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  1. I know what your asking about and unfortunately you can't turn off DNS Relay. You will always have the router as the DNS address unless you manually set each device witch I don't suggest you do. Dunno if it's possible to build the ability to turn off DNS Relay in DumaOS but if so it would be welcomed. The relay is almost always slower than connecting direct to the DNS servers.
  2. Will we be able to make our own themes? If not can a color wheel be integrated so we can choose our own colors for everything?
  3. I was looking into getting one. Do you think it's worth upgrading?
  4. I would love to test but I can't right now. Kids are out on break and we have a few consoles going at the same time. If thing where color coded then I could tell what each console is doing. When the kids go back I'll run some tests. Sun came out so kids went out! Was able to run some tests and the Seattle server is now showing again?! Everything seems good again.
  5. I'm having the same issue with the Seattle server on the XR500. It's the best server for me so hopefully we can figure out what the issue is.
  6. Ping Assist made it in! Does anyone have the full patch notes? The firmware still isn't available fro m the Netgear site.
  7. Turn off IPV6 on wan & lan for the R1. Personally I haven't had any issues with the R1 or XR500. I live in Colorado and can connect to Cali, TX, & Washington servers for cod blops4. I just make sure at all cost that I get into the Washington server and everything plays just fine with lower ping than the other servers. If it connects me to a P2P game I GTFO with the quickness. Setting Ping Assist 2.0 at 25ms on the R1 also made things feel better. Hopefully we get the R1 milestone features such as Ping Assist 2.0 on the XR500 soon!
  8. Just under advanced settings IPV6. Watch my video:
  9. So if I understand correctly the Traffic Prioritization will fight it out if more than one console is on? If that's the case would it be recommended to put your consoles in order from top to bottom? Top being the one you want to have Traffic Prioritization on first and so on?
  10. I would love to see the color coding come back to to geo-filter! This time if possible you should allow us to choose a custom color. Or have a wide range to choose from. Having my Xbox One bright orange, Xbox One X bright Green and my Switch dark red so on and so forth. I think this should solve the confusion of having more than one console online at a time. Also I'm hoping this is something that could be implemented quickly to the R1 and NetGear family.
  11. Nothing is wrong with the router. I'm just letting everyone know that IPV6 doesn't work with DumaOS QOS and there for you won't have the advantages of Anit-BufferBloat or QOS. Also as mentioned I see major lag spikes if IPV6 is left on.
  12. Just as a heads up I've noticed that having IPV6 on causes issues. Mainly that Xbox One will choose IPV6 over IPV4 making the QOS system useless. I have a video that will be out soon @ ScottsGameRoom on YT showing this in more detail. Having IPV6 on was causing lag spikes in COD Blops4 and other games. * I didn't show the spikes in the video. However if you want to test yourself turn on IPV6 find a server on the Geo-Filter and ping it then do a Xbox Detailed Network Test. The ping times will spike. Turning off IPV6 and testing the same server the spikes go away. I recommend that NetDuma Staff make a pinned post so people don't turn on IPV6 and have a bad gaming experience. Hope this was helpful. Have a great day Watch my video:
  13. I have a Moto G4 and the wife has an LG. She has disconnects sometimes as well.
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