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  1. Remote support is now enabled & NAT is Open. I look forward to hearing back in the coming days.
  2. Did some more testing this morning. I reinstalled the stock firmware. During boot it did lock to 1000Mbits for a second before reverting back. Factory reset using pin. Still didn't stay locked. Reinstalled latest firmware. Pin reset. Tested a few more cables I had laying around. Is there anything else I can try? Could it be a faulty WAN port? I don't mind waiting until the next work week for the team to take a look. Just had some free time to mess around.
  3. Sounds good. I might just be super unlucky.🤷 I'll keep messing with it over the weekend. See if it comes back again. I'll keep everyone posted.
  4. I've tried a few different cables. Old & new. When I say I spent hours messing around trying to get it fixed I'm not joking! I tried every major thing I could think of. Again I think changing the DNS caused the issue. Don't ask me how. I agree it doesn't make sense. * Things I've tried New cables Old cables Rebooting R2 Rebooting Modem DNS settings back to stock Custom DNS back to the way I had it QOS set to never QOS disabled AD Blocker Disabled AD Blocker Enabled Factory Reset When this happened the other day & it started working again it was just one of those things were I had no Idea what I did to fix it but I was glad it worked again. I need the random luck that got it working right the last time. Hopefully it's a bug or fluke in the matrix ( & not a bad R2 ) because other than this random issue I'm in love with the R2 & my experience thus far has been amazing!
  5. I'm having a issue with my WAN not giving full link speed it's suck at 100Mbits. I had this issue a few day's back & spent hours troubleshooting. Trying all the normal steps. Even did a factory reset! Still it was stuck. Right as I was going to give up I unplugged the WAN ( for the millionth time ) connected it back & it went back to 1000Mbits. A few days passed & everything was great until the issue came back! The only thing I changed after a day or so of uptime was DNS. I didn't look & see if it caused my issue right away so I can't be sure if the DNS change caused the issue. Sense the issue came back I've done all the normal steps again. I haven't factory reset again because it didn't fix the issue the first time. Connecting the Modem direct to my Pc gives me my normal internet speed & windows shows 1G as per normal. I'm at a total loss as to get the R2 to give me full WAN again. Any ideas?
  6. I double checked my credentials and everything's fine.
  7. I've tried using auto ping which never seems to populate. Also tried turning Auto ping off and choosing individual servers.
  8. When I try to ping a server it just keeps loading. I've reset everything & still have the issue. Router: XR500 With the latest DumaOS 3.0 Beta Phone: Moto G7 Play with Android 10
  9. Awesome 👍 can't wait to get my hands on y'all's hard work!
  10. Unfortunately DSLReports is no longer offering free speed/bufferbloat tests. DSLReports No Longer Free I suggest using Fast.com or PingPlotter.
  11. This is only the beginning guys 😉 It get's even better. I can't wait until they share more.
  12. Count me in for beta testing the XR500 & R1! Learning about all the new features and giving y'all feedback would be really awesome. It would also help me have insight for future videos on my YouTube channel. I'd love to be one of the first people to understand all the new features that are introduced and be able to make more support videos when 3.0 is publicly released.
  13. Make sure to have all your friends join party's with the Geofilter on Spectating. Then you'll need to turn off auto ping and manually add all your friends to the allowed list on the router. It's easiest to add one friend to the party then add to router & repeat for each friend. After that you can turn filtering back on for your gaming.
  14. I was thinking about this myself for awhile now. There's got to be a better way to get new games or even old one's working. I play a game called Killer Instinct on Xbox One witch was released in 2013. When I got my R1 year's ago I asked for them to get KI working. It took a couple of weeks but eventually it worked. Unfortunately it stopped working and I've been patiently waiting for them to update the cloud again for it to work. I completely understand it's not a top priority because it's a really old game. However they're being a way for me to get the game to work on my side without having to rely on the cloud or some way to update the cloud so my game works without having to come to the forum would be great! With the number of DumaOS users increasing along with game's & platforms I foresee this becoming a bigger issue. Possibly a weekly user cloud build that users can opt into?
  15. I have the XR500 and I've been a part time stream for years. Your upload speed is a bit low for a quality stream & gaming. I'd suggest keeping the Anti-BufferBloat set to %100 Good luck streaming it's really fun!
  16. Just grabbed MW a few days ago & now I'm trying to optimize my settings. I noticed that the map y'all put up on twitter shows MW has a Denver server. For whatever reason I can't seem to get it to pop up. I live in Colorado so the Denver server would be optimal. I've tried Flushing the cloud already still nothing.
  17. Hey It's been a good while just wanted to check in.
  18. That sounds awesome! The future of DumaOS looks bright. My YouTube community is going to really enjoy the future of DumaOS. Thanks for taking feedback & making the best product y'all can.
  19. I'm a content creator on YouTube and have had no issues with the XR500. The big * is that DumaOS takes time to nail down good settings for a gamer who plays lots of different things. One setting might be great for Cod but not so much for Apex & so on. Eventually you'll find a setup that works good for most games. The few that give you trouble you'll eventually find settings for as well. I started out with the R1 years ago and grabbed a XR500 when it was released. The one thing I witch NetDuma would put in bold somewhere on the interface or somewhere obvious is that it takes time to find good settings for all games. I've notice many comments on many of my DumaOS videos where people have the same kinds of issues. I explain that it takes time however once you find a good spot your online gaming experience will get better. Looking back at comments I feel as though people think DumaOS is plug in play with minimal user adjustments. That's simply not the case as everyone has a different setup. DumaOS requires you to take the time to adjust things & find your sweet spot. I can be a bit difficult but it's worth it in the end. Good Luck!
  20. How would HPT effect streaming? If i remember correctly I was advised to turn off HPT on the R1 before the DumaOS update.
  21. Awesome! Thanks so much! I still play KI almost daily and If they don't make another someday then I'll even be playing KI on the new Xbox.
  22. After some more testing with Auto-Ping off I'm still getting the same results.
  23. With traffic on Xbox what happens if one Xbox is watching Netflix and another is playing games? Is Netflix also getting high priority?
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