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  1. 45 minutes ago, Newfie said:

    Hi and welcome.

    Unfortunately you cannot connect the router wirelessly to the modem. Some routers do allow this but they are running in WAP mode and at that point you loose all the basic router functions.

    The R2 really needs to replace the functions of the isp router to see full benefits but if you have a dead spot with WiFi it’s best to use an Access Point to gain the best performance which means wires running from router to AP. 

    Hi there

    Many thanks for your reply.

    In this case would you then recommend connecting my R2 to my ISP and then connecting my WAP to my R2?  Will this still give me all of the features of the R2?

    Unfortunately running wires isn't really an option.  I am due to move house in a couple months at which point I will be able to set up the R2 as intended, just needing a temporary solution.


  2. Hi All

    I have just purchased a Netduma R2 router and was wondering whether it is possible to connect this router to my ISP modem wirelessly?

    My current setup is that my home office and current ISP modem are on different floors of my house which has made a wired connection for my computer difficult, however, I have somewhat solved this using a WAP in my home office.  The issue is I still often experience some lag whilst gaming and so am hoping to remove this with the Netduma.  

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.



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