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  1. Would it be worth my time to switch how I play and change from PS4 controller to keyboard and mouse? or would there be no significant difference in how I play?
  2. For one more time: IT'S NOT ABOUT MONEY
  3. Just a quick question to those who "do not understand the frurstration".... Do you guys run a business or a company of any kind ?
  4. 10 pages already, approx 200 posts, tons of questions and speculation. Admin replies: ZERO. Sorry, but this is the definition of "fishy" gentlemen...
  5. Forgive me, English is not my native language but I think "a few more weeks" is not quite the same as "a couple of weeks"Read OP again.
  6. Is this official or your estimation? BTW this "grow up" argument is lame.
  7. Don't know bro. Honestly. I just can't help feeling that this device is obsolete.
  8. At least can we have a honest answer if RB951G-2HnD is capable of running DUMA OS ?
  9. On top of that you are called a crybaby.... Pathetic
  10. Release it as a snapshot with a HUGE "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" disclaimer.
  11. Thanks for sharing. Is there a workaround for R1 owners (console) ?
  12. To my closest COD server. My ping to Google is low (approx 20ms).That's because my "ping" requests, hit a server very close to me according to Google Edge Points of Presense.(The map is here). That's why I believe an Internet Diagnosis Test based on is not always accurate.
  13. My base ping is 50ms. Unfortunately I can't do better than that. I have awesome games, good games and mediocre games. More or less like everyone else I suppose. So IMO, NO ping is not king for COD. It's easy to pick my best game, upload a video and brag about my connection and hardware, but I consider that "cherry picking" AKA the fallacy of incomplete evidence. My R1 will give me good games 8 out of 10 times and I'm happy with that.
  14. Sgt-Greco


    Still, there is no easy way to throttle bandwidth per IP/MAC. Other than that LEDE/OpenWRT is solid and stable.
  15. I wish Netduma crew the best of luck with their new partner. Just a couple of thoughts. I find it rather unlikely to purchase, not because of the high price, but because I feel "betrayed"..... It just doesn't feel right. I'm not aware of the terms or the agreement of this partnership, but I think Netuma devs should insist on top priority for early buyers. After all, these guys supported the new product, helped the community, uploaded tons of videos with tutorials, settings, reviews etc. One more thing to all the "it will be ready when it's ready" dudes. Maybe now you've learned your lesson why it is so important to keep your mouth shut every now and then.
  16. - Circumscribe the largest possible area near you, where no dedicated server exists. - Zero your PA value - Make sure Strict Mode is on - Make sure PSN friends outside the above area are in your allow list, so they can join your sessions and avoid chat NAT type issues. The closest server in my case (I live in Athens) is the Milan server, so I try to circumscribe an area where boundaries reach the outskirts of Milan. Once again let me say that the ability to force p2p IS A HUGE BENEFIT in areas where there are no dedicated servers around. Netduma crew must point that out even more. Sorry for my poor English Hope that helps.
  17. Happy New Year. Killcams are screenshots stiched together, thus very far from being accurate. Netduma works perfect for me but I still believe that the game will put you in the best dedi possible when your service is disabled. So I use it only when I want to force p2p.
  18. Absolutely fantastic job from mr.Sim Definitely a sticky and a must watch. I've also created a spreadsheet in both .xlsx and .ods formats, so you can input your test results as Sim suggests in his video. You can download .ods format here or .xlsx format here
  19. Sounds like double NAT. Check your WAN IP in both separately. If you see a local IP (for example 192.168.x.x) in one of them, then you have two devices performing NAT.
  20. I use LEDE with cake / layer_cake queue discipline and it's performing well, BUT keep in mind that LEDE does not allow priorities to be configured based on destination IP addresses and/or ports the way R1 and Gargoyle flawlessly do. IMO having both LEDE and R1 routers in your armory is the best option. Just step back and keep an eye on the progress each one is making. I really hope NETDUMA releases their next update soon.
  21. also his hand is empty at the beginning like he is ready to grab you know what. Very annoying.
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