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    ltr7 reacted to Bozo in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Hi Luke/Fraser,      Hoping we could get an update on when the DumaOS update is planned or is there a way I can set up a notification on arrival?     Manually checking is tiresome.      Cheers,
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    ltr7 reacted to Sal in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    To the people who are saying buy the netgear, this was my plan I had decided to drop the R1 a while back. Then the devs changed my mind when they announced anti jitter and other features would be available exclusively to the R1. But even that seems like a lie, panic response to an angry fan base. It’s typical netduma at this point uncertain to say the least. This could all be over if they come out with an honest answer and make it clear where we stand with the R1 if they say it’s not happening then the wait is over I’d happily go out and buy the netgear. I’m not willing to spend £270 on a router which isn’t getting the features that were advertised 3 years ago. If the netgear gets exactly the same planned/promised updates I’d buy it tomorrow however from what we were told before this isn’t the case. We need more transparency and then people can make their minds up! This is one of this companies major shortcomings.
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    ltr7 reacted to Jstrick17 in Need Help with WW2 Lag   
    Well i guess i'll have to let ww2 go, game is unplayable for me 75% of the time
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    ltr7 reacted to BOLDSHOTER in Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR500 Gaming Router   
    This is very understandable, the move Netduma took with partnership with Netgear, will just help Netduma grow even more, with netgears future routers with DUMAOS will just get better, just slightly a disappointment the routerboard Netduma R1 owners have to wait till April 18, but sense Netgear now has their hands full with DumaOS they also have the say with the Netduma team, but all for it just still a little disappointed with the April official release. 
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    ltr7 reacted to Tuckable in Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR500 Gaming Router   
    As someone who just bought the NETDUMA a few weeks ago i am extremely upset about this announcement and feel like im getting cheated. The wifi on the duma is bad And doesnt even support 5g. Only reason i went with the duma over the nighthawk was for the geofilter. If i knew this combo was coming out i would have waited.
    Will there be a chance to exchange for the new nighthawk running dumaOs? Really unfair for people who just bought the netduma within that last month. This should have been announced around the holidays.
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    ltr7 reacted to major masingil in COD WW2 Activision servers will break a man   
    Since WW2 released I'd get the occasional lag out. Maybe 1 or 2 times a week.  Since the last 2 patches I can barely play the game.  I keep "disconnecting from activision servers."  I stopped using the Geofilter to see if that was causing me to disconnect, but it's not the GF.  Now I'm only using Ping Assist, but I am getting kicked out almost every other game.  Especially if I have a really good game.  I was trying to bank on all the double XP for Winter Seige Update this weekend, but ended up having to reboot so much that it seemed like I was only getting regular XP.  I won't even mention the lost supply drops and other awards I earned but didn't get.  
    I'm going to have to go back to TF2.  It's mechanically superior in every way. If you're on top of a leaderboard in TF1 or TF 2 you deserve to be there.  The amount of skill it takes to play well makes it really hard to learn, but once you know the movement, it makes you feel like you can do anything.  WW2 is fun, but it seriously looks like a trip back in time to Nintendo 64 as far as player mechanics and graphics. If I'm going to lag out almost every game and lose anything I gained why would i want to embrace the grind?  
    I should state that this is the first game I've played since purchasing the R1 that I have ever had serious disconnect problems.
    Does anyone have an idea on how to combat these COD / Activision servers?  I have open NAT, UPnP on, and sliders at 70%. No geofilter for the time being.
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    ltr7 reacted to JOE1305 in Activision servers lost ww2/Fix   
    Im playing on reactive all the time but this game unplayable for me. Even in Hardcore. The Connection is so bad because I Play only P2P. I tried Blops 3 and everything was fine. Got even my first Nuclear.
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    ltr7 reacted to Taylorjosh918 in Cod WW2 gotten even worst?   
    So all of a sudden this game has gotten worst some how. It’s new little trick is I get booted out with an error after 95% of games and have to completely restart the game. And I am connection to a server in Spokan Washington instead of Seattle? How is this game still this ****** up?????
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    ltr7 reacted to mlg135i in Call of duty WW2 lag or broken camera angles??!   
    Agreed dedicated servers are a mess, stopped playing the game for now until I hear of a genuine fix for the connection, the game embarrasses good players it really does, getting owned by little noobs who are clueless. As for the score streaks they’re worse than cod ghosts. Just makes the game no fun at all. Don’t understand cod it just seems to go backwards, what happened to the days of mw2 and blops 2!
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    ltr7 got a reaction from Sal in Call of duty WW2 lag or broken camera angles??!   
    It has something to do with the dedicated servers, p2p the game worked great ever since they flipped the dedi switch the game has been broken.
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    ltr7 reacted to Soloflyerz in Call of duty WW2 lag or broken camera angles??!   
    Totally agree I too am shocked by random deaths to people who are 2-10, but would have to be pro to pull off the kill from my viewpoint, something is way off. Whether it’s location based or connection quality, cam angles or lag I know I should be winning most of these gun fights. I’m by no means a pro, but I’ve played every shooter online for quite a while and have never had these random instablind deaths. I too have the line, monitor, duma and all that, none of it seems to matter in this title. Seems like some of it’s actually making things worse which is just bs, I get they want an “even” playing field yet this is the farthest thing from it. I’ll have a night going 45 and 3 or 5 for hours then next morning im lucky to go positive until I redo a bunch of bs setting that wouldnt matter in any other game. It’s literally like they’re trying to make skill, dedication and practice worthless in favor of selling to the masses. I know this is far fetched and I’m normally at the top still or at least top 3 so I’m doing well, but consistency seems thrown out the window thus far.
    Maybe it’s time to go back to r6, wildlands, or even older cods, but I hate to when there’s real potential for a great game under all this trash and I’ve really enjoyed the newest cod for years. Want to try ranked play, but I’m afraid these things will blow it so I’m still waiting at this point. They’re has to be something people are doing to gain consistency or maybe it’s just they’re location to the server, can’t wait to find out what’s up and get back to having fun playing. At least we can 1v1 the get good kids right in hq now though, that’s always a good laugh and my few games there so far don’t seem too screwy. Good luck and please share if anyone has any ideas as it seems even some of the decent streamers are having serious issues from what I’ve seen so far.
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    ltr7 reacted to ColonicBoom in Call of duty WW2 lag or broken camera angles??!   
    Until SHG sort out some of the funk I don't think there's much enjoyment to be had from playing WW2. I'm certainly not enjoying playing it much, even in a match where you dominate the opposition and drop all your streaks twice, it's pretty boring.
    1. CoD is always like this after launch so it should improve. It could be down to a whole lot of things.
    The servers seem pretty terrible in general. The matchmaking seems to be all about speed (of putting a lobby together) rather than matching similar connections - why else would we see anyone with a constant 2 bar at peak-time in Western Europe. It could be down to the ping-compensation algorithm. It could even be that they want it to be like this.
    2. Kill cams will drive you mad. Most of the time it looks like the enemy has very little control over the sticks and just got lucky. I've got no explanation for it but I expect that whenever you kill them they're saying the same thing.
    3. The movement is something I've complained about since the first day. In close-up gunfights the full-speed strafe and random lurching movement, as enemies hop from side-to-side, makes it hard enough to keep your eyes on them, never mind your cross-hairs. It looks like the enemy is lagging or the servers aren't able to keep up with the input. I don't know what it is.
    When you see an enemy strafe+lurch across your screen from one side to the other, I've noticed that they travel about 6ft or more in relation to the environment (much too far to sweep your aim) but when you watch the killcam they have only made a tiny one-step adjustment on their screen. It just looks like something isn't being calculated properly.
    Today I've recorded a few clips showing that my movement freezes completely sometimes when I get shot, it affects hipfire rotation, sweeping while ADS and even sprinting - everything just stops when the first bullet hits. Driftor did a video about the flinch, it seems broken as to when you flinch. Sometimes you flinch the moment a bullet hits and sometimes several frames after it hits. This is probably all tied together.
    The turning speed while ADS just seems wrong in relation to the hipfire rotation.
    There's a large and very slow treacle-dead-zone until you reach a certain point on the stick where it hits a pickup and becomes very loose.
    It happens regardless of sensitivity, even max sensitivity has the same treacle zone, it's throwing a lot of people off with their aim, you can see it in most killcams (they paint either side of you).
    4. I tested the aim-assist with Benormous this evening in a private match. The two aim-assist functions seem extremely powerful and predicable. If you spin round while not-ADS you can see the obvious huge amount of sticky-aim, the slowdown is immense and the rotation is predictable. I don't know what's happening to it when you get into a public match but it often seems to completely disappear.*
    5. I wouldn't worry about the killcam being jittery, I think that's literally just the killcam being jittery rather than the enemy. Nearly all of the killcams I've watched have that shuddering.
    *Before I played WW2 this evening, I played Infinite Warfare and I dusted off the old Xbox and played MW3 and even MW2.
    I haven't played either MW2 or MW3 for several years, to the point that I couldn't even remember how to set up my old mixamp with the Xbox 360, and I struggled for a few games in MW3. Then we tried MW2 and I got an AC130 in the 2nd game.
    Even with a different pad, with short stiff thumbsticks and no Kontrol Freeks, it was very easy to jump between these three games and the aiming/controls felt natural and fluid. With WW2 I feel like I'm recovering from a stroke.
    It's the game, play something else until they fix some of the problems if you value your sanity. Or camp like you've never camped before and be bored out of your mind.
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    ltr7 reacted to fuzzy clam in frame rate lag cod ww2 ps4 pro?   
    Agree with MoD,I'd rather have it run smoother than to look better.
    Actually I want both but would rather have it play better than look better
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    ltr7 reacted to iAmMoDBoX in frame rate lag cod ww2 ps4 pro?   
    Neither console runs games at true 4k 60 FPS... They do all kinds of tricks and up-scaling to get the games at 4k. 4k 60 FPS is literally pushing the hardware to 110% the entire time. I'd much rather do 1080p and be using 30% of the CPU and GPU to make sure my game runs better.
    Even $1200 PC graphics cards can barely do 4k 60 FPS, so how can a console that is half that cost do it? Impossible.
    I assume you have the LG 27UD88-W?
    I'd take a really good 1080p panel over a 5ms GTG 4k. Going from my 144hz 1080p Benq to a 75 inch LG 15ms 4k TV I can feel the insane amount of input lag.
    In my opinion we just aren't ready for 4k gaming yet. Especially when the drawbacks far outweigh the benefits of it.
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    ltr7 reacted to SleepyWeasel in WWII Fix Yet?   
    So got my Netduma on Monday. 
    Console: XBOX1
    ISP: Xfinity
    Download: 45 mbs 
    Upload: 12 mbs
    Location: Midwest, USA
    Saw pings around 12-25ms
    Settings were 38% Download 70% Upload and was getting amazing gameplay. Hit detection was spot on. I felt like it was fair with most of the lobby, and I had god connection over the rest. Finally was having a blast on WWII. 
    Since the last update I get "Disconnected from server" after almost every game.... this game is trash.... i guess I like playing trash because I can't stop. 
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    ltr7 reacted to Dan in WWII Fix Yet?   
    6hz-haha. Maybe they keep refreshing the same frame ten times then change for the next.
    They may as well add audio description as a feature so we can enjoy a smooth female melodic voice read out "you scale the stairs and enter the main bunker on pointe du hoc to see an enemy looking out the bunker window, he holds a LMG and initiates a weapon reload. The LMG has a five point five second reload animation, you place your barrel to the back of his head, empty both barrels followed by a frantic melee to the liver and kidneys. The enemy reload animation ends, annoyed by the commotion , hip fires a single shot scuffing the high-shine finish of your army boots. You collapse in slow motion from your death whilst furiously spamming the cancel kill cam button"
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    ltr7 reacted to Dan in WWII Fix Yet?   
    Someone at Sledgehammer misread 60Hz as "60 hurts" and incorporated it into the netcode; expect 60 bad games to one good one.
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    ltr7 reacted to Soloflyerz in WWII Fix Yet?   
    Yep duma or not this is the case, I started another thread before thanksgiving cause I’d found great setting that finally made it playable for nearly a week. Than come Wednesday everything’s went to [email protected] and nothing’s consistent except terrible games. I didn’t think it was possible, but old SHG actually managed to screw the pooch worse. SHG smh what a joke
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    ltr7 reacted to Dan in WWII Fix Yet?   
    There is definitely something weird about the aiming in the game. I had played for a few miserable hours catching lead like a clay pigeon.
    Nothing terrible about my aim just my weapons firing NERF darts or maybe cotton wools balls as they did little else to the enemy than give my position away.
    If the guns aren't going to kill them no point giving them my position; I think we need a new game mode called "Oliver Twist". Objective run round trying to steal wallets out of their back pockets trying not to get shot"
    Anyway back to the point, aiming was okay until past midnight when suddenly I not could keep ADS on the enemy even at a few metres. Cross hairs just flew to either side of target. I suspect game was so out of sync aim assist was putting hairs on where target was but gameplay was far behind. I gave up and cried myself to sleep......
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    ltr7 reacted to RL317 in WWII Fix Yet?   
    I always have A+ across the board with regular settings. Although I don't actually game with other devices online most of the time, I average 1ms bloat with 0% packet loss and around 0.1ms jitter with my 7ms latency to my local server.
    My one and only smooth game on WW2 involved me forcing around 20% packet loss so I got an F grade for line quality. You'll even see me using F as a clan tag in the video I'm about to link, just because I like keeping track of what I do in case I finally find something that makes the game work. Not only was there a drastic difference in time to react - a NORMAL time to react where I'm not being instantly beamed only for a killcam to show me a stuttering wifi goon was drawing Zs across me with 3 sensitivity and dogshit accuracy - but the hit detection was the best I'd seen to that point. If you think my hit detection looks "meh, that's normal" or even bad in this game - and I don't know what's considered good feel wise in this title because I haven't had any hit detection - then just know every other game has been self harm-inducing in comparison lol

    No wonder all the hexagon YouTubers from IW are tearing it up. Dropping packets full of information about shots landing is how to improve hit detection apparently! Seriously though I'm confused. I haven't even bothered server hopping yet... I just wanted 7ms to be playable so I don't get worldstarred by people with no eyes every gunfight.
    I put Ghosts on the other day and got flawless hit reg on a 6.7ms player host even though the lobby was full of people spread out far and wide. Even IW, a game I've had terrible issues with, makes WW2 look unplayable. I had a 7.48KD for the week last time I got on IW, playing endless parties and sweats with nothing but nonlethal streaks in TDM, and I go negative to awful players in WW2 on the same connection because I'm suddenly half a second behind the action while basically host? Yeah ok hahaha. I warm up vs extra health hardened bots on WW2 to sharpen both reaction time and sustained precision, can go 100-7 against wall hacking, prefiring throwing knife users that don't miss, then go online and suddenly I can't aim because players will have some invisible barrier over them pushing my aim back as if 14 sens is too slow
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    ltr7 got a reaction from Firefighter085 in Tennessee Player Connecting to UK Server on COD WW2???   
    This game since the dedicated servers went live last week is broken, I've had people from four countries in one game. I had one guy last weekend that was sitting at 1700ms all game. Broken unless they return to p2p which won't happen because the You Tubers have good connections and need people to lag so they can look good lmfao.
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    ltr7 reacted to scbba in Dedicated Servers xbox 1   
    Yea I was thinking the same thing I'm going to try the solution above when inter home and see if I can get any p2p games. Imo here in the state's we could pull off p2p will do good with the quality of net we have
    Here is what it does when I have ping assist off and strict mode enabled I get put into a 3k plus mile dedi with my geo set to 300 what causes this?

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    ltr7 got a reaction from mitja1980 in Dedicated Servers xbox 1   
    I think it has to do with the lag comp on dedis, it seems to to be trying to sync players from way to far with extremely different quality's of internet. When you get p2p the game is looking for purely ping quality for matchmaking. Also it probably doesn't help that Activision is to cheap to purchase their own servers and there is way to few of them here in the states, and in my opinion any company making billions every year on digital DLC content alone has the responsibility to have a much stronger infrastructure for its customers. It's a total slap in the face to all of us gamers. I have changed isp providers, tried several different routers, had my current isp line check my drop numerous times but after just one weekend of local p2p I realized it was all down to the last four or five titles all playing on the same broken servers. It's almost criminal how we are being treated when it comes to the online play.   
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    ltr7 got a reaction from fuzzy clam in WW2......   
    I think the matchmaking is way worse when playing on the dedicated severs and it feels a lot more like SBMM for sure, which makes it worse because your lagging and playing better players with better connections then you.
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    ltr7 got a reaction from fuzzy clam in Is Call of Duty WW2 Broken?? What Happened?? SBMM?? Will COD WW2 Be Fixed?   
    It's almost funny to me all of these "pro players" are bitching about SBMM and they don't even realize that it's the dedicated servers they wanted so bad that are the problem SMH.
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