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  1. How would HPT effect streaming? If i remember correctly I was advised to turn off HPT on the R1 before the DumaOS update.
  2. Awesome! Thanks so much! I still play KI almost daily and If they don't make another someday then I'll even be playing KI on the new Xbox.
  3. After some more testing with Auto-Ping off I'm still getting the same results.
  4. With traffic on Xbox what happens if one Xbox is watching Netflix and another is playing games? Is Netflix also getting high priority?
  5. The first 1:20 is with spectating on. Then I backed out of the game turned on filtering for the Xbox One X witch you can briefly see. The last bit of the video (after 1:21) is all filtered. Sorry I didn't leave any indication as to what part was filtered and what wasn't. ( I know better but I was in a hurry ) I'd love to see KI working with the filter again because It loves to connect me to high ping far away matches. If you wanna do some quick testing on KI again it's free to try on Xbox One & Windows 10. Or if you have game pass on Xbox the full game is on the list. I've been an avid NetDuma supporter for years. Ever sense you helped me a few years back with the R1 and Killer Instinct. I mention NetDuma every chance I get on my Twitch & YouTube. The team has built an amazing product I truly love. Thanks again for your help!
  6. Hope this helps if you need anything else please let me know.
  7. How exactly does High Priority Traffic work if there are multiple consoles using it at the same time? The more detail the better. Thanks
  8. A long while ago Fraser helped me get Killer Instinct working with the geofiler. For whatever reason it stopped working properly. If I remember correctly I was asked to put the servers in a list so I've been collecting for awhile. I think I'm missing one somewhere overseas. 2b0d33feaaca4c51 ad28e5b0c54c474c e50da16caa843d42 If y'all could get KI working again it would be greatly appreciated! I still play KI almost daily and it really likes to connect me to high ping overseas matches. If y'all need anything please ask! Have a great one!
  9. I know what your asking about and unfortunately you can't turn off DNS Relay. You will always have the router as the DNS address unless you manually set each device witch I don't suggest you do. Dunno if it's possible to build the ability to turn off DNS Relay in DumaOS but if so it would be welcomed. The relay is almost always slower than connecting direct to the DNS servers.
  10. Will we be able to make our own themes? If not can a color wheel be integrated so we can choose our own colors for everything?
  11. I was looking into getting one. Do you think it's worth upgrading?
  12. I would love to test but I can't right now. Kids are out on break and we have a few consoles going at the same time. If thing where color coded then I could tell what each console is doing. When the kids go back I'll run some tests. Sun came out so kids went out! Was able to run some tests and the Seattle server is now showing again?! Everything seems good again.
  13. I'm having the same issue with the Seattle server on the XR500. It's the best server for me so hopefully we can figure out what the issue is.
  14. Ping Assist made it in! Does anyone have the full patch notes? The firmware still isn't available fro m the Netgear site.
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