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  1. Oh ok, well I think although I only ping to 4 or 5 servers closest to me (using the Polygon Mode), it's seems those servers do still route connection that might be 'suboptimal'. This could be do the Destiny 'Clan' system and of course console networks not outright preventing anyone from having friends all over the globe... The cross-play feature connecting console-players and pc-players (for me at least), brought with it some real degradation in performance. Interface menus are noticeably slower and during a few particular situations simply don't allow you to use them at all. I certainly don't doubt what you're saying, I'm simply describing my experience and if nothing else, I blame Bungie πŸ˜„ Liam did update the replacement unit with the latest firmware before shipping so that's been taken care of. Like I said, both features work but I can really only use them via the sidebar... Would it help things if I'd enable remote access to Tech Support?
  2. Hi, So I've received the new unit and it works! I can access the interface but atm the Ping Heatmap function doesn't seem to be able load onto the Dashboard.... Not sure, I can use it just fine via the sidebar but when I pin it to the dashboard the window is stuck on a loading-loop and remains empty. The Geo-Filter Map is also popping an error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'call'). I get this error message when I try to center the map on an outlined area reading: Uncaught TypeError: t.call is not a function. Again, using both these functions via their designated location on the sidebar works fine. Using Ping Heatmap and Polygon Mode to fence in an area of Destiny 2 servers works fine, you know, kinda... It doesn't 'really' help as much with a game like Destiny because their matchmaking systems are of course notoriously terrible! Using no 'real' dedicated servers and a mix of peer-to-peer apparently...? I have no idea, but since they introduced cross-play with consoles and even Stadia (I don't think I'm alone in being surprised they seemingly haven't yet pulled the plug on that oneπŸ˜‚), things have gotten so much worse. You actually see that Windows-Stadia icon pop a lot more often then you'd think. Anyway, the Destiny 2 interface has never been this slow, and that's after their claim removing about 75% of paid content would improve on the game's performance...spoiler, it didn't! Am I turning this into a Destiny thread?!...(D1 salt!!πŸ˜…) Anyways, rant over! Dunno, maybe I'm missing something or otherwise it might just resolve itself over time? Please let me know what you think...about the Duma-interface that is, not so much the Destiny series (although I would fully understand any confusion thereinπŸ˜‹).
  3. Thanks will do! No worries, you guys have been great! 😎
  4. Hi Liam, I can't quite figure out how to adjust the topic btw but maybe it could be something like: "R2 Interface/Page Not Loading" or "Can't Reach The R2 Interface/Page" If you think this could be helpful, please go ahead and change this topic to either one these suggestions. Conversely, if this topic in fact already exists maybe you want to just bundle them all up in one big thread? Anyways, proceed as you see fit! 😁
  5. Thanks, I've just send you the e-mail so it should show up shortly.
  6. Hi Liam, No worries, I should've let you know but I'm glad you found it! The titel of this topic doesn't exactly help in this regard...sorry. I see that other users are experiencing similar issues as well. I would very much like to take you up on your offer for a replacement. Also, I don't know if I'm able to edit the title of this topic (or maybe I shouldn't at this point because someone already found it...), but maybe I could change it to something a little more conducive to the actual issue? My "I Want A Refund" just comes across as being a tad hostile at this point πŸ˜… Please let me know so more users may benefit from this thread as well! You folks are obviously motivated to go above and beyond the call of providing basic service and I really appreciate that!
  7. I went through the reset process a couple more times without making any progress. It does indeed still allow for a pass-through internet single but the interface simply won't load. I have since also been contacted by Liam from customer support via email. Liam suggested I set the DHCP lease time to 168 hours and although it took a bit of research as to how, I finally managed to do that as well. I am of course still unable to do this via the router, so I tried applying this method to the ISP Modem instead, but it didn't change the situation either. I really have no idea what could've brought this one really... Nothing changed during this period, I'm the only person using my internet, I'm the only one who has access and I haven't changed any of the settings on either the R2 or the ISP Modem. I'm at a loss as to what could've caused this, am I perhaps just missing something? Could you maybe comment on the circumstances precipitating this ordeal? It all happend the day before Christmas eve, everything was working fine up to that point and I really haven't had any prior issues. It might not be all that much to go on but that's really all I can say about it...like I said, nothing changed so what's causing it? I'm looking forward to your response! Thanks in advance.
  8. That did not do the trick. Also, until I'm able to use the interface again, I won't be able to apply the firmware update, correct? Anyway, please let me know what my next course of action might be.
  9. Thanks again for your efforts! Ok, so that only partially solved the problem. I'm not sure how long this will last but I am actually getting a pass-through internet single this time around. My pc is connected to the R2 and the R2 is connected to the modem and I can use my internet. Sadly I still can't seem to load the Netduma interface...please advise.
  10. Hi, Thank you for responding. I'm new here so I have no clue...but yeah ok, sounds good I'll try that. I'll update the situation as soon as I'm able. Thanks again, I had no idea you folks are out here on your own time... That's actually really decent, thank you. Kind regards,
  11. That was just for laughs but I am being serious. The YT algorithm lol 😁
  12. You make a great point D0GWaTeR! I totally agree, Netduma.com should give you a refund
  13. Hi, Not sure why Netduma.com is being so anal about communicating via their forum but if I annoy anyone with this post...take it up with them I supose. I bought the Netduma R2 on May 3rd 2021 - Ordernumber: #36600. Haven't had much of an issue aside from the initial setup but 'Twas the night before christmas (and the period afterward), when all that changed. Thinking it was simply my ISP suffering from heavy load, I thought nothing of it and decided to wait it out. When that didn't help I disconnected the R2, reset both the modem and the R2, gave them ample time to boot up and tried again...nothing! Turns out my ISP wasn't the problem and my internet was probably just fine even during the holiday... As I mentioned I've had some trouble during the innitial setup so I messed around some more before deciding to give up for the day. I gave it another shake a couple of days later and somehow I got the R2 up and running again?! To be clear, I wasn't getting a wired pass-through connection from the R2 even though my ISP single was (and still is) strong. Obviously that means no WiFi but I could also not loggin to the R2 interface at all!! I still don't know how I fixed it but more importantly I have no idea what's putting it in such a state to begin with?! I was downloading a game overnight, and although the download was completed the same thing happened again! I'm not willing to sit through this on daily basis... Seeing as problems with the R2 are pretty wide spread with no 'obvious solutions' and the complete lack of any software updates, I'm throwing in the towle. I get it, it's not some android app getting updates every five minutes but it's been almost a year at this point! (well, for me anyway...). I'm not saying Netduma.com is outright malicious but something isn't working here...oh, that's right my R2! ...it's just not working fellas! Anyway, it has come to my attention that Netduma.com (on occasion) does issue refunds weIl outside of the refund period? If possible I would appreciate contact with a Netduma Agent to discuss the matter further. I also would've much preferd handeling this via private e-mail instead of this 'online showcase'....just saying. Please, contact me as soon as anyone's able. Kind regards, P.S. if I'm posting this in the wrong spot, please feel free to port me over to the correct location. Enjoy my wall of text!
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