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    Buster got a reaction from Newfie in Anti bufferbloat 20%   
    As far as i am aware the XR500 has issues handling pppoe and qos on upload from what i have read on here in other threads ,
    i am on BT
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    Buster reacted to Newfie in Anti bufferbloat 20%   
    Ive had a good old read of the BT forum, all 75 pages and I’m not convinced it’s all  down to BT network as quite a few have solved it via third party router and QoS. There’s one or two who had BT fix issues and there’s one who tried an XR router but it did not help but sometimes I wonder if it’s true as swapping out a modern homehub would require a modem and at times people who post about trying different routers never mention modems so I guess some posts have to be taken with a pinch of salt. 
    the BT homehub has no QoS either as it’s just a basic free router with no modem only option.
    Others have noted Netflix only and others say YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services create the issue. 
    this leads me back to a question.
    Could there be maybe a bug in the Bufferbloat and a reset or downgrade and upgrade of firmware be worth trying just in case Buster has an issue?
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    Buster reacted to Netduma Fraser in Anti bufferbloat 20%   
    It's certainly worth a try if Buster wants to do that!
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    Buster reacted to Netduma Fraser in HEC Errors   
    If its just from a reboot then I should think that is fine, it would be more worrying if it was rapidly increasing when the connection was active. Keep an eye on your upload speed/stability and if you have any issues have another look and see if it increases in real time.
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    Buster reacted to He4DHuNt3r_XIM in Anti bufferbloat 20%   
    Are you with BT, EE or Plusnet by any chance?
    There's a 72 page thread on the BT forums of people complaining of high latency spikes whenever there's someone streaming video content.
    I'm with EE, which uses BT's core network & have the same problem
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    Buster got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Anti bufferbloat 20%   
    Ok well as default the HG612 doesn't come with an interface but it is possible to unlock the device and change settings, I have a default HG612 and a unlocked hg612 ( Incase i brick the unlocked one) So i will have to look in to this and get back to you as im having issues getting back into the unlocked hg612's interface 🙃
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    Buster reacted to Bert in Anti bufferbloat 20%   
    Try loading your connection in a different way. Might make a difference, might not.
    I normally test with speedtest.net for  a number of reasons, I need too many HD video's to load my connection but also using video's doesn't seem to be as reliable. One is that you don't load your connection on the upload side. If I do a speedtest without any sort of anti bufferbloat enabled I get the ping spike only on the upload side. Many ISP's who are selling bundles with IPTV actually prioritize video by themselves so if you try to choke these down, chances are that your ISP in response kills your other traffic to keep the videostream going.
    There is many topics around here where firesticks's etc give issues even though everything is correctly set. I believe this is due to the nature of these video's. If you look at data from YT, Netflix etc then these send their data in bursts rather than a constant stream. I find that QoS in the XR500 takes a bit of time to kick in so to say. In a constant stream it handles it just fine, but when you hit it with a mega transfer you get a pingspike at the start of a transfer. Since these video applications send data in bursts, this is just happening over and over again.
    What I also like on the speedtest method is that you can verify your setting. I have found that there is inconsistency in DumaOS regarding these settings. Like if I set the base setting lower than my actual connection with ABB off it will completely ignore those and just go to my connection maximum. Also you have to remember that you share bandwith with the rest of your ISP's subscribers. So lets say I set a 500mbit download in the ABB sliders but speedtest returns only 200mbit and I get ping spikes, I know it's a provider issue rather than an issue with my end of the connection. It's very hard to compensate for this unless you go really low in settings.
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    Buster reacted to bagsta69 in Does Activision have a blacklist?   
    I put out a challenge to players a couple of years ago who were saying they had the magic formula to get great games, lowering upload etc. I asked for any of them to put up a video showing 5 games in a row unbroken to prove their theories. Not 1 taker. the game is what the game is. all you can do is set things to get the best connection and just play. you will have good games and bad games but you will go insane trying to adjust stuff to get good game after good game. far to many variables. Just my honest opinion you understand and my experience.
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    Buster reacted to bagsta69 in PS4 Pro not optimized properly on Duma OS?   
    I have a PS4 pro and have not suffered the issues you are having anymore than the usual cod issues, the first thing I did though was change out the hard drive for an ssd drive as soon as I Unboxed it 
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    Buster reacted to Zippy in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    Just to give this another bump but also give some more info on this.. As I have had this XR500 for about four months now ive learned a lot about this port prioritization.. With the XR500 putting trust in this little red light seems to be very inconsistent.. I know DumaOS has made this easy for us by having all the ports built in so all we have to do is click on DumaOS classified games and are good to go.. But to keep everyone honest and make trouble shooting a bit easier I think what needs to be in future builds is when this little red light comes on it should also list the port numbers that are being prioritized.. And what ones are UDP and TCP for that matter.. That way we can use this info to make sure everything is correct and working as it should. Currently im finding discrepancies in the current system.. Other routers do currently use a system like this already and have been for sometime. So I think this would make a good addition to what is already there and can give us some good details on what exactly is going on then just this little red light.. Don't get me wrong its nice to have one click and let DumaOS take care of the rest.. But it also makes it very difficult to verify anything when it comes to this without seeing whats actually taking place..  I think with just the amount of people that have currently voted should give more then enough insight to see there is interest in these type of features. Granted this maybe not exactly what the Op is suggesting word for word but its along those lines..  What I find confusing is it sounds like the R1 at one time had similar features as this..But currently not anymore.. Which really makes me scratch my head as to why.. Thanks!
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    Buster reacted to N3CR0 in MarkofJ's MW review... He makes ALOT of good points!   
    Although true about being biased... everything he says in this vid is true. This is a game that nobody asked for or wanted.
    Again they have made, like Black Ops 4 a game that caters for bad players.
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    Buster reacted to Netduma Fraser in modem router + xr500 2 dhcp servers   
    I wouldn't suggest disabling it on either, you could disable it on the hub if you give the XR500 a static IP on it first but otherwise it's not a good idea. It won't help you get an Open NAT. If it doesn't have modem or bridge mode and no DMZ then you should port forward 1-65535 TCP/UDP to the XR500 and make sure no devices connected to the hub and that'll be a make shift DMZ.
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    Buster got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Anti bufferbloat 20%   
    ok i will try that. 
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    Buster reacted to BIG__DOG in Openreach NTE5C master socket   
    it won't put a fault on your line unless you wire it incorrectly! You can ask an engineer to come out and do it but they may charge you. There are many videos on how to change a faceplate on youtube.
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    Buster reacted to BIG__DOG in Openreach NTE5C master socket   
    the NTESC or MK4 socket has no need for a vdls filter as it has it's own port that will allow you to plug a modem directly into.
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    Buster reacted to simjc in BT Openreach modem Hauwei hg612 unlocked set up   
    I use the Draytek Vigor 130, and it gets me 2-3ms lower latency compared to the OpenReach bg612 (standard, not unlocked). I can see all the line stats but only when directly connected to the modem, which is a drawback, when one has line issues (faults), as you have to unplug router. They (draytek) have a feature that will publish info to other draytek routers, haven't checked to see if other public plugins available for other routers to get that info. When my line has been stable (no rain) its stayed in fastpath with 7ms latency for 4wks. The firmware gets regularly updated too. Minor fixes generally.
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    Buster reacted to simjc in BT Openreach modem Hauwei hg612 unlocked set up   
    Oh and additionally there may be a fancy way of connecting to the modem provided your ISP uses vlan tagging ethernet side wise. Requires one to use a tagged and untagged. Will investigate later this week, as that will be real handy.
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    Buster reacted to flexingjohn in I'd love DumaOs Router/Modem   
    Just for discussion..
    I'd love a Netduma Router that has DSL port built in so i have only 1 Modem/router setup. Instead if having 2 products. Is this a possibility for the future? 
    For me the Benefits are 
    no extra wires/ Ethernet's running all over
    the DumaOs does all handles Everything and be plugged straight in the BT Socket skipping my Vigor 130 modem. 
    Would be "AWESOME" tho!
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    Buster reacted to BIG__DOG in Port Forwarding on XR500/XR700   
    For all of you that are new to port forwarding and want to use it as a more reliable way of opening ports that are needed for your gaming needs then look no further than the portforward.com guide to help you with a step by step guide.   Please remember to disable upnp as you cannot port forward and use upnp at the same time without port conflicts.
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    Buster reacted to Aspect of Wrath in Upcoming xr500 firmware upnp fix   
    Will the next xr500 firmware fix the issue with upnp not working with pppoe?
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    Buster reacted to Netduma Fraser in PPPoE Speed On the R1 DumaOS   
    I've confirmed with Admin, this does seem to be a limitation with the hardware unfortunately. As DumaOS is more involved than the original firmware this is likely why there is a speed decrease from the original firmware.
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    Buster reacted to Netduma Fraser in PPPoE Speed On the R1 DumaOS   
    Thanks for doing the test, we'll pass that on to the team!
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    Buster got a reaction from BIG__DOG in BT Openreach modem Hauwei hg612 unlocked set up   
    I have the xr500 and I WOULD prefer to use it but the problem there is my upnp table does not populate , i am on the latest firmware and I have had Fraser do a 1 on 1 for that issue but no luck so far. 
    Also thanks for the link...exactly what I was looking for!!
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    Buster reacted to Netduma Admin in Network Prioritisation   
    Ah ok. We plan to overhaul this area in the near future, which should bring with it improvements for direct PPPoE users like yourself.
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    Buster reacted to RL317 in Reverting to Original Firmware   
    Nice one. That was pretty useful when I needed to swap a modem or cable out to make sure my line hadn't gone to *beep* lmao
    Plus now I'm using the Huawei HG612 modem for its bridge mode, I can't access the GUI through the R1 as you can with a regular ISP hub because you need to plug into its second LAN port and change your laptop IP to access it - a bit of a kerfuffle if you just want to check something quickly. The Netduma Diagnostic test lets you easily check if you've been switched from fast path to interleaving on the go with your phone. 
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