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    I know you might be messing about but that is a great piece.
    ...And now I've lost two hours to youtube because of you.
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    Wanted to make a thread dedicated to fixing peoples issues.
    Hopefully this will reduce the amount of new threads / problems each day!

    Make sure you're always upgraded to the latest firmware.
    Here's a list of the latest firmwares, the latest being first.
              • Firmware 1.03.5m Download (Latest)
    • Firmware 1.03.4 Download

    General Problems And Fixes
    Q: I can't access the netduma panel!
    A: The default panel URL is, if you can't connect using that URL , try http://r1/ 
    - Make sure you use an ethernet cable when trying to connect, as WiFi mode can be disabled.
    If first time setup connecting to wifi the default password using the serial number is case sensitive so make sure you have input it correctly.

    Q: I Still can't connect , even when using the ethernet cable!
    A: Make sure you have connected the devices correctly, your device -
    should be connected to the netduma , and your netduma should be connected to your other router.
    Make sure they're connected through the first ethernet port on each device.
    If you still can't connect, see if you are able to connect to the interface by following this bricking guide.

    Click for bricking guide

    As a last resort try factory resetting the router by pressing the small button on the back.
    Hold the button for roughly 3-5 seconds , you will hear a beep. The wifi password will then be "netdumar1"

    Q: Netduma has my home location wrong!
    A: You have to manually adjust your home location.
    You can do so by clicking the house icon , which can be found on the geo-filter tab.
    After repositioning your home location , expand the radius too your preferred size.
    Click for demonstration
    Click to visit Geo-filter page or Click to visit Geo-filter page

    Q: I factory reset , now I can't connect at all!
    A: All your settings have most likely been deleted / disabled , including WiFi. The default WiFi password will now be "netdumar1". If you are unable to connect using this password you will need to use an ethernet cable to access the panel.
    If your device doesn't support ethernet, ask a friend or relative if they will allow you to borrow their device.
    When you are able to access the panel , immediately enable WiFi , and upgrade from the latest firmware.

    Q: Do I need to portfoward on both devices?
    A: Nope , if you have ports open on your old device, add them to the netduma and remove them from your old device.
    You can enable UPNP which will take care of ports automatically for you.
    Do not use both port forwarding & UPnP. Use one or the other.

    Q:When I launch my game , my NAT type is strict / moderate?
    A: Make sure when you turn the console on / launch the game , the geo-filter is disabled.
    Having it enabled before hand can block important connections.
    If you aren't sure which ports to forward , follow this list here
    List of game ports for xbox - playstation - wii 
    Also follow this guide on how to open your NAT
    Open NAT guide
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