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  1. Hi Jack, Oke that's good to hear that every point being addressed! Looking forward to all the updates/ planned pionts for DumaOS on the R1. Have a nice day, Scorpio
  2. Some other issues i noticed: Upnp doens't work all the time sometimes open or moderate (Is also an old issue on firmware 1.03.6i)! Only portforwarding works good to get OPEN NAT ALL THE TIME on both new dumaos- and old firmware 1.03.6i! We Need Port trigering feature instead! 1.Upnp tabel doensn't save & wont work poperly, also after reboot router Upnp tabel disapears (that's why NAT open or moderate sometimes!) We Need Port trigering feature instead, for steady save ports tabel also after reboot router! 2.Call of Duty servers appear very very shortly on Geofilter! 3.Port trigering feature is missing, would like that this feature is added in the DumaOs! 4.DMZ feature is missing, would like that this feature is added added in the DumaOs!? Greetz, Scorpio
  3. Test it a again see below Doesnt Work!!! Can't set the download 6Mbps and 3 Mbps Upload on PS4! Script Error in Chrome!
  4. Goodmorning Neduma, Fraser, I have tested it with google chrome and i also get an error. Can't apply specific devive ps4 download and upload. First is set ps4 to 6Mbps download and then i want to set 3Mbps Upload and get an error! The other way arround 3 Mbps Upload then 6 MBps Download also get an error. See pictures below! (With firmware R1 1.03.6i. this works!) Don't understand this, maybe a Bug in firmware DumaOs-
  5. I'm on PC and use firefox. The main thing is i can't specify upload and download speed on 1 more devices in beta firmware! Like on the firmware R1 1.03.6i. with using firefox and no problems! apply down and upload it works perfectly on 1 or more device specific! It will not , doesnt work in the open beta firmware DumaOs- And i always get the script error when i want to apply it like ps4 6 down 3 up (70-70 main sliders). My internet max speed internet is 25 Mbps Download 5 Upload. Only when i do the main sliders to 6 down 3 up the speeds go down, not with sliders 70 -70 and then specify a device ps4 6 down 3 up! That's what im experience with it. I think toppic Traffic Prioritization has the same sort of issue with the speeds. Just want you guys to now about it! Greetz, Scorpio
  6. 1. When i want to set a specific download & upload on 1 device it never works it doens'nt apply the settings i want, and i get script error! It's Buggy in comparision on the R1 1.03.6i firmware there it works to specify 1 device upload and download and speeds apply also! Some one else having this issue? 2. Whats the difference between firmware R1 1.03.6i (Krack WiFi Vulnerability) and 1.03.6j? Must i upgrade to it, if not downgrade from Netduma DumaOs-
  7. Oke, will check all the New features when de DumaOS comes out! And will try it again if you can configure different static IP's with same port for same game with NEW The inbound/outbound method! And like I said I'm not a big fan of upnp how this works on the netduma it gives me issues on ps4! I will check upnp Enabled with my PC and see what ports it uses! Thanks for the reply! Scorpio
  8. Hi Fraser Wel i also looked it up on portforwarding.com for the division. And for PC you dont need the port 80 and 443.only for the PS4 So that's ok. https://portforward.com/ports.htm But still if you have 2 ps4 or 2 xbox or 2 pc or a combination of those, with different IP's trying to configure the SAME PORT for the SAME GAME you will Get message port already excist! and you Can't configure / set same ports for different IP's on the netduma! Hope you can test this out for you're self! and see what i mean! And if the DMZ feature is in the NEW Update you can only connect 2 devices one in DMZ the other through port forwarding for the same game! Hope you Guys wil look in to this. Most regards, Scorpio
  9. Hi Fraser, Everthing IP is static in my home network and i'm portforwarding everthing manualy! Upnp is OFF because it does'nt work poperly for the ps4! Get issues with upnp on with ps4, sometimes open ,moderate then stricht other the time and bad speed. (NO DMZ YET!) So you told me in the past to portforward the ps4 in my setup (Netduma R1 In DMZ in My Netgear R7000). And NOW the ps4 works like a Charm and that's good! . But i need also now to portforward some ports for my PC Gaming (PC IP Server is set to XBoxlive) like The Division. Have sometimes connection issues with hostsever. So i need to portforward this in R1 Netduma Router And NOT PC Firewall: https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/49d1ps/info_recommended_open_ports_for_the_division/ Gameports: TCP 80, 443, 27015, 51000, 55000 to 55999, 56000 to 56999 UDP 33000 to 33499 Port 80 and 443 are also taken by the ps4! And i can't specify same ports on 2 different IP's with the R1 netduma! I rather not Enable upnp for my PC for Unwanted upnp port opening. Can This be fixed in the next Netduma UPDATE? Greetz Scorpio
  10. Hi Netduma, I'm having a problem with adding (portforward) the same port for example TCP 80 for PS4 and PC with different IP's one .125, and .126 in the end. Get message port already excist! Can't configure / set same ports for different IP's? I find it strange that you can't specify it to diffrent IP's. Do you how to fix this? Hope to get some answer! Most Regards, Scorpio
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