers whether you use BT, Sky or Talk Talk.
    Only Sky and Talk Talk own their own equipment in the exchange alongside BT.
    I use Talk Talk, I do not use their ISP router that is in the bin where it belongs.
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    witton90 reacted to N3CR0 in UK BROADBAND USERS   
    I can't recommend BT mate. 18 months of on and off interleaving and they couldn't care less.
    Last engineer I booked never even showed up.
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    witton90 got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Upnp problem   
    Tonight it was open 😕 beginning to think might be the game, spawns seem slightly better since update, thanks for support tho
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    witton90 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Upnp problem   
    Tonight it was open 😕 beginning to think might be the game, spawns seem slightly better since update, thanks for support tho
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    witton90 reacted to Netduma Admin in Upnp problem   
    It's possible it's the Geo-Filter. But you can try port forwarding these ports if you're worried about it. In all honesty, if you are connecting to friends and games without problems I wouldn't sweat it too much:
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