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  1. Hi Fraser, thanks for jumping in. My issues: a) I can't figure out how to turn off NAT on R1 b) Not sure about DHCP. What device should have DHCP on. Primary router or R1 ? c) IP addresses. Should all of these devices must be under the same range (192.168.1.x for example) or it doesn't make any difference ? d) Which device gives an IP on PS4 ?
  2. @Chaiyoabc suggested to use Netduma for GF only and an open source router for QoS. I have posted what I'm trying to achieve here
  3. This is what I'm trying to do: I believe the pic above is self-explanatory. I am willing to start from scratch to make this puzzle work. If you have any advice I'd appreciate.
  4. I'd also like to know how. I tried every possible way to cascade LAN to LAN two routers (DD-WRT and R1) but I can't avoid double NAT.
  5. Beta is over. My final opinion is that it was the best result a developer could ever come up with on such short notice. There is a huge, HUGE industy flourishing on Youtube based on negativity. "It's a [email protected], Sh!tty, awful game" etc. (Eighthoughts, GGreloaded and so on). I hate this approach. My advice is if you don't like it, don't play it. You can cancel your preorder and move forward.
  6. Can you post your setup from wall to Tomato ? (ip address for each device, if you have a bridged modem, pppoe etc.)
  7. Overall I enjoy the game but SBMM is so thick, you sweat in every game. I miss the variety of good/bad players jumping in and out of lobbies. It's almost impossible to grind weapons in these sweaty lobbies without getting melted. This sucks. Disbanding lobbies is also an awful idea. I remember back in the days when you started a kind of "vendetta" with an opponent, trying to beat them in the next game. This was soooo fun. As far as connection is concerned , I frequently get this "hi ping" icon but I'm pretty sure it's false alarm. Otherwise I play OK with my 40 € open source firmware router and it's built-in QoS (I have posted my setup numerous times in threads an DMs). I mostly quickscope but Pelington is a hitmarker machine and Tundra is slow as death. COD community for some reason despise quickscopers and they won trying to convince Treyarch to nerf these weapons. I preordered the game and I don't regret it. I'm looking forward to November 13 launch
  8. Yes, actually it's the predecessor of OpenWRT Nothing special . Here is all my settings in one pic. I use 90-95% Down/Up. Maximum Priority to my PS4 only (use /32 after it's IP address) and whenever I want to do some testing limiting it's bandwidth, I turn it to Manual. I do not use UPnP or DMZ. That's it.
  9. Still on DD-WRT and enjoying the game (CW beta) . Reduced my FOV to 90 , objects are rendered fast and I'm having a blast. Can't wait for full release.
  10. Hi. here is my 2 cents. MW is most of all a noob friendly game (Joe Cecot's words, not mine). What makes you think that state-of-the-art routers, snappy ISPs or 1 ms monitors will help ? Personally I think there is no difference at all. The majority of new players that can't afford this kind of stuff, is Activision's main target group. Yes. Throttle your bandwidth really hard. You'll probably have a couple of good games until SBMM kicks in to send you back to sweaty lobbies.
  11. Throttling hard works in this game, trust me. I'm on a simple TP-LINK router with DDWRT and I enjoy ALPHA a lot. Give it a try. I know every year , with every new COD, same story. Do this do that bla bla bla. I don't mean to bust your [email protected] just sharing my thoughts.
  12. R1 / 3.093 there is also a false offline status for a couple of my devices.
  13. I've tested almost every Up/Down combination. Unfortunatelly I can't avoid Ping Under Load = D. My upload is killing me and I can't figure out why.
  14. Great feature Fraser thanks for your reply. I'll try it . Is OS3 still testing against for the benchmark results?
  15. Hey, hi. I have this huge deviation between Ping and Ping Under Load (R1 OS3). During the test my LAN was idle. I've been away from gaming/routers for a long time and I feel a little rusty. Don't know what to do. Any ideas ?
  16. I'd love to try this (as I like DDWRT the most) but It doesn't make sense. Your speed package is very high so after 25% throtling and dividing, you end up with decent up/down values. For us with lower speed packages (50/5 for example) we end up with ridiculously low up/down speeds per user.
  17. A honest answer is that you cannot manipulate your connection gameplaywise in COD (if this is the game you are interested in).
  18. I'll try to explain my gaming experience with my limited English vocabulary... With DUMA OS I feel tense and I find myself gripping my controler harder than usual, getting ready for the imminent gunfight which I'm almost certain I'm about to lose. On the other hand with OpenWRT the game feels like it "flows" better and I can obtain a momentum easier. I'm not saying I'm kicking ass with OpenWRT as I am a mediocre player. But at least I have a good feeling at the end that I did the best I could. I'm afraid I can't explain it better.....
  19. i wish there was a caddy firewall script for Linux OS. OpenWRT/cake plays better with MW
  20. Killcam is unreliable. It's more ore less like spectating camera in Headquarters when you're dead. How many times I've said "why the hell he is not shooting? He is right in front of him"... but I'm convinced this is not the case.
  21. Is "Duma Os Classified game" available in R1?
  22. I mean if it's better to choose "never" when using the script
  23. Thanks man. Do you have QoS disabled while this script is running?
  24. I can't see the port. Just the server. Is it only me?
  25. I doubt this is due to connection. You are a great player, and you moved well. You also went for the kills rather than the objectives (2 captures). Overall it was a great game..
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