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  1. I purchased GL.iNet GL-AR150 just for gaming and testing. 16Mb flash, 64Mb RAM, 400MHz CPU, but what I like the most is that it's fully supported by at least 4 different open source Firmwares. £ 22.8 from amazon This is going to be an interesting weekend
  2. My opinion for WWII is that all these years of wall running and boost jumping have screwed us for good.
  3. Use smoke grenades to safely cross their line of sight and flank. Problem solved.
  4. If only there was a loophole in netcode to allow p2p, duma sales would skyrocket. I'm afraid there isn't.
  5. Sorry for the offtopic. Are there really any other benefits acquiring an epic gun other than being epic?
  6. I don't want to disappoint you but I think trying to force p2p while dedicated servers around you are fully functional is almost impossible. Everyone near you is automatically connected to a dedi leaving you alone searching for strict p2p matches. I've been in this situation numerous times.
  7. 10 years gaming already, this is the worst game launch I've seen. You can have 2X fun with free to play games like Blacklight Retribution. This is a disgrace for a A class game like COD.
  8. Just forget servers for the time being.
  9. -Lots of host migration - Scoreboard display time after the game is ridiculously long, leaving just a few seconds to get ready for the next match.
  10. I was typing instead of the wan ip. Everything is fine now.
  11. Thanks for your reply Fraser. I must be doing something incorrectly. First of all 2 DHCP Servers can't exist in the same network. Correct? Second, there must be a different Subnet Mask in the first router, other than Is this right? SOLVED thanks
  12. Down/Up speeds have nothing to do with game experience. Congestion is where you have to focus.
  13. Can someone please tell me if it's possible to view NETDUMA's GUI from my PC, even though it's in a different subnet?
  14. It's getting worse (from the same article) If the player purchased a particular weapon, microtransaction engine 128 may match the player in a gameplay session in which the particular weapon is highly effective, giving the player an impression that the particular weapon was a good purchase.
  15. (Possibly a roumor) "Activision may matchmake those who own a specific microtransaction item with those who do not, which could encourage the player who does not own the microtransaction item to purchase in-game credits to get it." Full article here If it's true, we are heading to a pay-to-win situation which is very sad.
  16. As far as I know unwanted packages are either DROPed or REJECTed. A DROP command gets rid of the package quitely. A REJECT command drops a package but returns "icmp-port-unreachable" I cannot see how the above can affect gameplay. COD has a magical and mystical way to treat us placebo pills. Trying to improve a connection when a game behaves that way is like chasing a Utopia. But we all love chasing our Utopias. Aren't we?
  17. Heart attack is very rare for a 38 years old. Aneurysm is making more sense. Heart attack is a symptom of extremely poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I find it hard to believe it's the real cause.
  18. So sad to hear this. I couldn't believe it at first. I did a twitter search where someone mentioned heart attack.... Only 38 years old... Rest in peace my unknown friend
  19. All the people complaining, have the right to do so. Updates is a major feature in this product and possibly a good reason for someone to purchase. Announcements should be made with caution.
  20. Hope it is consistent. Good or bad I don't care.
  21. Forgive me, but asking for a refund for something that is constantly evolving is something stupid.
  22. The complete 4 Seasons is a Masterpiece. Visited Venice 2 years ago to honor this guy. Antonio Vivaldi is by far my favourite composer
  23. 2 questions. Is editing allowed in clips ? Can we submit more than one clip?
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