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  1. velloonythedeity

    Blops 4 Menue Lag

    I said it wrong, I still get menu lag and i have the pro
  2. velloonythedeity

    Blops 4 Menue Lag

    I was getting menu lag, and i got the pro
  3. velloonythedeity

    A Must See BO4 Gameplay

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_kgPWJXChk
  5. velloonythedeity

    Hosts outside filter

    if you live in Minnesota, you shouldn't be on the stl server. you should be on the chi one.
  6. velloonythedeity

    sent to server outside of distance filter

    that's just treyarch, they turned some of the servers off. turn your ping assist off are lower it to like 10.
  7. velloonythedeity

    Server Locations

    the Blizzard Ent, Inc server shows to be in california on the geo filter, but when i look up the ip on whatismyipaddress.com. it shows to be in kansas.
  8. velloonythedeity

    Servers not showing xr500

    its the game, black ops 4 servers are on peer 2 peer, because i brought up b03 and had no probs with finding servers.
  9. velloonythedeity

    Why is my connection to Miami Server so bad?

    what's your speeds?.
  10. velloonythedeity

    Why is my connection to Miami Server so bad?

    it's the game, that's why I stop playing it.