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  1. Hi Fraser, I sent it at 8:32 PM UK time on Wednesday 13th October email starts with K, Title of email: Netduma R2 Replacement + Thread
  2. I have sent the email Liam, could you kindly reply to it to notify that you have received it, as I emailed before previously, but I never got a reply so just want to make sure. Kind regards, Neal
  3. Hi Liam & Fraser, I happened to find a different power adapter, it should of been fine because I had a surge protector, but I tried with a different power adapter but it seems to make no difference, I even connected it directly to the mains but no avail. Regards Neal
  4. Hi Fraser, Did as you said specifically, and done it but no avail. Did it both with just the ethernet cable connected without the modem, and then also did it again with the modem connected also, tried to reset as well, still not working. Connected timeout on both Regards Neal
  5. Hi Fraser, I understand I just didnt want you to think I havent tried to sort the issue out, its rather this cant wait and I need it sorted ASAP. Please see the attached image, under the specific DNS Suffix, it does show my internet provider. I know its local data but still.
  6. Hi Fraser, again with respect and not trying to sound in that way, I have gone through all the instructions and other forum posts and actually done both the 30 seconds, and the minute and half one, and holding it with and without ethernet wires etc. Also tried the turning on method resetting no routers connected, even giving router 45 sec to set, then turning on modem etc, I exhausted all possibilities on that side. I have unplugged everything from the router that is working and put the netduma back and i tried resetting it but no fix to the internet, only 1 other ethernet in going to my PC. Please see image as requested, below this ipconfig just random ethernet plugs also dc'd and not related and wifi dc'd
  7. HI Fraser, With respect, I have done all this already its not working, I have done this method and have tried to let the residual power drain, I also tried to plug it n again and I press reset but no avail even after a couple of times, I cant connect to the internet via the router
  8. Also to note I have tried different IP when trying to access the site, I use the one provided by the router, I did ipconfig /all in CMD, ive gone really through everything, I have searched through the forums for similar issues, so that way i can expedite it and try everything, nothing is working I am not even getting internet anymore via ethernet, let alone WIFI. I just need this sorted asap, please do let me know as its urgent for work.
  9. My Netduma R2 has been working perfectly, sometimes I get powercuts but no biggy, I recently had a powercut and the NetDumaR2 internet just completely stopped working. When I tried to turn it back on again, there was no wifi and the ethernet would not work completely. I then decided to do a factory reset for 30 seconds, as per the manual, and I finally got the ethernet cable to work to my PC, but again no wifi lights and my other USB hubs that I tried to plug in did not work. So I went onto my PC and turned it on and cant even access the Duma OS to configure the wifi settings, I just get an erorr but the rest of the websites work, no usb hub or wifi or anything else works. I tried everything nothing seems to work, but another router is providing internet and WIFI fine so it its the R2 Router. I did a factory reset again and the R2 wont even reset (does not reboot etc, followed manual even dc all cables etc), I tried absolutely everything and read all forum posts. Now the internet is not even working at all, and I have tried everything and cant even get the LAN to work, Please help me or organise a replacement, as I only purchased it a few months ago. My forum email is different to my purchase email, should I sent an email to [email protected] Please help me ASAP, as I need this for work. Kind regards, Neal
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