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  1. I think what is being asked for is a way to turn off DNS Relay on the XR500. I would like this option as well. Using DNS Benchmark on the XR500 or the R1 can show that the DNS Relay isn't as fast as it could be. The DNS Relay can drop in ranking being slower than using just DNS. It's also been recommended not use a DNS Relay so an option to turn it off would be very welcomed! https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm Also I started using for all my DNS needs. ( It's Great )
  2. I think that worked. My ping is back to normal! I can't express how happy I am This is why I tell people about NetDuma on streams and my YT channel. The router is awesome and your support is unmatched. Thanks Fraser You and the Duma Team rock! PS: When I do another factory reset for new firmware should I do the same thing?
  3. Disabled QOS and took the Xbox off of the geo-filter. Also disconnected all devices and left only the Xbox. Somehow it's even worse than I expected. https://imgur.com/a/TbzKjVJ
  4. The server should be whitelisted as before this problem started I would get around 45ms ping. I just ran a test with Fortnight and noticed the same results. The ping is higher with the XR500 connected for some reason. (XR500 Connected) https://imgur.com/a/p0stWbS (Xbox direct to modem) https://imgur.com/a/7MEuppN Something isn't right!? Same West Coast server two very different results.
  5. Why would the Geo-Filter be blocking the closest server? I don't have anything on my allow/deny list. Is it something I can change?
  6. I've done more testing and the XR500 is still having this very odd issue. The first picture is my Xbox One X connected directly to the modem. As you can see my ping is normal around 47ms. https://imgur.com/a/jAmIUb6 When I connect the XR500 the ping goes up to around 70ms. https://imgur.com/a/LE8uL3a I'm at a loss as to why this started happening. Noting has changed on my setup. I've been running the same settings for months. I tried a complete factory reset of the XR500 and I'm still getting the same odd results. The only thing I can think of is the last firmware update. Please help me figure this out because I can't stand the added ping in gaming.
  7. I keep an eye on things over the next week and if I'm still seeing high pings I come back. Thanks again Fraser
  8. Ya I know that the router shouldn't be effecting the hop. Qos should be set up right. 70% on both sliders 15% on Qos flower and using the always option when testing. Why does that hop get a spike when connected to the XR500 and not my modem directly? Any advice would be great.
  9. My base ping has always been high. I even moved a couple of years ago to the other side of town and still have high base ping. I've tested a few different places and times and I'm having the same issue. It seems to just be that hop I mentioned. If I connect directly to my modem then as you can see in the picture the ping is more stable without the big spike.
  10. Everything was working great then I noticed that my ping randomly went high. After testing with Ping Plotter I saw that around the ( bbr02snjsca ) hop my ping spiked. https://imgur.com/wwGKCI5 I decided to just connect my modem and the spike stopped occurring. https://imgur.com/hzdcHXJ I did a complete factory reset on the XR500 and I'm still having this issue. Please help gaming has been horrid sense this problem started.
  11. Think you'll have time this weekend? I'm connecting to Brazil a bunch and the lag is crazy! Can't wait until I can afford the XR500. Hope to hear back soon!
  12. Thanks Iain, I love NetDuma as a company! It's great that the team responds to us instead of some random forum admin. On top of that the R1 has saved me lots of anger. More than anything I can't stand lag and the R1 has made my online gaming experince so much better. I stream weekly on twitch and almost every stream mention the R1. I'm a huge bleaver in NetDuma software and the company as a whole. As long as the complanys value don't change I'll always support your products. Unfortunately at the moment I can't afford the NightHawk XR500 Hopefully one day I'll gater up the funds! I can't wait to show it off and continue my support of NetDuma. Thanks again for watching my video & fixing my lag! (Scott) Aka Tilted Controller
  13. Here's my video showing the new Xbox ports! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLsc4ADxF1Q&t=1s
  14. OOh DumaOS looks good from what I've seen. I can't wait until April! It's obvious that your super busy but could you please look into my issue. Hope to hear back soon! Thanks again! It's getting worse than ever I can't get a match near me it always chooses outside of my area. The ping in most matches is over 150ms. I hope you have a moment soon to take a quick look at what's happening.
  15. Per my experence with Windows 10 your most likley seeing and Xbox live server for the Xbox app. The Duma can also pick up the Teredo server that your connecting to. Finally I'm 98% sure you'll also see the NetDuma cloud server. I've been using Win10 for sense it was released. The Duma works with it but can show odd stuff because of the Xbox intergration. So you shouldn't worry about anything it's normal. As a side note if you shut down all the "Windows Spying" stuff you'll break the Xbox intergaration. I know because I made that mistake before. I had to fully reinstall windows 10 to use the Xbox intergration. I'll keep an eye out on this post. Again though what your seeing sounds normal to me. Hope this helps. Have a good one!
  16. Finally we can now open multiple consoles without it being a pain! https://youtu.be/bLsc4ADxF1Q
  17. Happy New Year! Have you had a chance to look into my problem? I first posted about this on [Posted 08 October 2017 - 10:38 AM] Most of my matches over the last couple of weeks are going straight to brazil with a ping of 250ms or more! It's unbareable!! Please with everything on top look into and fix this issue for me. Thanks again.
  18. Just checking in. I found some info that may be useful. Two servers appear on the east coast both different. ID: 0234d19cd1a1babf ID: e30d5f2aaa82575c Those seem to be the new servers causing the issue. I also think I had a server pop up in the EU. I wasn't able to get the ID. For whatever reason there are no apperent servers near me in Colorado. However I do sometimes see a circle in California that might be a server but shows as a person. I figure it would be easiest for you to download Killer Instinct on your Xbox or PC it's again free to play. You can also just stop by my stream on Twitch.tv/TiltedController I'm normally playing KI. If I'm not playing KI just ask and I'll switch over asap. I stream Tues/Wed/Friday/Sat @ 1pm Mountain Time -7UTC I hope to have this issue fixed soon. Thanks again for putting up with all my posts. LOL Have a great holiday and fantastic new year. Hope to hear back soon Edit: This is the id for what I think is a server in California ID: 0dd147126eac2e33
  19. Cool I'm not trying to be a bothersome consumer! I love the NetDuma R1. I think it would be better if you downloaded Killer Instinct on Xbox or Windows10 both act the same way. It's also a free to play game! I hope you can get this fixed soon I wanna stop bothering you so you can work on DumaOS!
  20. This issue is really bothering me. Killer Instinct is one of my most palyed stream games. I play it more than any other game in general and on stream. * I'm addicted Streaming and YouTube are my business. I stream about 5 days a week and try to at lesst have one YT video out. Killer Instinct is my main stream game, I play other games but people expect to see me on KI. Fraser helped me awhile back with getting KI working properly on windows 10. They patched KI awhile back to allow for Steam cross play. Thats when this new issue started. I can't get the Duma to work with KI anymore. I've tried everything on my side that I could think of. This is a big issue because XBL always chooses far away players. A vast majority of my matches end up thousands of miles away with over 200ms ping. It's unbearable! I understand you all are very busy trying to get DumaOS ready. I'm a huge fan of your product overall. I have a few YouTube videos explaining why the Duma is the best router I've ever owned. I also let my stream know about it every chance I get. I have direct links to your product on my stream. * I let them know you don't sponser me and all opinions are my own. The NetDuma is fantastic and I won't ever get another brand of router! To anwser your question I'm currently not enjoying the NetDuma. I'm going nutty. I can't enjoy my favorite game Its a lag fest. Killer Instinct is free to play on Xbox and Windows 10. I normally play the Win10 version I tested the Xbox version and saw the same issue. It might be easier for you to download KI and see the issue yourself. All that being said I'll do whatever I can on my end to make things easy on y'all. I need this fixed so I can enjoy my favorite game again and not be crankey on stream due to lag. Thanks for your time.
  21. Hey guys any luck in having a moment to look into this issue?
  22. No problem. I know your all working hard on DumaOS. I check back soon. Have a great weekend.
  23. Any luck in having a moment to check on my issue? The issue has gotten worse and most of my matches are pared over 2000miles away with a ping over 150. It's driving me crazy.
  24. Any luck on figuring out what the problem is? Do you need any more info or for me to try any settings? No huge rush as I know your working hard on DumaOS. Just checking in. Hoping for some good news!
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