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  2. I have opened an email ticket with Netgear about this. The ticket reference number is is 40813298.
  3. OK, I've tested again with all VPNs turned off (to work and hosted by the xr700). Speed tests came out the same. I also found that on version having QoS off made no diffrerence on CPU usage nor R-Apps failing to load. I ended up turning QoS back on to always including game detection and ran the speed tests again (on and I got the same speed test results as with it all off.
  4. So with QoS totally off (sliders at 100% of 1000 up and down, and the Disable all QoS checked) I'm only able to achieve ~600mbps up and down through the xr700. This is while direclty connected to the XR700. Direclty connected to my fiber ONT I'm able to get ~950 down and ~1000 up. Under what conditions should the router's CPU fan turn on? Through speed tests and heavy downloading while the CPU was pegged at or near 100% (all four cores) the fan never turned on.
  5. That made a significant difference in CPU and RAM usage overall. I'll test heavy downloading with games detection off and then try the same settings on v1.0.1.2.
  6. So, an update. Today I'm updating games on my Xbox, two PCs, and windows on a PC and none of my r-apps are loading except for system info. I am still running CPU usage is hovering between 60-90% I should note that I have 1gbps symmetrical fiber service.
  7. So far so good on Not sure how helpful this is, but I've noticed CPU load is less than half on compared to
  8. The only security software running is Windows Defender. Turning active protection off resulted in the "r-app not loaded" still appearing. (I did test this against v1.0.1.2) I've also realised that I had auto-update enabled and that I was running since Friday evening when I rebooted the device. I'm going back to now!
  9. OK,I set the retry to 5 and rebooted. I'm still receiving "r-app not loaded" for the QoS and Geo Filter apps.
  10. Same on wire directly to XR700. Though I did get an "uncaught exception" when first loading up Geo. New logs attached. On another note, while I'm not able to load up QoS or Geo I get mean lag spikes in-game. qos2- geo2-
  11. That is a no to the issue going away with aggregate turned off.
  12. Sure thing. ISP has a fiber line to my houes, ONT on the outside, CAT6 line directly to the XR700. XR700 Aggregated to an HP switch to the whole houes, various rooms with switches to devices. (3 Xbox Ones, 2 gaming PCs, macbook pro, mac pro, laptops, smart tv). Console output for Geo and QoS attached gos- geo-
  13. An update. QoS, Geo filter, and network monitor were all timing out/not loaded after 20 hours of online time. We had three PUBG sessions going when I went to check on it. I rebooted the XR700 and the Network Monitor came back, Geo and QoS have not yet. I've tried different browsers and incogneto mode.
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