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    Chf Wiggum got a reaction from Netduma Jack in Should I return the Nighthawk XR500?   
    Processing the return now! 
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    Chf Wiggum got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Device Manager NOT Working   
    I think I fixed the device manager issue by unplugging everything > Power cycling the HUB which gave me a new WAN IP address  > attaching the router and powering it up again. It seems to be back on real time as I connect and disconnect devices. I will let you know if this changes, may have screwed things up by factory restarting the router and having it connected to the HUB or something.
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    Chf Wiggum reacted to cyberhunterx1 in gears4   
    its time to add gears4 to the geo filter we need if you are a fan of the game 
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