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    Wolf666 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in XR450 -> Xbox Series X sudden low upload speed   
    -QoS back to default, aka Anti-bufferbloat to Never.  Rest default/blank (though tried adding as attached which is how it is currently set).
    -GeoFilter back to default/ no devices added
    -Speedtest run while one xbox only connected to network and other had LAN removed
    -Network settings on Xbox have been reset multiple times to include clearing the alternate MAC address , the other settings are set to Automatic (have not tried manually changing things like ports)
    -Both have Open NAT
    Ironically just re-ran test now and I am getting 301.76 down / 320.82 up using web browser test on xbox.  The only change was rather then running it while the second xbox was LAN cable unplugged I pulled the power cord.
    Put the other one back in power cord and seeing 300.92/299.25 (we pay for 300/300).
    Ran the console speed test and seeing 304.54/48.41
    Re-ran Browser 301/273 (with second xbox still plugged in)
    unplug power second xbox in browser 299/286
    So happy to chalk this up as cosmetic and great great call on not using the console speed test.  Thanks for your time!
    If you have any thoughts or know a good recommendation QoS / Geo-Filter settings for the XR450 to better prioritize the Xbox's in the house would be happy to hear, but at the moment not going to poke it while it is working.

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    Wolf666 reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR450 -> Xbox Series X sudden low upload speed   
    The console speed tests are not entirely accurate, they do say they are an estimate and you are getting plenty of upload - more than is necessary, unless you're uploading a lot then it's not really needed. Gaming only uses 1Mbps really at the max. The estimate makes more sense given there is no way the speeds would be lower using ethernet compared with WiFi. I suspect if you try a speedtest on the console web browser that it will be faster than the network settings.
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